Understand oneself thoroughly (good article in depth)
Understand oneself thoroughly (good article in depth)
Whatever you want, you always do what you want.




when we are alive, we often sigh that we cannot see through the hearts of the people. in fact, it is ourselves that are the most difficult to see through.

We think we know ourselves best, but in fact we look at ourselves in vague. we seldom calm down to know and understand ourselves, and even our perception of ourselves sometimes comes from a few casual comments from outsiders.

to understand yourself is to clearly recognize your strengths and weaknesses, develop your strengths and avoid your weaknesses, and reach the other side of the true mind through your own efforts.

instead of following in the footsteps of others, carve your own life into the mold of others.

understand one's strengths

everyone who lives in this world has its own value and unique advantages.

some people may be good at writing. With only a few strokes, they can see through the fireworks of the world.

some people may be good at cooking, make a fire on the stove, and the whole table will be full of Han people on the table.

some people may be good at painting, thick ink and light color, and there is a turn of events under the brush.


when you tap into your own strengths, life seems to be in a state of smooth wind and water, and you will do things with the help of God.

A young man lives in Paris, hoping to find a job through his father's friend.

his father's friend asked him, "are you proficient in math?"

the young man shook his head helplessly.

"what about historical geography?"

another sigh and shake his head.

after a series of questioning, young people can only tell each other with great guilt that they are good at nothing and really do not have any advantage.

"then write down your address first. after all, your father is an old friend of mine. I will certainly help you find a job to make a living."

the young man wrote down his address in shame, hurried to leave, but was grabbed: "Young man, your handwriting is so beautiful, this is your advantage. Maybe you want to try writing?"

the young man suddenly lit up, as if a new door had been opened.

A few years later, the young man became famous for his writing and became a household name.

he is Dumas, who is praised as "the king of popular novels" by later generations.

may be a small bright spot in your eyes, but once it is effectively utilized and cultivated, it can add brilliance to life and become a unique business card.

everyone is a unique part of the world, and your talent is your success.

since God has given you an innate advantage, please make unremitting efforts to build it into a shining personal brand.

understand the shortcomings

since everyone has unique strengths, naturally there are inevitable weaknesses. As the saying goes, "a ruler has its strengths, but an inch has its weaknesses."

there is a famous demigod hero-Achilles in Homer's Iliad.

as soon as he was born, he was pinched by his mother, the goddess of the sea, and soaked in the River Styx. From then on, he was invincible and invincible to the gods, and was famous for his unparalleled strength and immortality.

who would have thought that in the Trojan War, Achilles killed battlefield young because he was shot in the ankle?

as a result, later generations often use the "Achilles heel" to illustrate such a truth: even the most powerful demigod hero has his death point and weakness. What's more, we are ordinary people of flesh and blood?

No one is perfect and no one is perfect. There are no perfect people in the world. Imperfections are the norm of life.

therefore, in the face of our own shortcomings, we do not have to worry too much about them, let alone feel inferior and shrouded in inferiority, we just need to face them calmly.

what's more, most of the time, what we need is not our own shortcomings:

in the work, the superiors mostly arrange the work according to each person's strengths and advantages to improve the efficiency;

in life, people who really love us will appreciate our strengths, understand and tolerate our shortcomings and shortcomings, and sometimes even feel that these small shortcomings make us look more real and lovely.

the shortcomings that can be improved, have the courage to improve and upgrade, constantly improve themselves, and continue to grow.

learn to honestly accept the imperfections that cannot be improved. Do not insist on perfection. Only by letting go of the burden can you move forward freely.

Life is still long. Don't stand in the way of your progress because of a little imperfection, live with your shortcomings and work hard with your imperfect self.

Wu Chu Xin

the most important thing to understand yourself is to explore your heart deeply, understand what your heart really wants, remember your original heart, and don't place your life in the eyes and imagination of others.

there are too many such people in real life:

listen to others boast that starting a business makes more money than a job, quit a stable job and go into business immediately. In fact, they know nothing about business.

others make a mockery of the uselessness of learning, and the idea of learning that has just been set up immediately vanishes and continues to muddle through.

when you see others basking luxury goods, you should not go down the trend and place an order immediately. The originally withered wallet will make things worse.


The perfect potpourri of timeless grace and sophisticcation, non traditional wedding dresses are a must have for any lady. Buy now to enjoy and experience the happy shopping.

in fact, everyoneWith your own pavilions and pavilions and in different positions, you never know what kind of life other people are living and what kind of joys and sorrows they experience.

it is better to conscientiously manage your own life and walk your own road in a down-to-earth manner.

on this point, I envy my cousin most:

in high school, her family insisted that she choose liberal arts and said that girls could not think well in science. She insisted that she liked math and was first in her class.

when she graduated from college, all the girls in her dorm room chose to go home to teach and live a stable life. she was not afraid of tigers and came to the big city alone.

four or five years after graduation, her aunt advised her not to work too hard every day. It would be better to marry as soon as possible. She felt that only when she was better could she meet excellent people.

now with an annual salary of several hundred thousand yuan, she has become the backbone of the company at a young age. a few days ago, her husband and lovely children posted handsome gas stickers on moments, which attracted the envy of everyone.

as the seven pansy years wrote in the Dust Song: "whatever the heart wants, always follow the past, life is like a reverse journey, a Reed to sail."

on the way of life, please remember to look back from time to time, don't be blinded by the fog of the moment, remember where you want to go, and stick to the life you want.

many times we are confused and run up against a brick wall in our lives. In fact, we just lose ourselves and don't calm down to learn more about ourselves.

when you begin to understand your strengths and shine as much as you can, the road to success will open up for you.

when you begin to accept your shortcomings, face them honestly and try to improve them, your heart will be relieved.

when you start to find the direction of your heart and firmly follow your own path, the bright future will meet you unexpectedly.