Turn if you can't get through, and put it down if you can't figure it out.
Turn if you can't get through, and put it down if you can't figure it out.
Let yourself go and let everything go.

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there is a brain teaser that goes like this:

A person wants to enter the room, but the door can't be pushed open. What is it?

someone said, "it's locked inside."

someone else said, "the door lock is broken and stuck."

others said, "this man is too weak."


however, the answers given are all wrong.

the correct answer is: the door is opened, not pushed.

seems difficult, but in fact, it's just a different way of looking at things.

as Mr. Qian Zhongshu said:

if you look at the world from a different point of view, you will gain something different, and the world will be shown in front of you in a different face.

this is also like our life. If we look at it from another angle, it will be different.

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when you can't get by, you might as well turn a corner

I have heard that there is a kind of fish in the deep sea called Magna Fish.

the fishermen caught it in a very simple way: only a net with a very rough hole, tied with iron, dragged by small boats on both sides, and put into the water.

net are very large and open on three sides, but batch after batch of Maga fish have been successfully caught.

Why on earth is this?

it turns out that this kind of fish has a characteristic, that is, once it is in the right direction, it never knows about turning and turning back, the more it is blocked, the more it rushes forward, so batch after batch of Maga fish are stuck one after another and are stuck by the net.

Lin Yutang said, "it is better to give up wisely than to cling blindly."

for Maga fish, the result of obsession is that the fish is dead.

for people, clinging to what is right is called having a beginning and ending; obsessive about being wrong, it is called unrepentant.

there are thousands of ways in life. When we start our journey, we don't know which one is the most correct. We can only take one step at a time, and then go on with what is right and correct what is wrong. This is the right choice.

in fact, life is a process of choice and trial and error.

Russian athlete Isinbayeva, known as the "queen of pole vaulting", experienced a major life choice.

at first, she was a gymnast, and her dream was to become a gymnastics champion, and she has been working hard for it.

but with age, the situation has changed.

her stature is getting taller and taller, even reaching more than 1.7 meters, which greatly exceeds the standard of gymnasts, which is very disadvantageous to her movements, and it becomes very difficult to realize her dream.

it was this change that made Isinbayeva the later pole vaulting queen.

this is the way life is. There are always many hurdles on the road of growth. Only when you know how to make a detour can you go a long way.

like rivers, when you move forward, you must not only advance bravely by rapids, but also avoid obstacles and sand before they can flow into the sea.

know how to be flexible, life will be twists and turns, ushered in dark willows and bright flowers.

when you can't figure it out, you might as well put it down

have seen such a story:

A woman named du Xueqi has four members of her family suffering from cancer.

my lover and old father died of cancer. Then both she and her mother were diagnosed with stomach cancer.

she can't figure it out: how can my wife get liver and lung cancer if he doesn't smoke or drink?

as for herself, she pays great attention to eating. She never uses the wax in the disposable cup when she heard that the wax in the disposable cup is bad for people's health.

drinking water is also very fastidious, drinking all mineral water.

then she simply didn't think about it. Anyway, the length of life is not up to her. Let it be left to fate.

so she took her mother in her eighties to travel, visited many countries, gained a lot of knowledge, and naturally broadened her state of mind.

she finally understood that the most important thing in a person's life is to live happily, and everything else is a cloud.

some people say: "there is no despair in life, only can not understand, there is no end of life, only can not see through."

for this, Heng Zi, the author of "the World is worth it," is even more thorough: there is no need to think too much, people just have to think about what happened today.

for her, her husband is an alcoholic, her children are weak and sick, and there are a lot of things that bother her.

but even so, she still eats when she should, sleeps when she sleeps, and never let the life in front of her be a mess.

when you can't figure it out, put it down.

as the old saying goes, "once you put it down, you are at ease."

there is no big deal about things in the world, and there is nothing you can't let go.

the rest of my life is not long, learn to stop loss

if people go the wrong way, they can change their ways. If they can't figure things out, they can not think about them first, so what if they choose the wrong person?

A few days ago, I saw a piece of news that a newlywed couple in Kuwait ended their marriage only three minutes after their marriage, setting a world record for the shortest marriage in history.

the couple just signed the marriage agreement in front of the judge when the bride accidentally tripped when she was about to walk out of the courthouse.

without a word, the bride turned around and asked the judge to dissolve their marriage on the spot.

it was only three minutes after they signed the marriage agreement.

some people laugh, isn't this a waste of your Honor's precious time?

this matter may not seem like a big deal to others, but from the bride's point of view, it may not be a correct and sober decision.

as netizens commented: a marriage that does not respect each other is a failure from the very beginning.

how many people, because a wrong person wasted most of his life or even his whole life.

and how many people, in the bottomless pit of "tolerance", are slowly swallowed up and feel remorse.

forget the door that you can't open, leave the person who can't make you laugh, and give up a relationship that consumes you constantly.

Yi Zhongtian said: "if life is in the wrong direction, stopping is progress."

the rest of your life is not long. Learn to love yourself and don't spend your time and energy on people and things that are not worth it.

stop your losses in time, and you will have the possibility of turning the market again, which is not only a kind of self-redemption, but also a kind of great wisdom in life.

it's expensive for the rest of my life. Let yourself go

Chen Guo, a professor at Fudan University, said in "good Solitude": "from another point of view, it is a different way of living."

people, don't embarrass yourself.

as the book "break up" says:

what you can't do should be decided; those who have no chance in life should be given up; if you want to cling to something in your heart, you should leave.

all the thoughts of the heart are the past; only by letting go of obsession can the heart return to peace.

when people live a lifetime, everything is fixed, so there is no need to quarrel with themselves.

Life is about coaxing yourself, persuading yourself, and solving everything.

the rest of my life is very expensive, please let yourself go and let everything go.