Whatever makes you miserable is here to cross you.
Whatever makes you miserable is here to cross you.
Life is a bitter practice.


there is a classic dialogue written by French writer Beaufort:

"do you really love life?"

"Yes, I love life."

"have you never been in pain?"

"several times. But pain itself is life. "

A few words tell the essence of life.

in this world, there is no kind of life that is only sweet without bitterness, and no one's life is only bitter without sweetness.

Life is full of ups and downs, and life is accompanied by suffering.

with pain, happiness will be particularly sweet, with suffering reconciled, the picture of life will be more gorgeous.

as the saying goes, "how can you get the fragrance of plum blossoms without chilling to the bone?"

everything in the world has cause and effect, and whatever makes you miserable is here to cross you.

painful experiences will make you stronger

in the Life of yearning, actor Liu Xianhua once talked about his experience of filming in the desert.

he gets up at 04:30 every day and shoots for 12 hours in a 40-degree desert, often hanging from Weiya and flipping back and forth.

he asked he Jing dejectedly, "is life always so difficult?"

in this regard, Huang Lei said a paragraph, which is impressive:

"suffering is a good thing. The more you have not suffered, the more pessimistic you are; the more you have not experienced hardship, the more depressed you are.

everyone goes through painful times, which can be difficult at the moment, but after that comes transformation.

those sweats and falls will become your courage and experience to resist the wind and rain.

this reminds me of the movie queen Hui Yinghong, who started begging at the age of 4 and has been begging for many years, so that she has learned to observe her words since she was a child.

later, she entered the show business and made her debut as a martial arts actress. Although she no longer had to beg, she was still struggling, and she often fell all over her body while filming.

once, she jumped from a height and fell directly to the ground, breaking her leg.

but the play could not stop, and there was no time to give her a plaster treatment, so she had to go back to the crew with a broken leg to continue filming.

the martial arts instructor hugged her, her upper body was busy fighting with others, and her broken legs were rickety.

but she could only hold on and hold on until she finished filming before hurrying to the hospital for treatment.

all kinds of bitterness and frustrations not only did not overwhelm her, but developed her persistent and tenacious character.

Shawshank's Redemption says: "there is no incurable pain, there is no unending destruction, all that is lost will come back in another way."

all painful experiences will eventually form scabs and heal and become your hardest barrier.

Steel is not built in a day, and only those who roll in the quagmire will know how to be really strong.

how much pain you can endure, how much success you deserve.

Life is like a river, through winding and tortuous winds and showers, there is a vast sea ahead.

whoever makes you miserable is here to cross you

as the saying goes, "good medicine is good for disease, but good advice is good for deeds."

some words in a long life, harsh as they sound, are conducive to moving forward.

when Liu Bang first entered the Qin Palace, he was attracted by the beautiful women and gold and jewelry in front of him. He wanted to live in the palace and enjoy the splendor and wealth.

the officers and soldiers were also ready to rob the treasure.

Fan Jie admonished Liu Bang:

"does Pei Gong want to pacify the world, or do he want to be a rich man? These things are the root cause of the demise of the Qin Dynasty. Please return the military hegemony urgently and do not stay here. "

Liu Bang turned a deaf ear and was still addicted to wine.

after hearing this, counselor Zhang Liang also hurriedly stopped it:

"now I have just entered Xianyang, and I am enjoying myself here before the world is settled. How can it be compatible when the princes enter the customs in the future?"

is bound to cause disputes again. I hope you can listen to Fan Kui and not be nostalgic for this place. "

after hearing this, Liu Bang woke up and immediately purged military discipline, closed the palace door and returned to the hegemony, avoiding the catastrophe.

Fan Kui and Zhang Liang stopped Liu Bang from having fun in order to help him go further.

on another occasion, Liu Bang's capable general Yongya betrayed Liu Bang.

later, Yong Yat surrendered to Liu Bang. Although Liu Bang only reactivated him, he always held a grudge against his betrayal.

Liu Bangben was ready to kill Yongya and then quickly, but under Zhang Liang's persuasion, he not only rewarded Yongya wantonly, but also sealed it.

but his reward is not to forgive and thank Yongya, but to appease the hearts of those who want to rebel.

writer Cao Youfang once said:

"the so-called growth is to accept anything that happens in life, even if it is unfortunate or bad, to face it, solve it, and minimize the damage."

people who tell you the truth may hinder your thinking, but it can help you go further.

hurting people who betray you may have hurt you a lot, but it will invisibly strengthen your situation.

the person who makes you suffer is not necessarily the one who hurts you, and the one who hurts you doesn't necessarily make you.Get worse.

No matter it is good or bad, don't refuse, let alone run away. The people you meet are all catalysts for your growth.

nine times out of ten, life is unsatisfactory. Instead of sinking into the past, it is better to look forward.

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whatever makes you miserable, it will eventually accomplish you

some time ago, there was a very popular video on the Internet:

A young photographer, in order to make the picture more stable, directly carries the camera to train in the gym.

he kept running under his feet, but his upper body was motionless, and from time to time he twisted his body to turn the picture, properly using the word "steady".

at first, he could only train with a yoga mat, then gradually changed to running and shooting with his mobile phone, and finally developed the hard power of carrying a camera.

the things that make you miserable will eventually fulfill your life in some way.

some of the bitterness in life, if you don't take the initiative to eat it, it will be doubly difficult for you at some point in the future.

do not want to be difficult by life, the best way is to take the initiative to bear hardships.

at 4: 00 in the morning, many people are still in their sweet dreams, and the alarm bell of writer Zhang Meng has rung.

after getting up, she makes herself a cup of coffee, sits at the window, opens the book, and turns on reading mode.

Zhang Meng reads a book from 4: 00 to 7: 00 every day, and reads more than 300 books a year.

it is precisely because of such a huge amount of input that she supports the output of three books a year.

then she went home to wash up, briskly switched to her entrepreneurial identity, and began to be busy all day.

because she often travels on business or participates in activities, in order not to waste time, she directly converts the car into a mobile office, where she often uses video conferences and live broadcasts.

Zhang Meng has been turning herself non-stop for 20 years, integrating reading, sports, work and other things that others think are painful into her daily habits.

she has also transformed from an ignorant little girl into a best-selling author and young entrepreneur.

think of a passage by Cai Kangyong:

"the more troublesome you are in the early stages of your life and the more lazy you are to learn, the more likely you are to miss the people and things that appeal to you and miss the new scenery."

being afraid of trouble and suffering is the biggest stumbling block on the way of life.

in this life, the hardships you have to eat are conserved, and you can't escape or hide.

simple and happy things can make you happy for a short time, but things that are painful and difficult to do can really help you.

in this era of rapids and brave progress, people who can break through the ground are good at "asking for hardship".

Life is a suffering practice

M á rquez said in A hundred years of Solitude:

"We tend to walk in the ancient journey of life, running in ups and downs, Nirvana in setbacks, sorrow all over the body, pain floating all over the place. We are tired, but we can't stop; we suffer, but we can't avoid it. "

maybe we've been through a lot of ups and downs, or maybe we have a misty road ahead.

Life is a miserable practice.

only through the washing of wind and rain can we meet the rainbow unexpectedly.

build a tenacity in suffering, a leisurely in ridicule, a future in initiative.

Life, it's worth the trip, and it's enough.

, share with you.