What really destroys a family is not an affair, not poverty, but.
What really destroys a family is not an affair, not poverty, but.
No blame in case of trouble is the best feng shui for a family.

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in I am an orator, host Kou Naixin said such a thing:

both she and her husband have strong personalities and often do not give way to each other. On one occasion, when they quarreled again, Konai was so sweet that he scolded him severely:

"Huang Guolun, what on earth is worthy of me, Kou Naixin? do you know that you have been divorced, that you are secondhand, and that you are not worthy of me!"

Huang Guolun froze. He said, "Nai Xin, there are some things you can't say, do you know?"

then quietly packed his bags and left.

We always think that people close to us have an obligation to accept all their emotions and bear their own joys and sorrows.

do not realize that harsh words may cause the whole family to collapse.

the happiness of your family starts with good words, and don't let those who love you feel cold.

there is a family style of not blaming when something happens

remember last year, a 14-year-old student was invited to his parents for playing poker. When his mother arrived, she was angry, raised her hand and slapped her son in the face.

he subconsciously blocked it with his hand, but his mother did not quell her anger and continued to poke her son on the forehead.

after his mother left, he stood silent for two minutes, then suddenly climbed up the railing and jumped down.

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the mother may just want to teach her son a lesson, but she never thought it would lead to such a result. In the final analysis, she did not take her child's feelings to heart.

most of the time, we always treat outsiders politely and magnanimously, while when we treat our relatives, if we make mistakes, we will pursue them hard and refuse to tolerate them.

mistakes have been made, if you only pour out your emotions without realizing that the other person is actually remorseful and remorseful. The result will only add fuel to the fire and will not help solve the problem.

just like a sentence in Fu Lei's Letters: don't be arrogant even if you are straight, but forgive people if you are reasonable.

right and wrong is not the most important thing. To get along with a family, it is important to be kind.

more tolerance, less blame; more understanding, less abuse, is not far from harmony and happiness.

Why did you break up after a quarrel

in the movie ten thousand arrows through the heart, Li Baoli ruined her marriage with one mouth.

Li Baoli is beautiful. She always feels that her husband is from the country and that she is proud to marry herself. She often yells at him because of trifles.

when she moved to her new house, Li Baoli quarreled with the movers. When Ma Xuewu saw the situation, Ma Xuewu hurriedly went to play round and smoked several workers, trying to get them to finish the work as soon as possible.

unexpectedly, Li Baoli snatched the cigarette from his hand and shouted at her husband in front of everyone:

"I paid for it, so they should do a good job for me. Tea is not money? Cigarettes are not money? What a bitch you were born! "

Ma Xuewu can never raise his head in front of his wife. This abuse became the last straw that killed the camel. after Ma Xuewu filed for divorce, Li Baoli regretted it, but it didn't help.

it is inevitable that there are frictions in the marriage, but some couples talk in a hurry, and the conflict escalates into a needle against Mai Mang; some couples show mercy under their mouths, and the spark cools down to softness around their fingers.

this is why some people quarreled and broke up, while others quarreled that their feelings were deeper.

the killer of the relationship between husband and wife, most of the time, it is not cheating or domestic violence, but when I am in pain and sadness, you are still relentlessly blaming me.

French writer Balzac said it very well:

"to have a happy marriage, all you need is a friendship that forgives human shortcomings."

Don't blame when something happens, and feel relieved when something happens, it is the antistaling agent of the relationship, and the relationship can be deeper and longer.

Happy families are all similar

some people say that happy families are all alike, and each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.

there are always mistakes in life. In unfortunate families, they always choose to blindly blame and picky, but they do not know that home is a place of love, and feelings are more important than reason.

Zeng Guofan's father is Zeng Linshu.

after falling out of the list, Zeng Guofan borrowed 120 yuan from his father's friends and went to buy books in high spirits.

this is a large sum of money, equivalent to the income of his family for several years.

Zeng Guofan returned home with the feeling that "if you are scolded lightly, you will be scolded and served by the family law."

when his father, who had always been strict, knew this, he said calmly:

"buying a book is a good thing. You don't have to worry about the money. We paid it back slowly, but now that you have bought the book, you must finish it."

these few words shocked Zeng Guofan and vowed not to study every day.

the most important and precious thing in a family is not temporary right or wrong, but understanding and tolerance.

everything is prosperous at home, the family is in harmony, and the family is of one mind. No matter how poor it is, the family will certainly become rich and rich.

I quite agree with one sentence:

the so-called good relationship comes from one person's tolerance and accommodation, and another person's enough is enough.

many people go to great lengths to find a place of fengshui to protect the health of their families, harmony between husband and wife, and a house full of children and grandchildren.

in fact, if a family wants to become more and more prosperous, it does not lie in food and clothing, nor in wealth, but in the harmony of the family.

No blame is the best feng shui for a family.