Time never looks back, life has no ifs.
Time never looks back, life has no ifs.
Smile in the sun and run in the wind and rain.

time will not turn back, there is no if in life, what is lost is no longer coming back, what is lost is no longer perfect, cherish what you have now.

one day, you will make peace with yourself, swallow all your temper, smooth the edges and corners, smile and face the people and things you once hated, and become a quiet person.

Life is gentle and everything is beautiful. You don't have to be the person everyone likes, but you must be the one you like, not pandering to and making do with it.

people who can resist all kinds of poison have been scarred.

, people who can laugh and see the wind and clouds have been riddled with holes.

in the adult world, who doesn't collapse and heal at the same time. How many times, all kinds of grievances pour into my heart, but I feel that it is not worth mentioning.

collapse quietly and heal silently. Can't say, can't say, nowhere to say. All kinds of taste is life.

forget it, it doesn't matter, it will be all right.

Life can't be as good as you think, but in fact, it's not as bad as you think.

people are more fragile and strong than they can imagine.

sometimes, you may be so fragile that you burst into tears with a word, and sometimes you unconsciously find that you have clenched your teeth and walked a long way.

the experience of life is like a textbook with pain, growth, happiness and bitterness.

Don't refuse to experience, because it is the catalyst for your growth and the wealth of your life.

the so-called life is not only the result, but also the process, all of which are indispensable.

in fact, we want to be understood, but we are afraid of being understood.

in this complicated world, I yearn for an affectionate and simple life and like a warm and quiet look.

sometimes, the feeling of being understood is like someone crouching in the corner with a lantern.

but sometimes, being understood is like giving a warm embrace in a cold winter.

therefore, contradiction is the price of wisdom.

this is life's joke on the outlook on life. A man has two selves, one awake in the dark and the other sleeping in the light.

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perhaps, we are not afraid that others will not understand, but that they will not be distressed if they understand.

look forward to, think about, life is full of flavor, who can not be tired, all grow up in different ways, no one will easily get what they want, would like to be able to sincerely receive the teachings of the years.

all the experiences that should not be experienced, all the experiences that should be endured and what should not be endured have been swallowed, and there is nothing to be afraid of.

time never turns back, and there is no if in life. Life, suitable for yourself is the best.

do not envy, do not compare, do not envy, do not demand.

smile in the sun and run in the wind and rain.