When a man doesn't love you, this is his most common performance.
When a man doesn't love you, this is his most common performance.
We were so busy that we broke up.

Kai Zi

A few days ago, I reviewed the movie "five feet Tianya".

will, the hero, said affectionately to Stella, the heroine:

"you know, people always say that if you love someone, you have to let go until I see you dying, and at that moment, Stella, nothing matters to me but you."

if you love someone, learn to let go.

similarly, if you don't love someone, you should learn to let go, but for some people who are not good at words, they will not break up on their own initiative.

but use the following three expressions to force you to break up silently.

Cold violence

see a vote on the Internet: spam in love.

among several options, cold violence is far ahead of the votes.

in response, some netizens commented:

"there is a kind of person who is the most terrible, he is not grumpy, he has not changed his mind, he just does not love you, so he no longer has any response to you, like a mute, carries on cold violence to you, this kind of person, he does not hurt you with a knife, but makes you black and blue."

I am deeply convinced that only those who have experienced cold violence can feel how hurtful it can be.

there is such a plot in the movie "Emergency for help".

A middle-aged woman has been married to her husband for more than 30 years, but her husband never looks at her for more than 30 seconds.

because of her husband's cold violence, the children grew up and drifted away from her, all destroying her life.

the day she really fell into the dark, she walked up to the rooftop, shot off the air cushion prepared by the police, and reprimanded for the first time:

"you treat me like a transparent person, you don't even notice my existence."

also went unnoticed is Liu Shufen in the movie "No questions about the West and the East".

how many years Liu Shufen and her husband Xu Bochang have been married have endured years of cold violence.

whenever there is a conflict between the two, Xu Bochang never gets angry. He only treats Liu Shufen as air and ignores her existence.

in addition, he also refused to have too much communication and contact with Liu Shufen:

between two people, if they can not communicate, they will not communicate;

he will never use the cup that Liu Shufang has used, and he will never touch what Liu Shufen has touched.

treat outsiders, such as Mu Chunfeng, treat Liu Shufen, freeze;


for a long time, Liu Shufen finally couldn't stand it and sued Xu Bochang:

"outsiders only see how I hit you and scold you, but they don't know how you hit me. You didn't hit me with your hands, but with your attitude."

then not long after, he threw himself into a well and ended his life.

Liu Shufen's whole life reminds me of a sentence written by Irigoyang in Cold violence:

"what on earth have I done wrong and deserve this punishment?"

Yes, what on earth did those who were subjected to cold violence do wrong?

things that can be solved can be solved if one sentence is separated.

Why destroy a relationship again and again, in the most excruciating way?

transfer love

Eason Chan sings in "Love transfer"

"transfer the warmth of one person to another's chest and let the mistakes you made last time reflect your dreams."

A man doesn't love you,

he often doesn't tell you directly.

the love between you and him disappears, but by transferring love, he keeps making it clear that he wants to be separated from you.

I hope you understand, I hope you are decent, and I hope you can keep abreast of the times.

such as Zheng Shaoqiu.

before meeting Shen Dianxia, Zheng Shaoqiu had a love that made him unforgettable.

at that time, he fell in love with female artist Sen, but was discovered by Sen Sen that he had a wife and a daughter.

after learning the truth, Sensen resolutely decided to break up with Zheng Shaoqiu.

during the period of treating emotional injuries, it was Shen Dianxia who accompanied Zheng Shaoqiu wholeheartedly and amused him.

because of this, after the love wound healed, the two fell in love for eleven years.

during this period, Shen Dianxia did everything his girlfriend should do, and what his girlfriend shouldn't do, she also did it for Zheng Shaoqiu.

just because she enjoyed it.

with the help of Shen Dianxia, Zheng Shaoqiu became more and more famous and his career was in its heyday.

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in 1985, the two got married and had a daughter after marriage.

at the moment, the marriage seems calm.

but in fact, the marriage was turbulent as early as a year before the marriage.

in 1984, when filming the TV series Chu Liuxiang Xin Zhuan, Zheng Shaoqiu met Guan Jinghua, and then fell in love with each other for a long time.

after learning about this extramarital affair, Shen Dianxia, who has been fulfilling Zheng Shaoqiu, has once again fulfilled his love.

Zheng Shaoqiu married Guan Jinghua in 1989 after divorcing Shen Dianxia.

time flies, thirteen years later.

Shen Dianxia and Zheng Shaoqiu met in a variety show.

at the end of the program, Shen Dianxia asked Zheng Shaoqiu:

"I have been a couple with you for more than ten years. I know that you put your career first, but there is a sentence in my heart all the time. Today, I take this opportunity to ask you, you just need to reply.The answer is yes or no. Did you really love me many years ago? "

at that moment, there was unease and expectation in the air, and Shen Dianxia finally heard the answer that made her happy.

after a little reflection, Zheng Shaoqiu replied:

"I really like you.


maybe, many years ago, Zheng Shaoqiu may have really loved Shen Dianxia.

but I have been in love, but I have only been in love.

the word "Guo" has always belonged to once.

Love will fall for you, and love will be transferred for others, so realistic.


Mark Twain said:

"Life is so short that we don't have time to quarrel, apologize, be sad, and haggle. We only have time to love, and everything is fleeting. "

people who really love you, even if they don't have time, will find time to love you in their busy schedule.

for those who spend more time together, the less time they spend with you, don't ask why, they are really busy, but they are not with you.

there are a couple of Internet celebrities abroad, Liza and David.

two people have been together for two years, there have been sweetness, there have been quarrels, but more can not be separated from each other.

when she was in love, David made a vow to accompany Liza for life.

in the video, David talks to the camera about the reason for the breakup:

"because she thinks there is some distance between us, we are all too busy these days, that's all.

although I don't want to admit it, I have the same idea on my side, but I just don't have the courage to mention it to her and say to her, Hey, we should be apart for a while. "

I don't have the courage to break up. I can only tell you that there is an insurmountable distance between you and me.

parting is good for you and better for me.

so, on the day Guan Xuan broke up, we would see the two people laughing and playing as usual, as if they were still in love.

but both they and the viewers know clearly that everything is an illusion.

thinking about that day, Liza cried and said, "this guy used to be mine."

well, originally.

originally, we belong to each other, and later, we belong to ourselves.

as Steinbeck wrote in the Grapes of Wrath:

"We still have countless days to live in the future. anyway, life is only one thing in the end. It would be too sad for me to think about so many things first. You are so young, you should try to move on."

We were so busy that we broke up.

this is it. Let's move on while life is still long.

the ancients said: something Zhong Wuyan, nothing Xia Yingchun.

is it like the attitude of a man after he doesn't love in a relationship?

once upon a time, we were all Xia Yingchun.

when love ends, it is snubbed as Zhong Wuyan, and the final result can only be broken up helplessly.

once this time comes, what you can do is not entanglement, but a decent breakup.

as for the reason, "Blank" has long been sung to you: "separation may be a choice, but it may also be our fate."

the fate is over, it's time for you to go.