These 20 words have untied the hearts of countless people.
These 20 words have untied the hearts of countless people.
Losing money with a smile is not stupidity, but a higher intelligence.

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read a sentence with great emotion:

people do not live by mood, but by state of mind.

Today, I would like to share with you 20 sentences that make you suddenly enlightened. May you have a simple love and a happy life in this gentle world.


A person lives in this world to experience and enjoy, and to do things that have not been done before. If you have nothing, you will strive to pursue it; if you have, you will enjoy yourself; if you join, you will come; if you disagree, you will break up.

Life is an one-way journey, and every day in the past can't be repeated.

you have to love seriously and live seriously. Go to see the scenery you haven't seen before, boldly love the person you want to love, and do a few things that make you excited.


live a good life, those you miss don't have to meet, and those you like don't have to be together. Every kind of distance and regret has its meaning.

when you grow up, you will find that not all thoughts can be exchanged for meeting, not all love can be answered, and love can not be the norm in the world.

sometimes, the result is not so important, and for some people, just meeting is good enough.


you can either have money, love or a strong heart. Take up at least one item, so you won't live so hard.

someone asked Cai Lan on Weibo, what is the most indispensable thing in life? Cai Lan replied: money and courage.

money makes you feel at ease and live a wonderful life; love makes you soft and feel happy; courage makes you tough and unafraid of the difficulties and tests of the unknown.


you don't have to forget the past, but you must let it go.

people who turn around frequently cannot walk a long way. We come to this world in order to have a good life.

Don't dwell on the feelings of the past. Out-of-date food will be uncomfortable for the body, and people who are out of date will feel uncomfortable when they always read it.


what you can't do should be decided; those who have no chance in life should be given up; if you want to cling to something in your heart, you should leave.

all the eyes are memories, and all the thoughts of the heart are the past. Only by letting go of obsession can the heart return to peace.

this is a classic sentence in "break up": we need to break up, not only the objects, but also the obsession and mood that upset you.

subtract from life, learn to organize and give up in time, and find a simplicity and peace of mind.


any relationship comes to the end, but you get to know each other. If you fall in love voluntarily, you will have no regrets; if you do not fail to meet, you will not talk about debt.

pay with your heart and leave no regrets when you are together. If you can not participate in each other's future life, then when fate comes to an end, say goodbye happily.

it is no accident that no matter who you meet, he is the right person in your life. No matter who leaves you, he has a reason to disappear and go far away. Don't regret it.


Silence is the answer, dodging is the answer. Not taking the initiative is the answer. You should have known it.

if a person really likes you, he will definitely come to you because he misses you. It is not because you pay attention to him that he comes to you. Friendship or love is not a word of shyness.

if you don't get the same enthusiasm for your initiative, it only means that the person you care about doesn't care about you as much as you think.


the best way to protect yourself is to never overestimate your weight in the hearts of others and stop your losses in time.

your disappointment usually comes from high expectations. The most embarrassing thing in the world is to overestimate your place in the hearts of others.

you cherish me, I will double return, you do not care about me, let everything go back to zero. Treat any relationship, wish you have such a sober and free and easy.


when you are obsessed with the past, have you ever thought that the people who can easily slip out of your life may never really belong to you?

in this world, there are too many changes, temptations and tests, and there is really no need to force the fate between people.

those who don't care about you will turn around and disappear into your world, but those who regard you as important will not leave you easily.


Heart is very expensive, it is priceless if you give it to the right person, and it is worthless to give it to the wrong person. Like and kind, can be free but not cheap.

your love should be given to the person whose eyes are full of you; for your kindness, you have to know how to be grateful and equally kind-hearted.

you can be kind to a person regardless of return, but there can be no bottom line.


A very true sentence: you are not happy because you do not love yourself enough and often consume yourself for others.

We often injure ourselves in order to take care of and please others. But you know what? What we should care about most is not the feelings of others, but our own feelings.

Don't do what you don't like, refuse what you don't want to help. Life is only a few decades, the most important thing is to satisfy yourself, not to please others.


in this world, those who say you are good and bad can come from the same group of people. Adults, just pick up what is useful to you and listen.

has been misunderstood, we will be in a hurry to argue with others, will be sad, lost, or even discouraged. Later found that, do not care about those malicious comments and eyes, life will be much easier.

We can't control other people's mouths, but we can.Decide when to cover your ears.


people do not live by mood, but by state of mind.

when you feel tired and hard at work, it may be the time when you grow the fastest; when you are faced with a failure, you actually learn a lot from it.

when you think about it from a different point of view, things are really not that bad. The key to determining whether you are happy or not is your state of mind, not what you have experienced.


how others treat me is my cause and effect; how I treat others is my spiritual practice.

if you give your heart, you may not necessarily get the truth; if you give sincerity to others, you may not get the same trust.

sometimes you will feel disappointed in human nature. Although we can't ask others to do anything, we can at least be good at ourselves and stick to what we think is right.


people change. Remember this sentence, you can see a lot of problems.

Don't worry about those who are no longer the same.

people come and go, is the normal state of life, life will not be like the first time, and no one will stay where they are, many people and things, you can not force.


if everything goes well, it's not life. Forgive everything before going to bed and wake up without asking the past.

Today's things are done seriously, then go to bed happily, and let the unpleasant things go away with yesterday.


people are sad because they don't see far enough.

-- Lin Yutang

if some obsession is difficult for us to let go for a while, give ourselves some time.

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if you look back, the hurdles you thought you could not cross, the people you thought you would never forget, and the pain that made you sad, one day, they will also become mottled fragments in your memory and disappear in your forward life.


when people reach a certain age, they have to learn to hold their own umbrellas. No one will pick you up in spite of the heavy rain.

after growing up, those difficult, lonely moments, those grievances and hard work, we all choose to survive silently.

because some things can only be carried by one person, and some roads can only be carried by one person. Sometimes, you have to learn to be your own sun.


everything will be all right.

it seems like a simple sentence, but it is very cured.

We collapse in the middle of the night and heal during the day to comfort ourselves that everything will be all right. Because you know, these good and bad moods are all temporary.


as long as you don't get sick, just make money slowly. This is real life.

after listening to some parting from life and death and seeing a lot of helplessness and tears, you will know that living in good health is the most precious thing in life.

it doesn't matter if happiness comes slowly, it doesn't matter if you become rich later, as long as you are in good health, money can be earned slowly, and your dream can be realized slowly. Taking good care of your body is really more important than anything else.