When I get older, I realize that all these reasons are true.
When I get older, I realize that all these reasons are true.
The past will eventually turn into smoke, and when time passes, you have to turn the page.

study in the evening

how many absurd things at that time have become food and drink now.

there is water in a thousand rivers and months in a thousand rivers, but there are no clouds in thousands of miles.

as Dazeng said: the past is a thing of the past.

Life is a process honed through the vicissitudes of life.

Spring, summer, autumn and winter, feng shui takes turns. Can not hold the time, can not hold the years.

and some things, always after the experience to understand, some truth, old, only found to be true.

when I get older, I find out:

Friends, not near or far, only in the heart.

Friends are like the stars and the moon in the night sky shining on each other, glowing on each other, encouraging and looking at each other.

friends, that is, embedded in silent love, do not have to see each other every day, forever is heart to heart, do not need to ingratiate, nod may be satisfied, sometimes long-distance reflect, it is a pleasure.

Sanmao said: the most beautiful relationship between friends is to add icing on the cake; the most valuable is to send charcoal in the snow; the best among friends is like good tea, light but not astringent, fragrant but not pungent, coming slowly, like a long stream of water.

those who are like-minded are not far away from the mountains and seas; those who are good are not close at hand.

Friends are a kind of telepathy and a tacit understanding of each other.

your gesture, frown, smile, words and deeds, even if it is a look, an action, a figure, a look back, friends will understand.

do not need to explain each other, do not need to talk, do not need nonsense, do not need publicity, will be heart to heart, it is a kind of the most gentle, the most comfortable, the most pleasant, the most beautiful artistic conception.

if you read thousands of people in your life, you are not as good as your friends; you are not as beautiful as your friends.

when I get older, I find out:

leave leeway for others, but also give yourself a way back.

there is such a legend in ancient Greek mythology.

Fae, the son of Apollo, the sun god, drove his luxuriously decorated sun car on a rampage.

when he came to a cliff, he happened to meet the moon cart.

when the lunar rover was about to turn back, Faton relied on the advantage of the heavy force of the sun shaft and forced it to the rear of the lunar rover, leaving no room for manoeuvre.

just as Phaeton watched the unprotected moon car gloat, his own solar car came to a dead end, and there was no room to turn around.

it is dangerous to move forward, a step back is a disaster, and finally die helplessly in the sea of fire.

you should leave leeway in doing things, don't drive people to a dead end, leave leeway in what you say, and don't make things too full.

because there are always accidents, leaving room for these accidents, so as not to block your own road.

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when I get older, I find out:

it really helps to read more books.

the famous Argentine writer Borges once said: God has given me a vast sea of books and a pair of invisible eyes. even so, I still secretly imagine that heaven should look like a library.

I have seen a question on Zhihu: "what is the least progressive person you have ever seen?"

the answer to the number of likes is

"the most unmotivated people I have ever met are anxious about the status quo and do not have the willpower to change themselves.

three minutes of heat, often abhor their own failure, adhere to the most thing is not to persist.

they are buried in the crowd in the most common identity, but they live the most miserable life. "

Reading is never useless, even if it doesn't work now.

but the scenery you yearn for in the book has become a real experience and a real wealth in your life, and one day it will play a great role.

when I get older, I find out:

good health is the greatest capital.

Rich, honorable and splendid, things outside the body; peace and health is fundamental.

as Yi Shu said: my destination is health and ability.

many things are precious only when we are about to lose them. The same is true of feelings, and so is health.

so, don't let the future you hate the healthy you who only work hard but overdraw now.

forget what you shouldn't remember and cherish what you have around you.

idle cooking time, fine taste of time, in humble, live a healthy, live a wonderful life.

when I get older, I find out:

Don't always save the best for last.

sometimes what you think of as frugality is a waste.

because food, clothing, money, and so on, will slowly lose their original value with the passage of time.

because time will not wait for you, when you want to enjoy life, you may find that you can no longer climb to the top of the mountain in one breath.

Don't save the best for last, because beauty won't stay. Don't wait for you to take out your floral dress only to find that you are too old to wear it.

Don't look for the footprints of the spring breeze in autumn or the shadow of the autumn moon in winter, we should enjoy the most beautiful life in the right season.

whether you are 20, 30, 60, or 70, have fun in a high profile, seize every moment, do what you have to do, do what you want, and don't save the best for last!

Beauty stays on and on, like a spring breeze coming and going.

Life comes and goes, there is no time to come. If you don't enjoy it in time, you may have changed the taste and appearance when you enjoy it.

Maugham said in the Moon and sixpence that I tried my best to live an ordinary life.

We are like fireworks, we have seen thousands of wonderful things, and when we get older, we return to peace. Perhaps only go to the end to find that the original ordinary is the only answer.

if a person has a clear mind, he will be sensible in his actions, open to peace in his heart, have desires but not cling to desires, have desires but not rigidly adhere to them, live freely and freely.

those who live in peace have peace of mind, the sky is bluer when the clouds pass, and the water in the boat is more quiet.

the past will eventually turn into smoke, and when time passes, you have to turn the page.

if you are always entangled, there is no sunny day in life.