Third-class husband and wife sleep in separate beds, second-class husband and wife sleep in separate rooms, first-class husband and wife.
Third-class husband and wife sleep in separate beds, second-class husband and wife sleep in separate rooms, first-class husband and wife.
The bedroom is small and there is only room for two people.

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there is a saying: a good life comes out, and a good marriage comes out of sleep.

the words are not rough.

in order to make a living, many couples seldom communicate with each other during the day, and it is a rare time for couples to spend time together before going to bed at night.

it is easier to fall in love than to get along with each other. How husband and wife get along before going to bed reflects the different levels of marriage.

whether marriage is good or not depends on an hour before going to bed.

third-class husband and wife sleep in separate beds: have nothing to say

it is the best time for husband and wife to talk to each other before going to bed.

there is no one in the middle of the night, chatting about things at home, talking about their worries, and whispering to warm the heart.

and the bedtime pattern of many couples is as follows:

you started browsing TV series, he browsed Douyin, no communication, no communication, such as two people living together.

something to say, nothing to talk to, nothing to care about, no topic.

netizens joked: good husband and wife during the day and good neighbor at night.

A partner who has nothing to say is the most poisonous partner in marriage.

A psychologist once spent 40 years tracking more than 700 couples and concluded:

80% of divorced men and women believe that the breakup of their marriage is due to lack of communication, estrangement and lack of love and appreciation from their partners.

very often, a marriage comes to an end, not because of great hardships, nor because of major right and wrong, but because there is nothing to say.

when happiness is not shared, sadness is unsolved, and two people talk and laugh, there is only one person's loneliness and silence.

without love, home is a house made of steel and cement, and the marriage has come to an end.

second-class couples sleep in separate rooms: unwilling to give way

my good friend Xiaomei always describes that she and her husband are in a long-distance relationship. Her husband travels frequently, works overtime frequently, and the two get together less and leave more.

whenever there is friction between two people, it is difficult to ease up across the phone, and it is easy to fall into the Cold War.

so she often appears: her husband is sent to the guest room to sleep by Xiaomei after a business trip, and her husband goes on a business trip again before he has time to communicate.

until one day, her husband said he didn't want to go on like this. He was too tired and might as well break up.

Xiaomei cried at this point. It turned out that they had been in the cold war for more than two months, and no one was willing to compromise. Xiaomei also wanted to make up, but always felt that once she backed down, she would lose.

Old people often say: husband and wife have a hundred days of kindness, quarrel at the head of the bed and peace at the end of the bed.

Don't sleep in separate rooms no matter how loud the quarrel is or how deep the contradiction is. There is temperature on the bed, people also have affection, there is nothing to say.

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two people live a life, can withstand the wind and rain, but can not stand gradually estranged.

if you refuse to back down, no one will yield to each other. Day after day, month after month, living on anger,

then there will be less love, more resentment, and no matter how good the relationship is, it will disintegrate step by step.

A top marriage is about living with problems and living through negotiation.

first-class couples should be bosom friends: there is a connection between hearts

there is a question on Zhihu: what is the best relationship you have ever seen?

one netizen's sharing got high praise and replied:

they have been in love for 3 years and married for 7 years, but they still keep this habit:

every day after coming home from work to eat and before going to bed, I have a steady and pleasant chat for about an hour, lying in bed with my legs crossed and looking at the ceiling to chat.

A high-level partner not only takes care of your warm and cold daily life, but also becomes your soul confidant.

the ancients described that the wings of the uncolored Phoenix on the body could not fly together, but they were as emotionally connected as the soul.

those partners who are connected to each other are trained by saying everything and communicating frankly.

Wu Zun, in an interview, was asked, "in the colorful entertainment industry, how to reassure his wife?"

he replied that every time he filmed a movie, he would take the initiative to share with his wife what happened that day, so as not to let her fantasize or worry.

Wu Zun said frankly that he would say "I love you" to his wife before going to bed every night. He wanted to tell his wife that she was very important to him.

Wu Zun and his wife often coincide with each other in terms of parenting and family, and this tacit understanding benefits from the open-heart communication between them.

Liao Yimei once said: "in one's life, it is not unusual to meet love and sex, but to meet and understand."

when one heart meets another, it is romantic to talk about everyday things and talk about "nonsense" on the mandarin duck pillow.

with you here, there is no fear of a long time.

the bedroom is small and there is only room for two people.

but this is the bedroom, but it is a ship bound for the rest of my life.

sometimes the wind goes well, sometimes the wind and torrential rain, the test is not only the layout of the bedroom, but also the control of kung fu.

husband and wife are at the helm together and jointly manage the balance of yin and yang in this bedroom, so that they can keep the sails of marriage.

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