To be careful and alone is one's highest practice.
To be careful and alone is one's highest practice.
If you are as careful as the beginning, there will be no failure.

Confucian style

Zeng Guofan said: "in the way of self-study, it is not difficult to cultivate the mind; when it is difficult to cultivate the mind, you are careful to be independent."

being cautious and independent is a spiritual practice that defeats oneself, and it is a kind of highest self-discipline.

practice is the internal concentration, even when there is no one, details, but also never out of line, not deviant, others seem to be magnanimous, for their own peace of mind.

the more you can't see it, the more you can see what a person really looks like.

and be careful of being alone, the value lies in the "three no bullies".

do not deceive yourself

Lu Jiuyuan, founder of the School of mind in the Southern Song Dynasty, said: "to be careful to be alone is not to deceive yourself."

to be able to keep your heart, be cautious and have a strong will is to be cautious and independent.

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throughout ancient and modern times, those who have made great achievements all know how to be careful not to deceive themselves, which is not only a kind of demeanor, but also a free and transparent heart.

in the second year of Yuanfeng, Su Shi was played. At first, Song Shenzong didn't take it to heart.

but then Su Shi's poems were framed and said to be slanderous, so Song Shenzong and the new school figures were greatly annoyed, and Su Shi was punished when he was imprisoned.

for Su Shi, his life in Huangzhou was like a nightmare and made him extremely miserable.

it was not until the eighth year of Yuan Feng that Song Zhe Zong ascended the throne that Su Shi was re-appointed.

in just a few months, Su Shi was promoted to a bachelor's degree in Hanlin.

Su Shi saw that others had been wronged like him,

he can't let anyone else taste it.

so Su Shi tried his best to defend others.

the Master said, "the superior man is magnanimous, and the villain is sorrowful."

people who are cautious and independent will not deceive themselves, nor will they pander to others, let alone indulge themselves.

on weekdays, they can regulate their behavior and reflect on their words and deeds, worthy of heaven and earth, and even more worthy of their hearts.

being careful not to deceive yourself is a lofty realm of spiritual practice. You can keep your inner bottom line whenever and wherever you are, and you are also practicing yourself at the same time.

do not deceive others

it is written in the Book of Rites: "do not see hidden, do not show small, so the gentleman is careful to be alone."

the real way to be cautious is to be able to restrain yourself where others can't see it, and keep a clear head at all times.

and once deceiving others, no matter how subtle things are done, they will be discovered, morality will be flawed, and they will be looked down upon.

walking in this world, only when you know how to be careful not to deceive others, can you walk more steadily and further.

Lu Yuanying, who stayed in Dongdu in the Tang Dynasty, loved to play chess, so he often played chess for fun with one of his aides.

once when he was playing chess, someone sent him an emergency document for him to deal with. His staff thought that Lu Yuanying, who had read the official document, must not have noticed the game, so he secretly moved the chess piece.

however, all this was clearly seen by Lu Yuanying, but he did not say anything about it.

sure enough, then the staff won the game.

the next day, the aide was talking eloquently about how good he was at chess, and Lu Yuanying sent someone to send gold and silver and asked the aide to find another job.

it is said in "A letter to King Wu": "if you want people to know, you must not do it yourself."

in this game of chess in life, one careless move will lose the whole game, so don't take any chances.

instead of cheating and calculating, it is better to be cautious and open-minded about people and things.

in the Northern Song Dynasty, other ministers went out to play on holidays, and Yan Shu was the only one who studied hard behind closed doors.

Song Zhenzong felt that he was strict with himself, so he was promoted to be a prince.

Yan Shu knew the reason and said bluntly to Song Zhenzong, "it's not that I don't want to go out to play. I just have no choice but to study behind closed doors."

after knowing the internal causes, Song Zhenzong liked Yan Shu even more and used him in everything.

Cheng Yi, an ideologist, said: "those who feel people with sincerity, people also respond with sincerity."

when you interact with people, you don't need to bend around so much. Sincerity can only be exchanged for sincerity.

being honest with others and not deceiving others is the principle of self-cultivation of the Chinese people for thousands of years, and it is also the wisest strategy in dealing with people.

do not deceive the sky

Confucius said: "Gentlemen have three fears, fear the destiny of heaven, fear adults, fear the words of saints."

the first fear is destiny.

as the saying goes, there are gods in the first three feet, and you should know how to be in awe.

if you do not deceive the sky, you will not do whatever you want, and you will keep your inner conscience and bottom line.

during the Eastern Han Dynasty, a Tai Shou named Yang Zhen passed by Changyi County when he went to take office. Wang Mi, the county magistrate, happened to be the official he had promoted before.

in the middle of the night, Wang Mi quietly came to see him, with ten jin of gold with him, saying that he wanted to thank Yang Zhen for his promotion.

Yang Zhen sighed and said, "I know you, but you don't understand me. Why?"

Wang Mi saw this and said, "ignorance at twilight."

means that when it is dark, no one will know about it, my lord, you can rest assured to accept it.

Yang Zhen firmly refused, saying "four knowledge", heaven knows, earth knows, you know, I know, how can we say that no one knows?

this is the story of "Yang Zhen Si Zhi", which is widely spread in later generations.

through the ages, how many people indulge themselves under the guise that others do not know?

abandon conscience and do hidden activities only to satisfy selfish desires.

but there is no impenetrable wall in the world, and no matter how secret things are done, there will be times when they will come to light.

Cao Zhi once said, "only fear the gods and respect them."Be afraid of being alone. "

the world is full of material desires. Only by not deceiving the sky, being strict with ourselves, and doing our duty well, can we be upright and not afraid of shadow deviation and be in an invincible position.

it is said in the Book of morality: "to be cautious as the beginning is, there is no failure."

the heart is like a fierce horse. If the reins are loosened, the mind will inevitably be restless and the future will be uncertain.

but no matter what you do, be careful from beginning to end, so that there will be no mistakes and failures.

being cautious and alone is one's highest spiritual practice.

only when you do not deceive yourself on the inside, do not deceive others on the outside, do not deceive heaven, cultivate your body, and keep your heart, can your life be complete.