What exactly is the purpose of taking a wife? This answer caused a sensation in moments, watching and crying countless people.
What exactly is the purpose of taking a wife? This answer caused a sensation in moments, watching and crying countless people.
Happy families are all alike, and there must be a husband who dotes on his wife.

what on earth is the purpose of taking a wife?

see an answer like this:

"my wife is a right-hand man, and life seems to be much scarce without her; my wife is a rib bone, and life without her seems to lack something."

the wife does not choose one at random to deal with life. The wife is unique and irreplaceable. No one can do anything but her. The wife is not to fill the emptiness in life, the wife is to fill the gap in life. "

I think so.

to marry a wife back is not to babysit the husband, but to accompany each other; not to take it out on the husband, but to take care of him.

as emotion expert Tu Lei said:

"wives are not used to have children, but to grow old together.

some men are no different before and after marriage. He thinks that finding a wife means having children and doing housework.

I'm telling you, you're wrong.

you have found someone who can support each other until they are old, instead of working at home and swallowing it all the time. "

A good marriage is the firmness of one heart and one heart.

is the companionship of mutual delight, harmony, holding hands and growing old together.

in a variety show "my wife's Romantic Journey" some time ago, the movie queen Qin Hailu and her husband Wang Xinjun frequently sprinkled dog food, which was enviably sweet.

Wang Xinjun gets up early every day to make breakfast for his wife and kindly lets her sleep a little longer. Wake her up when you're done, kiss her gently or give her a hug.

once, while climbing a mountain, Qin Hailu was tired after a long walk, so Wang Xinjun took a pair of sneakers out of the bag and changed them on for her. The details were considerate.

Qin Hailu asked Wang Xinjun whether he was aggrieved in this marriage. Because other people's wives are very capable, but their own wives know nothing.

Wang Xinjun: I am not aggrieved. I get things done at my own pace.

Qin Hailu: do you think I'll change it?

Wang Xinjun: what are you going to change? how old are you?

Qin Hailu: I can change.

Wang Xinjun: the most important thing is for yourself, you can learn and learn, but there is no need to cater to anything! You don't have to change, because if you change, you won't rely on me, and I won't have a sense of accomplishment.

Qin Hailu: honey, can you make me stay for the rest of my life?

Wang Xinjun: let you hang on for the rest of your life.

must not

needless to say, it is really a happy thing to meet someone who is willing to accompany him for the rest of his life.

only a man who is kind to his wife can make his family happier and happier.

spoiling his wife is the best betrothal gift in a man's life.

spoil your wife, no matter how poor you are, you can make a family rich

taking a wife is for spoiling, not for yelling.

if a man is kind to his wife, he will benefit from it in the end.

there is a cousin who is already 35 years old, but every time I see her, I feel that she is still like an unweathered girl. I can feel that she is living a happy life.

the husband's favor is the wife's best beauty agent.

my cousin was unhappy until she met her present husband.

her elder will help her plan her career and solve problems, and will also give her enough sense of etiquette to celebrate birthdays and anniversaries. Give her enough company and love to spoil her as a child.

later, when she got pregnant and gave birth to a baby, she was easily in a bad mood at home every day. Her husband sent a message to chat with her during the break. Every day after work, he would bring her a bouquet of flowers or delicious food, cook at home and take care of the children.

also because of her husband's meticulous care, she felt full of sense of security in the process.

the wife feels spoiled and never complains to her husband, and the family is happy and harmonious, so the husband will have no worries and will have more energy to work.

slowly, her husband was promoted from a young clerk to a company manager, his income tripled and his quality of life improved.

if you dote on your wife, no matter how poor you are, you can make a family rich.

what you give to your partner is what you give to yourself.

if you dote on your wife, love will come back and increase your own happiness.

the best investment in a man's life is to dote on his wife.

doting on your wife is the best education for your children

it is better to raise a wife than a rich child.

Psychological research shows that the core of a family is the relationship between husband and wife, followed by the relationship between parents and children.

Father loves his mother, which is the best education for his children.

actor Chen Daoming once said:

"when you lose face and treat your wife well, you have become a real man; when you give your wife enough face, you have succeeded."

there is a kind of father that is more terrible than the "absent father", that is, the father who doesn't love his mother.

Shinzo used to be a very cheerful and optimistic person, but in recent years, he is often full of hostility and negative energy.

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just because there is a husband who walks away from the shopkeeper.

after having a child, she works during the day and has to do housework and take care of the children after work. She worries about almost all the big and small things about the children.

once there was something wrong with her temporary company, so she couldn't pick up her child on time, so she wanted her husband to pick it up.

but the husband put it off and said, "go and get it."I'm tired from work today. It doesn't matter if I'm late anyway. I'll go home first. "

it's 07:30 in the evening for Shinawatra to pick up his children after finishing his work.

she found that her husband had finished his meal and was lying on the sofa playing games. There was no meal prepared for them, and there was still a pile of dirty dishes and chopsticks in the sink. Xiao Xiao quarreled with her husband angrily.

there are still many moments of quarreling like this, and the basic reason is that the husband is incompetent and inconsiderate to his wife.

their children grow up in such an environment, gradually become autistic, do not like to communicate with others, and their grades are getting worse and worse.

if a family quarrels frequently between husband and wife, the child will not feel loved, and his personality will naturally be irritable and closed.

if a father loves his mother, the child will naturally be filled with sense of security and love the world.

Jia Jingwen's daughter, Yuanwei, is very popular.

in a program, Xiu Jiekai was cooking, and he was always chatting with him for fear that he would be bored.

Mom called Ponyo, who knew her mother would worry about her sister, so the first thing she said on the phone was, "Ponyo is playing with toys." Reassure mom.

give the phone to my sister again, hoping that my mother can appease my sister's mood.

many people boast on the Internet that they are very loving and sensible.

in fact, all this is inseparable from my father's love for my mother.

Xiu Jiekai posted a group photo with Jia Jingwenyong and a family photo on Mother's Day, with the article

Thank you for always making us feel warm like the sun. Thank you for being willing to accompany us and talk to us no matter how busy or tired you are. "

the best way to educate your children is to love your wife.

I remember that when Jia Jingwen was pregnant, he also made healthy and nutritious monthly meals every day, and every meal was not repeated.

Children who grow up in such a family environment must also be lovely and gentle.

Happy families are all alike, and there must be a husband who dotes on his wife.

A man's attitude towards his wife determines his wife's mood. The mood of the wife determines the temperature of the family.

all wise men know how to give their wives blatant preference to achieve the future of a family.

, may there be someone with you for the rest of your life, knowing each other, sharing joys and sorrows, sharing the same amount of heaven and earth, and spending long days and months together.