When I reply to you on Wechat in a second, it generally has these three meanings.
When I reply to you on Wechat in a second, it generally has these three meanings.
Delicate people are always reluctant to let other people's enthusiasm and expectations be in vain.

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saw a sentence the other day:

"the four tough times in life are eating half of food, taking a bath, waiting for water, watching videos, watching advertisements, chatting and waiting for your reply."

however, don't forget that this is an era when everyone keeps their mobile phones in hand.

he wants to reply to your message a long time ago, you are waiting for an answer, but do not realize that no reply is already the biggest answer.

many people have experienced the moments when those messages were sent and waited for.

I think it is precisely because of this that we will more and more cherish those around us who respond to messages in a timely and serious manner.

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as they say:

this kind of people have their own persistence and temper.

but please believe that every kind of temper is a performance that only cares about a person.

people who like to reply to messages in seconds, attach great importance to emotion

the adult world should have heard two words: another day and turning back.

it is also said that when you open a chat with your ex, you can't help but smile, and the frequency of these two words is unusually high.

there is a line in the movie "he doesn't really like you that much":

"he's so busy, he's so busy that he can't find time to talk to you all day. He's so busy.

there are cell phones, speed dials, and even voice dials. Why don't you have time to make phone calls? If you really like you, you will not forget, if you forget, it means that he does not care about your disappointment. "

busy is a weapon of mass destruction in love, synonymous with asshole, and asshole is the one who teases you with busyness.

Fu Seoul said:

"leisure, leisure. Love is all free, and if there is love in the busy, it is probably the true love. "

I think so.

for ordinary and ordinary us, the best love word in the world is probably not "I love you", but "I am busy, but I am willing to be free for you".

what is a yes? Maybe I didn't ask you to answer every message in a second, but you still remember to give me a response no matter how busy you are.

I didn't ask you to put me first in everything, but you still gave me enough sense of security I wanted.

I didn't ask you how wide your shoulders are, but you still try your best to make me lean on.

in the final analysis, the most warm-hearted thing about a person who likes to reply to Wechat in a second is that he is serious about his relationship and his partner.

people who like to reply to messages in seconds should be loyal

there is a saying that goes like this:

"it's my privilege to come back later; it's a special gift you give me when you get it."

No matter love or friendship, they are all the same.

A netizen once shared that he had a small hair called Dahua.

in recent years, only she and Dahua have stayed in their hometown for everyone's work and marriage.

never contact each other during the day for fear of affecting each other. It is only in the middle of the night that we find each other enthusiastically.

if you often talk about it together, you can get a quick response.

this feeling of tacit understanding has lasted for a long time.

until last year, she was devastated by her marriage.

Dahua tried her best to persuade each other, but she was pushed back by every hurtful sentence.

when kindness is treated as donkey liver and lung, everyone will be angry, and Dahua is no exception.

there was no contact for nearly half a year.

there was a time later, when she caught a bad cold and had a high fever, she dared not alarm her parents, so she could only send a video to ask Dahua if she could come and help me.

I didn't expect it to come back in a second.

the little man of more than 1.50 meters set up her as a big tall man and ran up and down.

both registration and payment. It's cooking porridge and soup.

look after her all night with panda eyes in front of her.

ashamed of her, ask Dahua:

"Why are you still willing to talk to me? Still reply to my message as soon as possible? "

Dahua said:

"We all save face. If you don't come to me, I'll never look for you again in my life.

but as long as you talk to me, I see a certain second back, not to mention today's situation, even if the sea of fire will appear in front of you as quickly as possible, how can I bother to get angry with you? "

remember a sentence I heard before:

"there is a kind of sadness in this world, that is, after sleeping all afternoon, when I wake up, the room is dark and there is no sound.

I looked up and looked out of the window. It was not completely dark. I felt around. I found my cell phone under the pillow. After opening it, the screen was clean. No one paid any attention to the messages sent out. "

people who like to reply to messages in seconds are very delicate

sometimes I really have to admit:

intuition is very accurate. When you get along with a person, you are acutely aware of all the cherished and neglected, and you can clearly feel all the care and arbitrariness.

it is always said that men are five and three thick, while women are as thin as hair.

actually it still depends on people.

delicate people are always reluctant to let other people's enthusiasm and expectations be in vain.

because they understand:

"in a relationship, the thing that makes people collapse is actually very simple, it is you who are young.The news that does not return is your neglect and disregard, that you have never considered my feelings or cared about my thoughts. "

the older you get, the more you feel that delicacy and thoughtfulness is a person's most precious quality.

it is not bossy, arrogant, beautiful or false, but the kind of real tenderness and real love.

he will care about whether your mood is good or bad, will pay attention to your subtle changes, will dissolve your wishful thinking, and will resolve your worries.

in the final analysis, being smart and funny is nothing, but being able to take care of other people's feelings is the hardest and most reassuring.

every emotion should have a response

in the variety show "Mother-in-law and Mom", Li Jiahang wanted to do his own thing, but he was interrupted by his wife twice in a row.

first he came and fed him an orange.

then he came to tell him that the flowers in his family were blooming. It's all unimportant trifles.

but Li Jiahang stopped what he was doing and said helplessly and spoiled:

"my desire for survival tells me that I want to be with my wife."

someone complained in the comments that his wife was annoyed, but what I want to say is:

who would want to share everything with you if it wasn't for care;

if it were not for love, who would want to get your eyes.

in the final analysis, whether it's a partner, friends, or family.

whether it's love, friendship, or kinship.

there must be a response to every emotion.

reply as soon as I see it, I feel at ease, and I also feel at ease.

it's nice to be cared about by you.

I hope everyone meets people who make you feel warm and loved, not those who let you down to the dust and make you feel frustrated.