Tong Liya, congratulations on the divorce!
Tong Liya, congratulations on the divorce!
Be the ferryman of your own life and always love yourself more than anything else.

Tong Liya and Chen Sicheng are divorced.

early in the morning, Chen Sicheng posted a message on the social platform at 8:08 (Tong Liya's birthday is August 8).

"2011-2020 story comes to an end. You will always be the ones I love the most, so you can be guardians in a different way. "

the picture is a picture of Tong Liya and her son Duoduo.

later, Tong Liya also responded on Weibo: "the world is worth it, but there is a bright future." Thank you. "

in fact, the marriage of Tong Liya and Chen Sicheng was not favored by the public from the very beginning, and their marital status has always been concerned and speculated by all parties.

when they fell in love, they were strong and enthusiastic, but now they are parting and each is happy.

to get together and break up is not only to let others go, but more importantly, to fulfill yourself.

I'm glad you can come. I'm not afraid of you leaving

heard a saying a long time ago:

A person will meet 8263563 people in his life, 39778 will say hello, 3619 will be familiar, and only 275 will be close, but eventually they will disappear in the sea of people.

it is the norm of life to send people back and forth. The same is true of marriage.

Chen Sicheng and Tong Liya met and fell in love with each other because of filming "Beijing Love Story". When they first announced their relationship, it also caused a sensation.

Tong Liya said frankly on the program: "I am very happy and happy with him (Chen Sicheng). I hope everyone will bless us."

in 2014, the couple married in Tahiti and thought the princess and prince would live happily ever after.

but the story did not go in a good direction.

after Chen Sicheng was exposed for "cheating", there was an uproar on the Internet. after a few days of silence, Tong Liya held her son and wrote in the moments: "start over!" Yaya, come on!

maybe Tong Liya is no longer the one we remember.

now it's a statement, decent and magnanimous.

the ideal state of feelings is that when you come, I am happy to run to you, and when you are gone, I gladly watch your back.

will not do anything to hurt themselves because of the other party's departure, nor will it stop moving forward because of nostalgia for the past.

Love this matter, the passage of time, the precipitation of time, a turn may be another story of time.

A person must first have the ability to love himself before he has the right to harvest happiness.

"the Dead of Mountains and Rivers" says: everyone can only accompany you for a long way, and sooner or later they have to be separated.

when you work hard to manage your life and grow, even if the other person leaves, you can stride forward without being arrogant.

cherish each other when you are with you, and it is enough to bless each other when you leave.

Marriage is not all about life

when many people choose to get married, they go for happiness.

one room, two people, three meals for four seasons; sunrise, sunset, snowy head at dusk.

I don't like it.

No matter how romantic love is, it is hard to escape the fine pieces simmered in firewood, rice, oil, salt sauce and vinegar tea.

it may be the pain of childbirth, the battle between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, or more likely a feud between husband and wife.

but no matter whether you are lucky or unhappy in your marriage, you should understand one thing: marriage is not your whole life.

Tong Liya used to be a very unconfident person. She was extremely short of sense of security. After meeting Chen Sicheng, she once thought she was not good enough for each other.

therefore, Tong Liya, who attaches great importance to marriage, only said "just go home" after Chen Sicheng's speech that "everyone will have an affair."

when she started again, she cut off the long hair that had been kept for Chen Sicheng and changed into a neat, short hair.

she is busy in her career, saying goodbye to the weak self she used to be.

in the movie "cohabitation beyond time and Space", the domineering phrase "the most beautiful woman in the world" is still the motto of many people.

as the host of the Spring Festival Gala for the first time, her dignified and decent performance surprised the whole audience.

# Tong Liya is so beautiful #

was once a hot search;

put on a suit, she is a valiant "overbearing female president";

put on ancient clothes, she is also a hundred beautiful Qianjiao "Tang Palace beauty".

Tong Liya is no longer the little woman hiding behind Chen Sicheng. She has been transformed into a dazzling hostess.

Today, she is no longer the only wife, she has become her own.

Love may be a sugar, but marriage is not a medicine. If you take it, you will be able to love each other until you grow old.

everyone should attach importance to marriage, but they should not enlarge it to the whole life.

meet a man who really loves you all your life, of course, it is worth cherishing. If the person you meet makes you feel aggrieved, you must also learn to let go.

there has never been more than one "way to live" in life. Marriage is "dead", but life is still there.

the pace of interruption of dreams you have given up for marriage is also worth looking forward to.

No matter who we meet, no matter where the road leads to, having a happy life is the ultimate meaning of life.

being honest with yourself is the best life

MiyazakiHayao left a reasonable passage in Thousand and thousand fathom:

"Life is a train to the grave. There will be many stops on the way, and it is difficult for anyone to accompany him from beginning to end."

when the person with you wants to get out of the car, be grateful even if you don't give up, and then wave goodbye. "

in the adult world, separation really doesn't have to hurt both sides.

because whether it is marriage or divorce, the ultimate goal is to get happiness.

being honest with yourself is the greatest responsibility for life.

when Bill Gates and Melinda announced their divorce, there was an uproar online.

the two were once an enviable couple who had been married for 27 years and moved from scratch to the position of the world's richest man.

Bill Gates has said more than once, "my greatest luck is to be married to Melinda."

but the two people who once loved each other chose to separate because "marriage cannot continue to improve each other, and we no longer believe that husband and wife can grow together in the next stage of life."

Marriage, to put it bluntly, is just a contract, but paper, what a thin substance, ah, can be broken.

No matter who you marry, it is a choice. You may have a stable life, or you may encounter chicken feathers.

Tong Liya's divorce, the reason why everyone chooses congratulations is that we have reason to believe that after the divorce, she has the courage and ability to manage her life better.

in that case, what's wrong with saying congratulations?

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Congratulations to Tong Liya. Happy divorce.

I also hope that each of us can learn to be the ferryman of our own life and love ourselves more than anything else.