Two strokes of human characters, writing all one's life.
Two strokes of human characters, writing all one's life.
If you live to a certain age, if you can afford it, you can let it go.

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there is such a couplet:

upper couplet: if you don't leave it, it will end up bitter

the next couplet: they will become famous as soon as they are restrained.

horizontal batch: forget about life

what is hidden in this couplet is the word "human".

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the word "human" is easy to write, one stroke and one stroke, two simple strokes, dividing our lives into two, the first half of life and the second half of life.

I was busy in the first half of my life in order to pursue the heroic dream in my heart.

for the rest of my life, I was calm and calm, and I found my pure heart in the world of mortals.

forget about life, each is wonderful.

lift your head and bend over

Mecca wrote in the Sea of Life:

"some people have too hard bones, too high morale, and live according to their temper. This is not good. The world is very big, there is a day outside the sky, there are mountains outside the mountains, you can't be too temperamental, you have to bow your head when you should bow your head. "

when Confucius was traveling around the countries with his disciples, he found a broken horseshoe and asked Zilu to pick it up.

Zilu was full of disdain and wanted to pick up this stupid thing for something. when he was too lazy to bend over, he pretended not to hear it.

when they left the city, both of them passed through a vast wilderness. Confucius, sitting on the back of a cow, guessed that Zilu was thirsty and hungry, so he quietly dropped a cherry hidden in his sleeve.

as soon as Zilu looked at it, he quickly picked it up and ate it. Along the way, Confucius lost it while walking, and Zilu bent awkwardly 18 or 19 times.

finally, Confucius smiled and said to Zilu:

"if you had just bent down once, you wouldn't have bent endlessly in the back."

when they were young, many people had such moments when they could not let go of arrogance, could not afford to be arrogant, refused to bow their heads, and refused to bend over.

do not understand until middle age, the long road of life, can bend down, can be regarded as a real understanding of life.

write chase, write berth

when we were young, we all thought that fame and fortune was success.

after tasting all kinds of things in the world and watching the prosperity of the world, I finally understand that the pursuit of fame and fortune is only a means of life, not an end.

the happiest thing in life is the peace and contentment of the heart after getting rid of the temptation of fame and gain.

once watched a TV play, the protagonist Aya is an ambitious girl who only wants to pursue a better material life.

starting at the age of 20, she stepped into the metropolis of Tokyo from a small village. It took her 20 years to finally have the splendor and wealth she wanted.

in expensive and gorgeous clothes and high-end luxury cosmetics, he lives in the most luxurious and upscale house in the city.

but her inner happiness did not increase with the increase of wealth, but became more empty.

when I was hanging out, I came across a lover whom I had abandoned. I saw that the other person now had a happy family and lived a plain and happy life.

she suddenly envied from the bottom of her heart. Once upon a time, she thought such happiness was too small, so she turned a blind eye to it.

now that she is 40 years old, she suddenly realized that this seemingly insipid and subtle happiness was actually what she had been pursuing from the very beginning.

Zhou Guoping said a paragraph that touched me deeply:

"people pursue fame and fortune for a better life. Can chase, have long forgotten what the original purpose is.

I have been busy all my life. I have no time to have a good time with my family. I have no time to read or listen to music. In fact, I have never really enjoyed life. "

how many people are tired of running around all day, busy making preparations and chasing fame and fortune.

in the end, in the bustling and impetuous, colorful temptation of fame and wealth, I lost myself.

as the ancients said: if you are not indifferent, you cannot be clear-minded, and if you are not quiet, you will never be far away.

Life is a lifetime, vegetation is an autumn.

Beautiful flowers are exposed, rich grass is frosted, and life does not bring death with it.

look at all the false fame and gain calmly, so that you can live a clean and comfortable life.

pick it up and put it down

Zhou Guoping wrote about his own experience in a book.

for a long time, he was busy with requests for manuscripts from various publications, interviews with the media, and parties organized by some good people.

he didn't like this state of being burdened by chores, but because of his work and life, he couldn't refuse, so he had to agree to it all.

later, he went to work as a visiting professor at a university in Germany, stayed away from domestic media and reporters, and cut off unnecessary social interaction.

so when he returned home, he was determined to block all chores and refused all meaningless interviews, wine bureaus and parties, and his ears and mind were at peace.

even if a person has nothing to do at home, he is happy and at home.

he said that it was then that he clearly realized that he had always been dominated by all kinds of chores and was addicted to it like a craftsman, thinking that this was the whole meaning of life.

but I jumped out to take a look and found that the world is very big, and what is more important than anything else is to find myself and get along with me calmly.

in the first half of our lives, we were busy traveling thousands of miles, reading the world, and making all kinds of friends, thinking that this is the unforgettable necessity of life.

for the rest of my life, I understand that shuttling through the hustle and bustle of lights and booze and mingling with meaningless socializing will only waste time and energy.

when people live to a certain age, if they can afford it, they can let it go.

on the way of life, different ages, we see different scenery, but also have a completely different state of mind.

for the rest of my life, I understand that bustling and noisy is just a big dream.

annoying obsession;

arrogance that is prone to disaster should be given up;

the false name that dazzles people's eyes and ears should be divorced.