Thick-skinned is the greatest talent.
Thick-skinned is the greatest talent.
Please let go of the so-called face.

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in the adult world, there is a need for "shameless" bravery.

people often regret it and often know it earlier. As a reflection after losing the opportunity.

We know very well that loss and regret are only burdened by the most useless but unable to put down face, but we still feel from the bottom of our heart that "face is greater than heaven", grievances can be borne, suffering can be eaten, only face can not be lost.

halfway through life, after all, we slowly begin to understand that as long as the result is good enough, it doesn't matter that the process of hard work is messy.

after all, you can't save face to ask for the opportunity, there is always someone who can risk it.

compared with the embarrassment of being "out in the open" for a moment, regret is the most unbearable thing to miss.

therefore, do not look down on a "thick-skinned" person, thick-skinned enough, the road will be wider and wider.

save face and suffer alive

face is worthless in front of happiness.

in real life, there are always some people who feel that if you have face, you will have everything, and only with face will you have confidence in holding your head high.

but as the saying goes, "save face and suffer!"

A person who cares too much about face will often miss a lot of scenery of life and even lose his life because of "face".

freezing Point Weekly once reported an accident in which a student in a famous school drank to death.

freshman Wang Yaodong went to the bar with his classmates. The rule here is that if you can drink six 300ml cocktails within three minutes, then the consumption of less than 500 yuan can be waived.

he drank five glasses of wine in the middle of the stage amid the high-five encouragement of his classmates and the sound of "cheering" around him.

then he walked down the steps, retched a few times, and waved his hand to show "that's it."

but the cheers around became louder, and many people turned on their mobile phones to film the "glorious moment" that witnessed the miracle.

then he drank the sixth cup.

however, when he thought victory was in hand, his body began to lose control, his feet shook inexplicably, then his head tilted, fell heavily, and never woke up.

face is skin, dignity is bone.

in life, many people equate face with dignity and feel that losing face means losing dignity.

but the truth is that in order to be recognized and envied by others, those who exaggerate their lives that are obviously not worth mentioning and put too much burden on their thin shoulders are never dignity.

therefore, those who live a very tired life are not living for their own dignity, but because they are unable to let go of their own face and vanity.

Let go of face to get more

the process of losing face may be awkward, but the gain after losing face is quite abundant.

in the final analysis, people's life is three things: know how to choose, know how to persist, know how to cherish.

"pie falling from the sky" can only be a dream, only strong can never lose face.

so, when you lose face and try to fulfill yourself, you give yourself the best decency.

before 2003, Deyun Society was popular. The theater business was slow, it could not afford the rent, and Guo Degang had to look around for a job because he could not afford to make ends meet every day.

it happened that Anhui Satellite TV was looking for a host for a variety show, so Guo Degang ran to apply for the job.

group wanted to test his endurance, so they set up a glass window on the busy road where he could live for 48 hours, and had to perform with the audience during the period.

the audience treated Guo Degang like a monkey, making him fight, making him roar and knitting sweaters.

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Guo Degang was miserable, but he had to put on a smile.

"I was so close to falling apart."

after gritting his teeth for 48 hours, Guo Degang finally became a host, hosting a program, and Anhui Satellite TV gave 4000 yuan.

Yan Jiehe, former president of Pacific Group, said:

"what is face? We who do great things are never shameless. We can tear our skin off and throw it on the ground, kick a few feet, and walk away with disdain. "

in real life, people are restricted by face, many things they want to do but do not dare to do, and many things they do not want to do but are forced to do, are busy every day, but still accomplish nothing.

they live very honestly, regardless of the opinions of others, they can let go of their fetters and move forward wholeheartedly towards their own goals and get the results they want.

therefore, a person's maturity and moving towards the right track does not depend on how big the cowhide blows and how much face he gives himself, but from the fact that you "lose" face.

to be a man, you have to be thick-skinned

face is a fig leaf for the incompetent. People who can really do great things never care about face.

I have heard a saying before:

"you are embarrassed about this and that, so how can you live? When you are ashamed of the world, your growth will grow with each passing day. "

Life is about being thick-skinned enough to let go, afford to play, let go, and be able to show your hands, when you really become like this.People, then let the east, west, north and south wind, have nothing to fear.

so, the difference between you and success is that you have the cheek to take a step, which can sometimes change your life.

everyone wants to be positive and promising, and the best way to achieve this goal is to ignore the opinions of others, act brazenly and be cheeky.

because there is no real right or wrong in the adult world, there are only personal standards. If you regard other people's line of sight as the criterion of being a human being, you will eventually become dissimilar.

but if we only correct our shortcomings according to the suggestions of others, but do not deny our beliefs because of other people's confusion and conformity, then you will certainly seize more opportunities.

so, when you have the cheek to take the initiative to fight for opportunities for yourself at the right time, you will be closer to success.

most of the time, "thick skin" is our means of survival.

Guevara said:

"when you know that face is the least important thing, you really grow up.


Yes, when you understand that face is nothing more than a person's outer packaging, when you have a strong heart that you can afford and put down, you will create and seize a lot of opportunities.

after all, people who are too shameless, because fear lags behind, because they yearn for success, because these vanities are farther and farther away from the success they desire.

and those who are thick-skinned have the courage to let go of their face and enrich their abilities. Although they have endured a moment of ridicule, they have become winners in life.

so, please let go of the so-called face.

the appearance of "face" in vain will only make you tired, but when you enrich your heart, you will live a real, happy, and more confident life.

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