True maturity is not age, but a state of mind.
True maturity is not age, but a state of mind.
Everyone comes into this world with different cards.

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Chen Guo, a professor at Fudan University, made a speech in class:

"you can see that many people in our society are strong, tall, and even white-haired. There is no doubt that he is physically mature.

but if you look closely at what he says and does, you will find that they are still not mature enough. "

once, we always thought that maturity was a kind of age, but later we realized that it was more of a promotion of the realm of pattern.

maturity is to accept what you can't change

recently, in the financial career show "sparkling you", there is a clip.

Imulan Shattar, an intern in his twenties, is the only undergraduate among the interns.

when he mentioned that he graduated from Peking University, the interviewers were curious and asked him why he did not choose to go to graduate school.

he said that because his family was poor and the tuition for a master's degree in finance was more expensive, at the same time, all his brothers and sisters were in school, so they had to give up further studies in order to reduce the pressure on their parents.

all the interviewers present felt sorry for his experience.

but he smiled calmly and said:

"it has happened, all I have to do is continue to follow the path of my life, and thank my family very much, and then thank this society, this country."

after watching this scene, I couldn't help being moved by the boy's bosom.

Zhou Guoping once said:

"all the extraordinary things in the world will eventually return to the ordinary, and their value must be measured by ordinary life."

greatness, brilliance and success are nothing. Only by living a truly good ordinary life can life be complete. "

A person's true maturity is the ordinary reconciliation with his parents, the acceptance of his own imperfections, and even the calm face of many disappointments in life.

but slowly you will find that some people barely have an ordinary life even if they try their best.

everyone comes into this world with different cards.

A person's maturity is not to expect all the good cards in his hand, but to try his best to play them well, even if they are bad cards.

maturity is the process of muting crying.

when we were young, we wanted to tell the world all the trifles.

when you reach a certain age, you will understand:

growth is not an increase in age, but the day when crying is put into silent mode.

in the variety show "Strange Theory", there was a debate: should the collapse of adults be hidden?

debater Fu Seoul told such a story.

once, she was in a bad mood and wanted to talk to someone.

what if she sends a Wechat message to a girlfriend and asks, "I'm freaking out?"

as a result, she was advised to sleep more and eat less.

she sent another message to Li Sheng. As a result, Li Xia took it as a joke and replied:


later, she wanted to talk to her husband Lao Liu, who fell asleep a long time ago.

finally she concluded:

Human joys and sorrows are not the same, and the collapse of adults does not need an audience.

Xin Yiwu has a passage in "the Mountain Moon doesn't know what's on my mind":

"our hearts grow in each person's own body, ups and downs, our own taste only understand, do not pin your hopes on others, do not ask others to understand your feelings, no matter how loud it is in vain."

We used to think that we would have empathy in life:

when you are sad and depressed, you think you will be understood by others;

when you can't find a job or pay the rent, you think you'll get pity from others.

when you can't fall in love and stay happy, you think you'll get sympathy from others.

later I realized that you have to endure all the hardships by yourself, you have to carry all the difficulties by yourself, and you need to bear all the blows and sufferings by yourself.

truly mature people never tell others about their difficulties easily, but learn to pull themselves out of the quagmire by themselves.

mature, it is no longer easy to blame anyone

Zhang ailing once said, "because you understand, you are merciful."

the more mature people are, the more tolerant they are, the more they will understand that behind all the stories, there are sorrows and grievances that others cannot see.

there was a doctor who rushed to the hospital as quickly as possible and changed into operating clothes after receiving the operation call.

the boy's father shouted out of control, "Why are you so late?" Don't you know my son is in danger? How come you have no sense of responsibility at all! "

the doctor smiled calmly and said, "I'm sorry, I wasn't in the hospital just now. Please calm down."

"calm down? If your son is lying in the operating room, will you calm down? What would happen to you if your son died now? "

the boy's father said angrily, "this is what a man says when he is indifferent to the life and death of others."

A few hours later, the operation was completed successfully, and the doctor came from the operating room

came out and said to the boy's father, "Thank God, your son is saved!"

before the boy's father answered, he hurried away and said, "if you have any questions, you can ask the nurse."

"Why is he so arrogant?" The boy's father said angrily to the nurse.

the nurse burst into tears:

"his son died in a traffic accident yesterday. When we asked him to operate on your son, he was on his way to the funeral home.

now he has saved your son and is on his way to finish his son's funeral. "

in many moments, it is easy for us to judge others.

but without the experiences and experiences of others, it is impossible to know the helplessness and pain hidden behind others.

when Great Way is implemented, it is not to blame on others.

A sign of maturity is that one understands self-reflection, understands tolerance, and learns to compare one's heart to heart.

writer Yu Dan once said: "the key to the problem of growth lies in the life pattern that you have established for yourself."

A person's true maturity does not depend on his age.

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when you learn to be open-minded, you stop complaining; when you learn to be strong, you stop expecting; when you learn to be kind, you stop blaming.

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