Three keys for adults to heal themselves: self-knowledge, self-consistency, and self-discipline
Three keys for adults to heal themselves: self-knowledge, self-consistency, and self-discipline
There is no one in the world without a wound, only a heart that is constantly healing.

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some people say that there is no one in the world without a wound, only a heart that is constantly healing.

in fact, living is like a spiritual practice. from being unfamiliar with the world to going through the vicissitudes of life, everyone has to go through such a journey.

and one day, we will understand that running with a wound is the normal state of life. What we need to do is to learn to grow up while getting hurt.

there are no incurable wounds. Find these three keys and you will be your best therapist.

the first key is self-knowledge

the so-called self-knowledge is the ability to know yourself and know yourself.

when many people encounter pain, they often have the feeling that they are unfortunate and have been treated unfairly by fate.

but the truth is, everything doesn't happen for no reason, it will happen to you, there must be a reason.

who you are, your cognitive level, your emotional handling style, and your coping strategies in case of trouble, all kinds of factors will determine the direction of things.

as the saying goes, people are self-aware.

with this self-knowledge, you will not think highly of yourself or belittle yourself easily; you will know your strengths and weaknesses; you will have the courage to pursue your goals and the courage to bear the consequences.

you are who you are. Even if you fail and get hurt, you are still you, and your value will not change.

this is not only the responsibility of adults to themselves, but also the premise of self-reconciliation.

keep "self-knowledge". To be more specific, you know how to accept that there is cause and effect in everything.

your life is tailored by you. Everything you encounter comes because of you.

when you see your cause, you can naturally be relieved of the result.

the second key is self-consistent

people have the habit of trying to convince others, but they don't realize that this is the root of a lot of pain, because it often ends up frustrating.

if you can use your time and energy to convince yourself from a different point of view, I believe you will have different feelings.

there is a concept in psychology called "reconstructing cognition", which refers to learning to open a new perspective and a new mode of interpretation of the world for yourself on the basis of inherent cognition.

if we understand that in addition to the current cognitive model, there can be another framework of interpretation, we will not fall into some kind of obsession, but can reconstruct different views on the same thing to break the obsession. Until we find a new way to solve the problem.

there is a saying that goes well: "Life is constantly persuading yourself, and then spending time with yourself."

if you explain yourself, there won't be so much entanglement and pain.

nothing can keep you where you are as long as you want to.

the third key is self-discipline

to heal the pain means not only accepting and reflecting on the problem, but also knowing how to change. Moreover, this is also the most important step.

the reason is that only by making yourself better can we not repeat the mistakes of the past, meet better people and live a higher level of life.

of course, all changes have to be implemented in concrete actions. And self-discipline is the only way to achieve change.

self-discipline is essentially self-regulation and control.

with this power of self-salvation, it can drag you straight forward, away from negative energy, and take action to resolve the pain.

in fact, it's hard for people who are suffering to make major changes, but that doesn't stop us from trying small changes.

for example, stick to reading for an hour before going to bed every night, practice an exercise every day, or even just cook a good meal for yourself every day.

never underestimate these small changes. Once the action begins, you have started a new pattern of behavior, as long as you can stick to it for a period of time, the accumulation brought about by self-discipline will eventually usher in a magnificent transformation.

likes Camus's famous saying:

"I don't expect life to go smoothly, but I hope I can be its opponent when I encounter difficulties in life."

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nine times out of ten things happen unsatisfactorily in a person's life.

but what we need to know is that the crisis is also a turning point, and whether you can turn the corner or not depends on your attitude towards the trough.

only by self-discipline can you save yourself. At any time, a positive attitude and self-discipline and efficient action are the best antidotes to cure yourself.

although fate is always unpredictable, if all kinds of joys and sorrows can be regarded as part of life experience, it willIt is found that pain and suffering have their own meaning.

in this world, no one knows yourself better than you, and the only one who can really cure yourself is yourself.

set your mind at ease.

May you always remember these three keys: self-knowledge, self-consistency, and self-discipline.

in this way, we can live bravely and firmly, and be true and fearless in the stormy life.