Wechat chat records must not take screenshots.
Wechat chat records must not take screenshots.
There are always regrets in life. Cherish those who love you by your side.

there is a lyric in the tear letter:

"chat notes are like tear gas love letters, every word is piercing to the bone, and a relationship has become permanent pain, and it is still hidden in my heart and reluctant to delete it."

Yes, screenshots of past conversations record the joys and sorrows and parting between two people, witnessing the worst love story.

once two people chatted enthusiastically, but in the end, they were cool and distant.

therefore, Wechat chat records must not take screenshots at will, because you do not know what things you can cherish for the rest of your life, which will wake up your long-standing memories.

my friend Xiaoduo is a delicate girl. When she finds a date, she likes to chat with screenshots and save them one by one. She said that it must be beautiful to read it later.

sometimes he posted pictures on moments, including the red envelopes he sent her, his promise to take her on a trip, and playful love words between them.

those sweet everyday days are treasured by Xiaoduo.

later, the boy broke up with Xiaoduo, and she said to me, you see how much he loved me, big and small things will be shared with me, every request will be answered, every question will be answered.

but gradually I was talking all over the screen, and he liked to answer, and now looking through our chat records, it was as if I had seen him change his mind.

screenshots bear witness to your happiness, but it doesn't help you keep it all the time.

as the saying goes:

"do not take screenshots of chat records. When we were together, we saw that it was love, agreement, and souvenir. When we look back after separation, I only feel funny, sad, and even sad."

I think so.

Love carefully, not willing to delete, still can not change the two flowers, pay attention to the speechless ending, will only make people more unable to escape, can not let go.

so don't get into the habit of taking screenshots, because when the person who gave you warmth stopped hugging you, the records of you going back and forth will become an irreparable wound.

Today's couples hiss and greet each other on Wechat, say sweet words, send all kinds of affectionate expressions, and tell each other their hearts.

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and save screenshots, carefully read each other's care and delivery of their own thoughts, thinking that those sweet past can be as permanent as chat screenshots.

but times have changed and things have changed. The person who made a promise to make an appointment with you may not be able to stay with you for the rest of his life.

after separation, maybe finally put it down, no longer think about it, there is a new beginning.

but one day next year, why should you reopen your scar or cause unnecessary misunderstanding because of a screenshot of a chat transcript?

True love is never about falling in love across a cold screen, but between two people actually getting along.

feel care from each other's actions, express love from daily relationships, and run-in with each other through positive communication.

Don't be keen on Wechat chat screenshots, keep the beauty in your heart and mind, whether it's friendship or love, you don't have to stay if your relationship is shallow and thin, take a trip together and follow your heart.

yesterday can't be traced back. After deleting the chat, pick up the mood, read the new chapter, and move on.

there are always regrets in life. It is wise to enjoy the present, seize the present and cherish the people who love you by your side.

actor Zheng Haichao once said:

"if a person says he likes you, please wait until he takes care of you in every way.

if he promises to take you to the place, wait until he has booked a flight;

if he says he wants to marry you, wait until he buys the ring and kneels in front of you.

feelings are not just words. We are too old to listen to love. "

the real relationship is not those irresponsible sugar-coated shells in Wechat chat screenshots, not every day on time and careful love words and good night, let alone something that can be kept fresh forever through Wechat.

it exists in reality, based on the feeling of getting along and acting day after day, spending time with mutual companionship and understanding.

Today, when Wechat chat is popular, I still think that there are some things and emotions that need to be said and expressed face to face, which is the real feeling that can not be experienced in the chat screenshot.

the screenshot records the beauty at first sight, but it is not immutable, so there is no need to save it so that looking back in the future will only add sadness.

, don't take screenshots of Wechat chats.

you have to believe that the people who can accompany you all your life will create a better future with you and constantly refresh the good memories that belong to each other.

, good night.