Time can see people better than the eyes.
Time can see people better than the eyes.
What the eyes see is always the appearance.

people's eyes can only see the surface of things, but they can't see through the hearts of the people.

No one can predict whether the best friend who had been agreed for life will be separated in the sea of people one day, and whether the lover who was so glued at that time will inadvertently become a stranger.

in this life, who will accompany us to the end? only time can give the answer.

A true friend can stand the test of time

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there is a saying on the Internet: people interact with each other for a long time before they can tell who is true and who is false. After the chill, we can tell who is the truth and who is hypocrisy.

I think so.

looking back on some people around us, we thought it was worth knowing each other for a lifetime, but finally we drifted away with the passage of time.

time is the best filter to take away those false feelings and precipitate the most cherished friends.

as it is written in your Solitude, though your defeat is glorious:

the friends you once thought were good friends, those who you thought would go on together all the time, don't know when they got separated on the road.

Life comes and goes, there are always some people, unwittingly separated, or even caught off guard and completely withdrawn from our world.

however, there is no need to grieve for those friends who are lost, because true friendship will never leave with the increase of distance and the passage of time.

as the saying goes: if you know horsepower from a distance, you will see the hearts of the people for a long time.

time not only helps us to see the hearts of the people, but also helps us to precipitate the true feelings.

those who are getting farther and farther away and are not sincere enough are those who are doomed to miss us and cannot accompany us to the end.

those who have experienced wind, frost, rain and snow and still do not give up are the people who are really worth cherishing.

True love can stand the test of time

someone said, "I don't envy the lovers who kiss in the street. I only envy the old people who help each other in the deep alleys."

Yes, love does not have to be vigorous and well-known. In many cases, the companionship of long running water and helping each other is more touching.

in 2013, Schumacher, the king of cars, became a vegetable by skiing and bumping into rocks, and relied on a ventilator to support his life every day.

the doctor diagnosed: "the chance of Schumacher waking up is very small."

his wife Corinne was unmoved. "the whole world has given up on him," she said. "I'm his wife. I can't."

she lost her fortune to maintain a treatment fee of up to 1 million a week, taking good care of her every day, talking to him, eager to wake him up.

some people say that she is stupid, which will only lead to the loss of money and money.

some people say that she is crazy and that it is impossible for a vegetative person to wake up;

but she said, "I will always protect him."

from the persistence of Schumacher's wife, we can know that love is not only the love under the moon, but also the heart guarded by the years.

True love stands the test of time.

We often say that it is easy to love someone, but it is difficult to love someone for a lifetime.

the hardest thing for people to do is to be consistent, and the easiest thing to do is to be fickle.

and true love is fresh after years of sharpening, from passion to affection, from touching to gratitude, from romance to mutual defense.

the longer the time is, the more reluctant you are to leave. This is called a lover.

what leaves is the scenery, but what is left is life

my colleague recently attended a classmate reunion and came back with a sigh:

"after graduation, some students have been in touch with Wechat to greet each other and encourage each other. And some students have not heard from them for more than ten years, and such people are not worth thinking about. "

Yes, the older you are, the more you can understand that it doesn't matter how many people you have met, but what you can stay is important. What you leave is the scenery, and what you leave is life.

in our lifetime, we will meet tens of thousands of people, but most of them can only accompany us.

those who promise to help each other today may be strangers to us tomorrow.

Today's vows to protect a lifetime of love may become dispensable tomorrow.

and these relationships come and go quickly, we can wave goodbye calmly.

those who never give up regardless of wind, frost, rain and snow must cherish them with all their heart in their lives.

as Bai Luomei once said:

all things in the world have their own beliefs and destinies, all get together because of yesterday's departure, all parting is to find a better home.

so, don't be sad about someone's departure, just love the person who is still with us.

in the final analysis, what the eyes see is always the appearance, and time will screen out the true love and true love.

as the years go by, life is easy to lose, contented and warm, never give up when we meet.

, for the rest of our lives, may we learn to look at people with time and heart, and treat those who accompany us through the warmth of the world and never give up.

We must cherish it with our heart. this is the person we really want to stay in our lives.

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