These two words will always hurt people the most.
These two words will always hurt people the most.
What is hidden in your mouth is your blessings and feng shui.

in the words, there is the truest character of a person.

in this world, there are many ways to hurt a person, but there is only one way to hurt someone invisibly, leaving a wound that is difficult to heal.

this is the way we use words every day.

as the old saying goes, "words with good people are as warm as cloth; words with bad people are as painful as a knife."

those who do not use well will hurt others and hurt themselves, and they will put themselves in a dilemma without knowing it; those who use them well will easily gain the respect and love of others.

the degree to which you are comfortable determines the height you can reach, and what is hidden in your mouth is your blessing and fengshui.

words hurt people, leaving wounds that will never heal

everyone has a mouth, but how to speak is a sign of self-cultivation.

as the saying goes, "good words are warm in three winters, but evil words hurt people in June."

the injury of words is more serious than that of knives and axes. The wounds left on the body are forgotten when they are scarred; the wounds left in the heart ache every time I think of them.

the news that the 20-hour recording of the head teacher insulting the students was exposed some time ago was on the hot search list.

it turns out that this girl was abused by the teacher for a long time because of her poor academic performance, from morning reading to self-study in the evening.

in vain to ask for help, the little girl had to secretly record the voice of the teacher scolding her as evidence.

in less than a month, she recorded more than 100 voices, often more than 20 hours.

although, the teacher involved apologized to the students and their families afterwards.

but everything the teacher said was like a knife stuck in the girl's body.

the power of language is great. It can be a warm fire or a knife.

if you can't say something well, it seems to have become a common problem of modern people, spreading in every corner of life.

in life, harsh words have become one of the most annoying behaviors. Words without choice and without gentleness hurt the people around you all the time.

those who hurt others with bad words will hurt themselves, maybe some people will not care, but more people will hate because of it.

language is one of the channels for many people to vent, but only by accumulating virtue, not saying hurtful words, thinking for others, and knowing well, can we go further and more smoothly.

more or less, because a sentence has come to an end

telling the truth is important, but self-restraint is more important.

Hemingway said, "it took us two years to learn to speak, but it took us sixty years to learn to shut up."

everyone has a mouth. When we were young, we learned to speak, but when we grow up, we have to understand what we can say and what will hurt people.

after all, "the speaker is careless, the listener is intentional", and the breakdown of every relationship is caused by the wording of the speech.

once he went to the supermarket with his wife and father. His father took a fancy to a bottle of good wine. As a result, his wife said, "is it too long to drink with high blood pressure?"

in fact, his wife also means well, but her way of speaking is really difficult to accept.

Mother's face changed in front of the waiter.

the man also tried to communicate with his wife and children, but his wife said angrily, "didn't you know I was like this before I got married?" Besides, I'm telling the truth! "

although the wife meant no harm in saying these words, she "offended" her mother-in-law regardless of the occasion, which eventually led to a divorce.

most of the time, we do hurtful actions under the banner of "love", often without knowing it.

the famous psychologist Marshall Luxembourg said in "non-violent Communication":

"maybe we don't think that the way we talk is violent, but language does often cause pain for ourselves and others."

the breakdown of a relationship often starts with a bad conversation, while a bad conversation often comes from four words and is arbitrary.

in real life, many people always speak bluntly. They think they are frank and informal, but they often make it impossible for people to come down.

everyone likes honest people, but they don't want to hear words that are too straightforward. The key to this lies in a degree.

grasp a good degree, stand in the other party's position to think, pay attention to your own words, then what you say will naturally make people feel better.

talking well is a rare accomplishment for a person

speaking is instinctive, but speaking well is a good upbringing.

Zhu Ziqing wrote in "speaking": "speaking is not an easy task.

if you talk every day, you don't necessarily know how to speak; many people talk all their lives and don't say a few words well. "

after you come into contact with more and more people, you will find that being able to talk does not mean that you can talk. Sometimes it is best if you don't talk too much.

controlOne's own mouth, know how to measure, know to leave room for others, understand that other people's embarrassment will stop in time, is the key to good speech.

if you want to judge the person with the highest EQ in the entertainment industry, he must be on the list.

in an issue of "Please the refrigerator," Zhang Xiyi talked about such a thing when she talked about her past marriage history.

Zhang Xianyi used to feel inferior because of divorce, because her father thought she was divorced, so stop being so picky.

then teacher he said, "in fact, what your father means is that he doesn't want you to miss the happiness that should belong to you."

this sentence not only cleverly transforms Zhang Xianyi's father's original prejudice against divorced women, but also dissolves the misunderstandings that Zhang Xianyi may face later.

to keep your mouth shut is a person's highest EQ.

the most basic thing for a mature person is to be able to speak well, not to hurt others, not to hurt others, to be honest with himself and others.

those who are outspoken and have no scruples about attacking and hurting others with words may not be a bad person, but they must be weak.

therefore, in this limited life, talking well with family, relatives, friends and strangers is the most important upbringing we should embody.

speaking is not only a branch of learning, but also a lifelong practice.

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many people have said that it is never easy to speak well, which is not only a test of IQ, but also a test of EQ.

that's true, but a real talker is never slick and sophisticated.

Cai Kangyong said, "I don't care about the art of speaking, but I care about the way of speaking." The way I speak is to take you to heart. "

wooden silence is not terrible, what is terrible is what you say, every word stings in the heart;

indifference is not terrible, what is terrible is hypocritical enthusiasm;

it is not sophisticated enough and it is not terrible. The terrible thing is that you will no longer be sincere to others.

May we all talk well and send out a kindness with a kind heart.