What is home? Read it five times, it was too thorough (to see tears)
What is home? Read it five times, it was too thorough (to see tears)
Your home is the end-result of your life, and your family is the support of your life.

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Uncle Wu Ming

Home, what is it?

there is a passage saying:

as a protected child, the place where parents are is home.

when you are a lifelong companion with one person, home is where you are.

as soon as there are children, home is the place where children are.

Home, what is it?

Home is a comfortable home for parents, partners and children.

at home, there are the footprints of our life, birth, old age, sickness and death, spring, summer, autumn and winter, firewood, rice, oil and salt, joys and sorrows.

Home, what is it?

Home is the continuous blood affection, the family can not let go, the family is inseparable from the continuous affection.

No matter what you become in your whole life, home will always be there.

if I have money, I will never give up on you; when the scenery is down, I will be with you.

Home, what is it?

Home is not a battlefield, it is easy to quarrel and talk to each other casually.

in this world, the one who loves us most is our family, and the one who tolerates us most is our family. Don't rely on deep feelings to be unscrupulous.

in this world, there is no kind of feeling hurt will not be cold, family affection is the same!

Home, what is it?

if you are at home, you are not duckweed, and if your family is here, you will not be alone.

Home is the place that gives you warmth, the place to continue love and affection.

have a home, wherever you go, there are people who care about, have a family, even if you are down and out, you are not afraid.

Home, will always be your harbor, family, will always be your back.

Home, what is it?

Home is your root. If you have a home, you have a place to return.

Home is your soul. If you have a home, you have motivation!

for the sake of a family, we get up early and late, never sleep, and enjoy it; for a family, we work hard all our lives, do everything we have, and have no regrets!

Home is the most important to every one of us.

if you think it's shabby, make money to decorate it; if you think it's cold, pay more attention to your home.

Home needs to be maintained and managed, while family needs tolerance and understanding.

the whole family is talking and laughing, it's all right to be poor, what's the point of bitterness? As long as the family is together, safe and healthy, is the greatest happiness in this life.

Home, what is it?

your home is the end-result of your life, and your family is the support of your life.

Don't feel like how much you've done for your family? But to think about how much this family has given you.

if you don't have a home, you are alone; if you have no family, your home is a hotel.

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at home, be grateful and never complain!

in this life, we have only one family, so we must manage it well!

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