When a man is out there, no matter how well he "pretends", these five performances will show off when he sleeps.
When a man is out there, no matter how well he "pretends", these five performances will show off when he sleeps.
Only when you learn to fulfill yourself, can you be happy in the future.

have read a sentence:

"Men are like a train, they will have a derailment when they drive."

although this sentence is a joke, it also cuts to the heart.

now it is no longer the era when "horses and chariots used to be slow, but you can only love one person all your life", and people's attitude towards feelings is no longer immutable.

No matter how strong love is, it will become dull day by day with the passage of time, until you get bored.

but as the saying goes, one feather indicates the direction of the wind and one grass indicates the current.

if a man has an affair, no matter how good the camouflage is, some details will be exposed.

just like these five performances before going to bed, it is easiest for him to give himself away, and women must know!

keep your distance from you in bed

whether the marriage is good or not can be seen in bed.

A couple with a good relationship must have the most intimate moments in bed. They will sleep together before going to bed, hug each other after falling asleep, and say good morning to each other when they wake up.

like the line in Sex and the City:

"how we perform in bed means how we live our lives."

and some couples, obviously sleeping in the same bed, have become roommates.

you watch your video, I play my game, but a turn around the distance, but like across the whole Milky way, strange and distant.

especially when a man has an affair, this "distance" will be more obvious, he does not want to get closer to you, even if you take the initiative to approach, will be his "too tired, sleep", perfunctory.

at that moment, you should know that his heart is long gone.

after all, love or not love, the body is the most honest.

when he becomes stingy when he touches, his love for you is no longer generous.

No more heart-to-heart chat before going to bed

what is the secret of maintaining love between husband and wife?

Papi Jiang once said:

"the secret is to maintain high quality communication."

in a program, she also talked about her daily relationship with her husband:

"No matter how busy each other is at work, we will certainly set aside half an hour to chat before going to bed. Talk about everything, what fun happened today, did the two cats in the family do anything stupid today? Sometimes it takes longer to talk. "

it can be seen that the relationship between husband and wife will be closer if they have a heart-to-heart talk and chat before going to bed.

but if one day your partner suddenly becomes impatient and no longer talks with you like he used to, you should pay attention to whether his mind is no longer on you.

because he Jiong said a sentence in the late Night Canteen:

"in a relationship, the most important thing is not appearance, nor bread, nor even loyalty, but sharing."

when a person no longer shares with you and has nothing to say, that is when he no longer loves you.

always play with your cell phone when you don't sleep

some time ago, I saw a story on Weibo:

A woman has been married to her husband for 8 years and has a strong relationship.

however, late one night, she got up late at night to drink water, only to see that Wechat messages kept popping up on her husband's cell phone. Out of curiosity, she glanced at it.

it was this look that completely dumbfounded her.

the chat is full of husbands flirting with other women.

finally she said:

"No wonder some time ago, he was always playing with his cell phone when he didn't sleep. He was answering messages very late, asking him who he was, only saying that he was dealing with his work.

the most ridiculous thing is that I believed him. How stupid I was! "

this reminds me of a sentence:

"now if people have an affair, their cell phones must be the first to know."

indeed, nowadays everyone has a mobile phone, and everyone can't do without it, so if a man has an affair, the mobile phone is most likely to be exposed.

for example, he suddenly changes the lock screen password, or his cell phone is often face down and reluctant to turn it off when he sleeps, hang up as soon as there is a message or call, and then find an excuse to go out and reply....

with these performances, there is no doubt that he must have had an affair.

stay in the toilet for a long time before going to bed

there is a question on Zhihu: "Why do men always seem to shit?"

one of the highly liked answers goes like this:

"there are two kinds of shit that make men disappear in the toilet: one is real shit, the other is fake shit.

and, most of the time, the latter. "

that is to say, most of the time when a man stays in the toilet, he may just "get drunk" and avoid you disturbing him in the name of going to the toilet.

as the saying on the Internet goes:

"as soon as the toilet door closes, my world has nothing to do with you."

so, when a man often stays in the toilet for a long time and won't come out until you fall asleep, maybe he has a bad idea, but you just don't know it yet.

find an excuse to sleep in separate rooms

I often hear old people say: if a husband and wife split up, the marriage will die.

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in life, many couples are so glued when they first get married that they are reluctant to sleep apart.

but as time goes on, feelings fade, and many couples begin to sleep in separate beds, or even in separate rooms.

over time, if you get used to a person, your marriage will become a stranger.

Someone said:

"sleeping in separate beds seems to be divided into beds, but also two hearts that were once close to each other."

between husband and wife, sleeping in separate beds is a big taboo in marriage.

so when your partner starts looking for reasons to sleep in separate rooms with you, be careful, because this is probably the premise that your marriage is broken.

I have heard a sentence:

"people must gradually mature, see this flashy world more clearly, see through the disguised truth, see clearly the hidden falsehood, and many of the things they originally believed will no longer believe.

although marriage is not easy, perfection is even more difficult, but we should not despair and never recover.

for men who have changed their hearts, they will let go when they see clearly, and try to retain them if they are reluctant to give up.

only when you learn to fulfill yourself, can you be happy in the future.

, may each of us be able to look down on our gains and losses in this world, take our time, and be safe for the rest of our lives.