Three keys to self-healing: accept, change, and leave
Three keys to self-healing: accept, change, and leave
Everything can be put down and let go, everything is the best arrangement.


nine times out of ten, there are unpleasant things in life.

many people say that they are unhappy. In the final analysis, they want too much and do not like too many things.

with an optimistic attitude towards the world, even ordinary days will bloom.

is like a sentence in Shawshank's Redemption:

"if the heart is a cage, everywhere is a cage, freedom is not outside, but in the heart."

there are three keys to life: accept, change and leave.

if you learn these three points, you will be much happier.

first key: accept

there is such a short story.

one day, a psychology teacher took out a beautiful coffee cup when he was giving class to his students.

when the students were praising the cup, the teacher deliberately missed it and broke it.

looking at the debris on the ground, the students kept regretting.

but the teacher smiled, pointed to the fragments of the coffee cup and said:

"you must feel sorry for this cup, but even regret can't restore the coffee cup to its original shape.

if something irreparable happens in your life in the future, please remember this broken coffee cup. "

in life, we often encounter some regrets.

but no matter how unwilling and reluctant you are, you can't make up for it or change it.

now that it is done, there is no need to stick to formality and stalemate.

Thomas Carlisle, a famous philosopher, finally finished his first book at the age of 40, and he couldn't wait to show it to his good friend Muller.

Muller dared not live up to the great trust of his friends. he put off all his affairs, locked himself in his study, and spent four days reading the whole book carefully and completely.

when he finished reading the last page, he could not restrain his excitement. He put the manuscript on the chair, walked out of the study and went to the flower bed to think about how to use his influence to make this great work attract the attention of the outside world as soon as possible.

when Muller left the study, a gust of wind blew the manuscripts on the chair all over the floor. When the maid who came to deliver dessert saw it, she thought it was the waste paper discarded by the owner, so she picked them up and threw them into the stove.

when Muller came to Carlisle's house and told Carlisle the unspeakable bad news, Carlisle was stunned. For a long time, both of them were silent.

finally, Carlisle, who woke up from the shock, said to his guilty friend:

"well, my friend, you don't have to suffer so much. I decided to rewrite the book from now on. "

once read such a paragraph:

in fact, there are always too many things that are not perfect in this world.

since it has happened, since it is difficult to change, learn to face and accept it calmly.

if you force it, it will be difficult for yourself in the end.

if you struggle, you will end up hurting yourself.

second key: change

Sanmao once wrote a sentence:

"complaining once in a while may be a catharsis of some kind of emotion.

but he is not smart to complain habitually without seeking change. "

We often hear these complaints in our lives: hard work, hard life, hard money.

but in fact, there is no easy word in the adult world.

everyone has their own pressure and burden. Instead of complaining and consuming meaninglessly, it is better to learn to deal with and change positively.

the writer Cai Lan once mentioned one thing in his book.

once, when Cai Lan was drinking tea in a restaurant, he saw a clown at the entrance and exit.

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the clown is dressed up by a young man. He takes a pump in his hand, injects the colored rubber balls into half the air, then folds them into small balls, combines them into a Mickey Mouse, and gives them to the children.

Cai Lan was curious and went up to chat with the young man.

the young man was originally a messenger in an office building. because of the pressure of life, he wanted to learn more skills and earn some extra money.

Cai Lan asked him who taught you how to be a balloon doll.

the young man said that there was no one to teach. He bought a book in the bookstore and learned to read and read by looking at pictures.

is not high-tech. If you fail to learn, you can always learn.

Cai Lan asked about his income again.

he said that office buildings earn more than 4000 yuan a month, while part-time jobs earn more than 5000 yuan, which adds up to about 10,000 yuan a month.

"how did the restaurant know you could do this, and how could they invite you?"

Young people explain that every family goes to show them, and every family goes to ask, one or two can always be found.

also in the face of the pressure of life, some people choose to complain passively, others choose to change positively.

there is a good saying: "people are forced out, and their abilities are made out."

if you just complain and don't change when you encounter problems, there will be no improvement.

only if you endure more hardships, suffer more, and have more abilities, can you have more choices and leeway.

there is no so-called dead end in life.

butIt is you who do not try your best to think that there is no way ahead.

when you try your best, you will find a way out.

third key: put it down

A young man went to the mountain to consult the Zen master and said, "I can't let go of some people, nor can I let go of some things."

the Zen master said, "there is nothing in the world that cannot be put down."

the young man said, "but I can't let it go."

so the Zen master handed him a teacup and poured hot water into it. The water overflowed, and the young man was scalded and loosened immediately.

the Zen master said: "there is nothing in the world that cannot be put down. When it hurts, it will naturally be put down."

in life, we always have too much persistence.

sometimes, the more persistent you are, the more likely you are to get deeper and deeper. The more you fight, the easier it is to get yourself into a quagmire.

as long as you let go, everything will become lighter.

as long as you relax, everything will become light.

Pan Shiyi, a famous entrepreneur, once wrote an article.

he mentioned that when he was a child, a distant uncle was a school teacher, but his children did not do well in school, but Pan Shiyi always scored 100, which made the uncle feel very humiliated.

once, when I took part in an activity, the distant uncle, out of jealousy, picked him up and stood on the podium in front of more than 100 students in the school.

at that time, many naughty classmates spit on him, and some students were laughing at him. Several teachers begged their uncle to let him down, but his uncle wouldn't let him down.

he held a grudge against this uncle for 34 years. Although this uncle passed away for many years, Pan Shiyi felt very unhappy every time he thought of him.

he originally thought that he would hold a grudge against his uncle, but he didn't expect that in the end, the one he wouldn't let go was himself.

perhaps, in everyone's life, there will be some things that you can't let go, can't let go, or even can't stop.

but the more you worry about it, the more you will be heartbroken. The more you remember, the more painful it will be.

when we let go of our grievances against others, we can open and untie our hearts.

only when we learn to let go of our grudges against others can we alleviate and eliminate the torture we have inflicted on ourselves.

in fact, everyone has his own pain, injury and pain in his or her life.

as a saying goes, "things change with the heart, circumstances are created by the heart, and troubles are created by the heart."

when you accept what you must accept, there is no mountain that cannot be climbed.

when you change what can be changed, there is no barrier that you can't pass.

when you put down what should be put down, there is no knot that cannot be untied.

for the rest of your life, may you believe:

everything can be put down and let go, everything is the most

good arrangement.

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