Transposition (profound)
Transposition (profound)
For the sake of others, is the most rare realm of life.

Su Shi has a well-known poem: the side of the winding mountain is a precipitous peak, but the distance and height are different in the past.

everyone is in a different position, and the scenery they see is very different.

like this picture:

whether it's "6" or "9", there's nothing wrong with it, it's just a different location.

A lot of disputes and puzzles in life are often the same. You only need to change your angle and position, and you can suddenly become clear.

therefore, if you learn to think of others, your mind will be liberated and your life will be easier.

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being considerate of others is the highest EQ in life

read a paragraph:

you are a customer and think the merchant is violent;

you are a businessman and think your customers are picky;

you are the boss and want your employees to be diligent;

you are an employee and want your boss to be relaxed.

you are a teacher and want your students to behave.

you are a student and you want the teacher to be kind.

No one is at fault, it's just a different position.

Lu Xun once said: human joys and sorrows are not the same. I just think they are noisy.

between people, it is difficult to empathize. If you look at others from your own position, you can't come to a good conclusion.

thinking of others and comparing one's heart to heart is a person's highest EQ.

if you know how to think of others, someone will think of you; if you know how to pay for others, someone will pay for you.

people, hearts and hearts are always mutual.

if you know how to think of others, there are naturally people who are willing to associate with you and are welcome wherever you go.

consideration for others is the highest wisdom in life

pedestrians feel that drivers are on the rampage and drivers feel that pedestrians are obstructing traffic.

the husband wants his wife to care more, and the wife wants her husband to share the housework.

Children want their parents to be more patient, and parents want their children to become successful as soon as possible.

No one is wrong, it's just a different position.

the so-called consideration for others is not only to think about others, but also to reflect on yourself. You can not only see others from different positions, but also look at yourself from different angles.

self-centered, you can't see a good view, and it will only make you fall into a whirlpool of anxiety and irritability.

consideration for others and mutual understanding is a person's top wisdom.

this world

, sincerity is given to each other, trust is interchangeable, and respect is mutual.

if you are indifferent, the world will be indifferent; if you smile, the world will smile.

only when you know how to think of others can you jump out of the emotional whirlpool and achieve spiritual liberation.

consideration for others is the highest accomplishment in life

there is a question on the Internet: what is a person's best self-cultivation?

there is an answer: think of others and understand each other.

We have all heard the story of "the Blind touching the Elephant":

those who touch the trunk of an elephant say it is like a radish, those who touch the legs of an elephant say that it is like a pillar, and those who touch the back of an elephant say that it is like a bed.

they are right, elephants are true; they are wrong, elephants are more than that.

in the final analysis, everyone has a different understanding of things from different angles.

consideration for others and mutual understanding is a person's highest self-cultivation.

as a sentence in "Zengguang Xian Wen": blame yourself with the heart of others, and forgive others with the heart of forgiveness.

regardless of family affection, friendship, love, more understanding and more tolerance, we can go long-term.

if you know how to think of others, you will be broad-minded and you can take your time.

consideration for others is the highest kindness in life

read a short story:

when a man came home at night, he saw a blind man with a lantern in his hand.

he thought it was strange, so he asked the blind man, "Why are you carrying a lantern if you can't see it yourself?"

the blind man said, "it is because I can't see that I have to carry a lantern." In this way, you don't have to worry about others bumping into me, and you don't have to worry about causing inconvenience to others. "

really kind-hearted people always have other people in their hearts and know how to transposition best.

in this world, hearts do not necessarily communicate with each other, but feelings and feelings are always similar.

to help others is to help yourself, and to respect others is to respect yourself. If you have others in your heart, you will be treated well by others.

the greatest goodness of a person is to think of others and to push oneself to others.

No one's life is always plain sailing, and no one's life is always calm. When you encounter difficulties, give a hand; when you encounter grievances, give them a hand.

A gift of roses has a fragrance in the hand, kindness will always be rewarded, and sincerity will always reap the truth.

know how to think of others, someone will come for you and give you warmth.

thinking of others is the rarest realm of life

on the train, a drunk crashed into a passenger. The girl asked her mother, "is he a bad guy?"

Mom said, "No, he's just unhappy."

the mother thought of herself, had experienced difficult times, and inadvertently hurt the people around her because of her bad temper.

that's why she won't argue with the drunk, because she knows that everyone has such moments.

people are always different: different occupations, different encounters, different thoughts.

Heart and heart are always the same: they all need company, care and understanding.

in life, where there is sunshine, there will be shadow, and where there is happiness, there will be suffering. It is not easy for anyone.

being considerate of others and tolerating each other is a lifelong practice.

as Napoleon Hill said: know how to think of others, can really look at problems from other people's point of view, think about problems, and can effectively help others solve problems, the world is yours.

the more tolerance, the more happiness; the more understanding, the more beauty; the more understanding, the more happiness.

if you know how to think of others, life will be easier and life will be easier.

Life is an echo.

only by giving your heart can you reap the truth; only by paying attention can you reap and cherish.

the relationship between people is the connection between heart and heart, and the connection between heart and heart is inseparable from tolerance and understanding.

only by knowing how to transposition can we get along comfortably and go for a long time.

, may every true heart be treated well and every true feeling cherished.