What belongs to you will always be here!
What belongs to you will always be here!
Take every step of the present and live every day of your life.


some people say:

drink and peck, is it predetermined;

what belongs to you is always there.

Life is impermanent, it is fate to lose, and fate is destiny to gather and scatter.

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what we should do is to take every step of the present and live every day of our lives.

get lost, everything is decided

there is a good saying:

sometimes you have to have it in your life, but don't force it all the time.

there are some things you can get easily if you work hard, but there are some things you can't touch all your life.

for example, feelings, those who love you, you do nothing but love you; those who do not love you, you give everything in vain!

some people say, how can life be so helpless?

in fact, life is like this, full of variables, full of crises, full of surprises and loss. This is the fullest appearance of life.

because life can not be arranged, because feelings are not arranged, so we can live a wonderful life.

Sakyamuni said:

No matter who you meet, it is the right person in your life, there is a reason, there is a mission, it is no accident, this person will teach you something.

in fact, everyone around us will not come in vain, will bring you something, or surprise, or growth.

in fact, every step we take will not be in vain, but will leave you something to precipitate and transform you.

Don't worry that life won't go well, as long as you do a good job of yourself, what belongs to you will come sooner or later.

gain and loss should follow fate, and people with a broad heart have peace of mind

it's not yours. If you argue, you'll leave.

what belongs to you, if you don't argue, it's yours.

William James said:

Life holds a carefree and indifferent attitude, which will compensate for all his own shortcomings.

what makes you unhappy? Is it not long enough to have it? Or don't you get enough?

what are you arguing about? Take what? Rob what?

what is won by contention, no matter whether it is money or relationship, will not last long.

if you fight for money that is not your own, you will get a bad name.

if you rob your feelings that are not your own, there will be troubles to follow.

people in this life, live this hundred years old, do not ask us to be famous, do not ask us to be so good, but ask us to cultivate ourselves in obscurity, not wasted time, not mediocrity.

when you are kind enough to others, friends will come for you;

when you work hard enough sincerely, life will get better and better.

when you are self-disciplined enough to practice yourself, you will smile more and more.

the weather will not always be sunny, there will always be haze, but your own sky comes from your heart, if you let more smiles and less sadness, you are the winner!

Audrey Hepburn said:

of course I won't try to pick the moon. I want the moon to come to me.

everything we have in life is actually smoke and clouds, and everything in our hands is in vain.

in fact, the best time is to experience everything at the age of the experience, get lost, and the best part of the trough.

with an ordinary heart, to see all the stories of life, good and bad, happy and wistful, all the gains and losses, success and failure, are the true meaning of our life, the most precious wealth!