Three realms of self-improvement: read yourself, surpass yourself, and please yourself.
Three realms of self-improvement: read yourself, surpass yourself, and please yourself.
Live your life as you like it and live your life as you want it to be.


Plato said in the Republic:

"what we have been looking for is what we already have; we always look around and leave out what we want, which is why it is so difficult for us to get what we want."

in this complicated world, people worry about themselves, and wise men cross by themselves.

We must understand that the real worry solver in this world is ourselves.

self-reading: only by recognizing yourself can you rebuild your life

there is a sentence in the collected works of Mid-levels:

"it is better to read a favorite book ten times than to read a hundred books;

if you read a book ten times, you might as well reflect on your life experience.

it is better to read yourself than to read others. "

people who live clearly tend to know themselves through experience and become themselves in reflection.

Lin Qingxuan won many literary awards before the age of 32 and became editor-in-chief of the China Times.

he is also gradually busy, becoming unrestrained and unruly.

but only after spelling Jiugulong did he give the manuscript, which coincided with Lin Qingxuan's love of drinking, so the two often compared the amount of wine, and even poured Shaoxing old wine into the washbasin to compete with each other.

however, the noisy days are always short.

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Lin Qingxuan's life has changed one after another: his wife ran away from home, and his good friend Gulong also died of liver cirrhosis.

he is discouraged and intends to re-examine himself and reflect on his life.

he resolutely quit his job, went up to the mountain to practice, kept company with himself, and returned to earth nearly three years later.

he said that after self-examination during this period of time, his heart has become more calm and full, and he has become more comfortable in the face of changes in the world.

when it comes to drinking, he also changed his usual habit of binge drinking and thought that "drinking" is the best way to drink.

Socrates once said: "an unexamined life is not worth living."

Smart people will see their own shortcomings, stupid people will only see their own strengths.

self: better than yourself in the past, you can only look forward to the future

read a sentence in a book: "see the direction clearly in self-examination and move forward bravely in the midst of uncertainty."

dare to break through your own ceiling in order to complete the gorgeous transformation.

when I stayed at home last year, I watched a documentary called "the way the Chinese live".

there is a protagonist named Kong Longzhen, a truck driver who loves painting.

he loved to draw when he was a child, but the school did not offer art classes, so that parents thought that what the school did not teach was evil.

during the rebellious period, coupled with poor studies, he dropped out of school at the age of 15 and drove taxis, buses and trucks.

at the moment of life and death in a car accident, he just realized:

"if I don't use painting to realize my value in life, I really can't find the faith to support my struggle."

after the robbery, he put the drawing board and brush directly in the cab and seized every opportunity to draw while waiting for goods and driving.

in the morning of inspiration, he even cancels his plan to get out of the car and immerses himself in creation.

sometimes he laughs at the question of "what can a truck driver who didn't graduate from junior high school draw?"

he doesn't know what it will look like, but he just wants to stick to his beliefs.

until 2015, Kong Longzhen's works were taken to the Connor International Art Exhibition in Denmark.

it is worth mentioning that this is the fourth Chinese to be invited to the exhibition after Xu Beihong, Qi Baishi and Ye Qianyu.

it is said that the biggest obstacle in life is yourself. Once you cross it, it will be flat.

it's easy to stay where you are, but those who insist on breaking through themselves will see more scenery.

the real growth is constantly superior to who you used to be.

in the movie Transcendence, Hao Yue said this sentence:

"do you know the most wonderful thing about 100 meters? After the gunshot, there is only you and the end of the world. "

to please yourself: to please yourself is the highest level of self-discipline

famous actor Yu Feihong once said:

"an independent and confident person will never pin himself on others." Life is my own, so there is no need to rely on others for satisfaction. "

once you live in the evaluation of others, it is the beginning of losing yourself.

only by caring about your feelings can you live your own track.

as we all know, Mary is not a traditional aesthetic beauty.

she had anxiety for fear that others would mind the spots on her face and not enough slender figure.

and even later, she tries to be what others want her to be, living exactly what others want her to be.

even with the "Charlotte annoyance" fire, she did not get rid of this mentality.

at a film and television interview, some fans pointed out: "you are too fat and should lose weight."

when Mary heard this, she really lost weight to S size and her weight dropped to double digits.

but everyone had already acquiesced that she was a "strong girl", so when she released the real picture, there were two kinds of voices.

one voice complained that her "P map was too much", while the other reminded her, "Don't be too beautiful. If you are too beautiful, you won't be funny."

she finally found that it is difficult to call a thousand people, and it is difficult to adjust the population.

since it is impossible to satisfy everyone, it is better to be happy yourself.

"I used to live for others, but starting this year, I decided to live for myself."

she also filmed "Men's costume" to show her charm and get rid of the comedian's label of being ugly and funny.

the world is your own and has nothing to do with others.

We don't need to care about the eye of the spectator, what we must learn is to appreciate ourselves.

think of Mr. Cai Lan's classic philosophy of life:

"compared with the whole universe, we only want to be happier in just a few decades. I have known this truth since I was very young and have been pursuing happiness."

everyone's life is short, and the person who should please him most is himself.

if you take this course to please yourself, you can really accept yourself and have a stronger heart.

writer Feng Tang Zeng Luo Mo:

"dare to be yourself, dare to express yourself, dare to please yourself, in this chaotic world, can stand their own position, live their own pattern."

, live as you like and live your life as you want it to be.

that's enough.