True self-discipline is to defeat yourself.
True self-discipline is to defeat yourself.
The biggest gap between people lies in self-discipline.

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some people ask, what is the most unmotivated person you have ever seen?

A highly praised answer is:

anxious about the status quo, and do not have the willpower to practice the determination to change themselves.

three minutes of heat, often abhor their own failure, adhere to the most thing is not to persist.

I wanted to experience many kinds of life in my limited life, but I would only mechanically repeat the same days for many years.

hang out on social networks all day, looking sallow at the cold screen of mobile phones and computers, but very few people can say a few words.

has not experienced the real vicissitudes of life, but also lost the last bit of juvenile spirit. He has not yet had an invulnerable heart, but he has lost the ability to burst into tears ahead of time.

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I wonder if you have found that most people have a heart that wants to be good, enterprising and hard-working, but in real life, they live perfunctorily, scribbling and not self-discipline.

so we hate ourselves, always procrastinating and lazy, while indulging ourselves to lust for the satisfaction and comfort of the moment.

in fact, a person's whole life is the process of defeating himself.

if you control yourself, you can have more and more freedom. But if you can't control yourself, you can only be swayed by reality and the present world.

you've probably experienced countless failed self-discipline programs.

for example, you insist on getting up early, but you really can't get up the next day, so you give up.

for example, keep reading. Maybe you've just read a few pages, but you still can't help checking your phone, so you give up.

whether you find it or not, it's easy to give up. As long as you loosen your mind a little bit, you can easily escape from the things you don't want to do.

but if you want to, stick to it, it's too hard. Because at this time, you have to face difficulties and setbacks, you have to withstand challenges and temptations, there are too many.

in fact, the biggest gap between people lies in self-discipline.

maybe for good people, they want to do something, and they almost do what they say they can do.

but for most ordinary people, although they also want to change themselves, it is difficult to completely overcome their laziness.

of course, self-discipline, the hardest part is that it is not a habit achieved overnight.

most of the time, you need to fight yourself again and again, you need to be hard on yourself, you need to be harder on yourself, and you can't give yourself the slightest hesitation and retreat.

when do people realize the importance of self-discipline?

probably not in the morning, when I can't get up in the morning, not in the middle of the night, when I'm eating fried chicken and drinking beer, or when I'm free, staring at my cell phone and chasing the show.

but when you find that your body is getting fatter, your life is becoming more and more monotonous, and your life is getting out of control, you will feel great pressure.

and at what moment do people realize the benefits of self-discipline?

probably not in the cold winter, but also when you have to force yourself to get up at five o'clock, not when you feel tired, when you still have to exercise, or when you are reading and writing alone in the study.

but when you find that your health is getting better, your career is more and more successful, and your life is getting richer and more interesting, you will feel extremely gratified.

for people who are not self-disciplined, ease is temporary, but pain is long.

for self-disciplined people, the process is painful, but the result is satisfactory.

remember that there is a question on the Internet, what kind of experience is a person with a high degree of self-discipline?

there is an answer: "instead of being dragged forward by life, you live between your inches. The future becomes controllable, everything is in order, and the life you want is within reach."

when you feel out of control, want to be lazy, want to slack off, think about the life you want to live, and you probably won't let yourself indulge in comfort and pleasure.

but when you feel that you can't hold on, you want to hold your breath, and when you want to give up, think about the consequences of letting yourself go, and you probably have a sense of urgency to exercise self-restraint and restraint.

everyone is eager to make themselves better. But no matter what you want to do, there are no shortcuts, so you have to exercise self-discipline.

those whose grades are better than you are no smarter than you, but keep practicing, reciting and taking notes in their seemingly boring studies day after day.

those who are healthier than you are not born with good physique, but insist on going to bed early, getting up early and exercising more in the monotonous repetition day after day.

those who have better literary talent than you do not have special talents, but persist in reading, precipitating and accumulating in the dull time year after year.

the reason why many people feel that self-discipline is very difficult to achieve, but just indulge in the immediate ease and comfort, they hold the attitude of having fun in time, muddling along, to spend and waste their lives.

once read a sentence: I believe in the Ten Thousand Law, but I never believe in the inspiration of falling pie in the sky and the achievement of waiting. To be a free and self-disciplined person, I will live conscientiously by the determination that is bound to be realized.

in fact, any behavior that makes people better will not make you too comfortable, too easy, too easy.

the greatest enemy of self-discipline is not a warm quilt, delicious food, or a fun game, but your determination, courage and fortitude to overcome yourself.Force.

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