These three kinds of people seem silly, but in fact they are the luckiest.
These three kinds of people seem silly, but in fact they are the luckiest.
Only by being confused in small things and wise in big things can you win life.

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according to social psychology, people all have the instinct to seek advantages and avoid disadvantages.

indeed, in dealing with others, we are always afraid of losing money, and we tend to make choices that are beneficial to us in dealing with things.

as a result, sometimes cleverness is mistaken by intelligence, which makes people laugh.

in the end, it is those who look silly and confused who get good luck and have a better life.

is it really because of good luck?

I don't think so. Everything that happens is inevitable.

in particular, these three kinds of people look stupid, but in fact they are the most blessed.

A kind person

looks like a loss, but in fact it is the smartest

in the era of pursuit of interests, many people try their best to covet small profits and take advantage of them.

but there is a kind of people who seem to be at odds with their surroundings.

they are kind and kind-hearted and smile every time they suffer losses, so they are often called fools.

do not realize that this is the real sense of advanced intelligence.

Lao Gao, this is such a person.

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Lao Gao's family is by the sea. He has been dealing with the sea all his life, and he is very good at cooking seafood, so he opened his own restaurant.

because of the good reputation, the business is not bad, and the small life of the family is still passable.

as business plummeted, everyone advised Lao Gao to lower the price, but he just waved his hand.

laymen don't know, but Lao Gao knows that to be able to keep the price so low is nothing more than secretly replacing frozen seafood for similar seafood after the guest has ordered.

how can Lao Gao do this practice of deceiving customers and slaughtering customers? he would rather make less money and suffer some losses.

did not expect that suddenly one day, a truckload of people in the street directly shut down the shop next door.

neighbors are talking about it one after another. It turns out that from a long time ago, the department of industry and commerce received reports from tourists about the store and began an undercover investigation.

after this incident, the reputation of Lao Gao's restaurant has spread further and further, and the better the business, the better.

as the saying goes, "if you are clumsy, the way of dealing with others is not as good as kindness."

there is nothing wrong with people who have desires, but those who show off tricks to achieve their ends will one day ruin their lives.

on the contrary, kind people seem clumsy, always think of others, not only gain good popularity for themselves, but also always take the road of life smoothly and steadily.

being extremely smart is actually kind.

A kind man suffers a loss for a while, but he gets rich all his life.

confused people

seems stupid, but in fact it is the most sober

mention of "muddle-headed", many people disdain, think that this is a synonym for stupidity.

but in fact, some confused people seem silly on the surface, but in fact they are clear inside.

they just don't want to care too much and know how to give themselves a way back.

Sheng Minglan in "do you know" is a smart man who is good at playing dumb.

when Minglan was young, she saw her mother being framed, and before her death, her mother told her that she was "the oldest alive."

so in front of the two sisters, Minglan deliberately behaved clumsily and never stole the limelight from them, and the two sisters never regarded her as an opponent, so Minglan grew up safely.

the brush that the little father-in-law gave herself, pretending she didn't understand it, changed hands and gave it to her two sisters, avoiding a lot of trouble.

in the face of complex family relationships, she has always pretended to be confused and soberly look at her surroundings, so she can be both offensive and defensive when things happen.

when she first took over the housekeeper, the lady and Lin Xiaoniang sent her maid to monitor her. Ming Lan knew it but had been pretending to be stupid, and then took advantage of the wife's hand to clean it up.

finally succeeded in taking over the power of the housekeeper, not only to find out the truth of his mother's death, but also to reap a happy ending for himself.

A person is too ostentatious and sharp, sometimes hurting others, making himself a target of public criticism, and being feared and feared by villains.

therefore, those who are confused with smiles are the really smart people.

they all know how to protect themselves, be confused at the right time, keep a low profile, and then win at the end.

and those who play dumb are actually more capable.

there are many smart people in this world, but it takes more wisdom to play dumb.

as Shakespeare described it:

"pretending to be stupid depends on talent. We should not only have an insight into human nature and understand their identity, but also have to see the timing. "

only by being confused in small things and wise in big things can you win life.

people who give in

looks weak, but actually goes farthest

in real life, there is a common kind of people:

when you argue with others, you have to argue between right and wrong, making the scene embarrassing for a moment, and no one can come down.

do not realize that the more ignorant people are, the less humble they are.

on the contrary, those who smile and bow their heads first are the really smart people..

Xiao An and Xiao B work as an intern in a company at the same time. Although they are in the same project team, their personalities are very different.

Xiao An is sharp and likes to show himself from time to time. By contrast, Xiao B is not so conspicuous and looks weak, even giving up the chance to compete for team leader in the end.

I thought Xiao A was going well, but a few years later, Xiao B was quickly promoted to manager.

at a party, colleagues asked her curiously, but Xiao B smiled and said, "there is no secret, just work hard."

it turned out that Xiao B did have the ability to compete for the position of team leader at that time, but she didn't think it was the best time.

she feels that she needs to stop and take a step back and listen more carefully to the experiences and stories of other successful people.

"Life can't keep moving forward, and sometimes it takes a step back and self-examination to confirm the direction in order to move forward better." Said Xiao B.

because of this, Xiao B has made rapid progress and gained a lot in the workplace.

and Xiao A? Because he is used to being strong, he is stubborn to the end and refuses to make concessions in the face of his partner, which leads to serious mistakes in his work.

the company lost so much that Xiao An almost couldn't keep his job.

it is said to take a step back, but for most people, the decision to take a step back is often more difficult than a step forward.

just like many people are afraid of going backwards, afraid that it will not be too late, they still rush forward knowing that there is danger ahead, and finally encounter a trap and can only break their heads and bleed.

but this is not a risk, but a rush.

if you had known how to step back at the right time, you could not only see the trap in front of you, but also pass it with a jump.

isn't life like this?

advance and retreat are the most difficult to grasp and the most test of a person's pattern.

those who know how to step back at the right time and precipitate themselves are the ones who go farthest in the end.

there is a good saying: "it is better to be a smart fool than to be a stupid wise man."

these three kinds of people seem silly, but in fact, all their actions, thoughts and thoughts affect themselves and the life around them invisibly.

it seems that luck and good fortune are all accidents, but in fact, there are signs to follow, and in exchange for a lifetime of blessings.

, may we all be such "fools" for the rest of our lives.