There is only one person worth pleasing for the rest of your life.
There is only one person worth pleasing for the rest of your life.
Use the time to please others to enrich yourself.

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how on earth do people live this life in order to live up to it?

I like Mr. Tu Youyou's acceptance speech very much:

"never chase a horse, use the time it takes to recommend it."

the most important thing for a man to live is not to please others, but to enrich himself.

enjoy the beauty of life, constantly enrich the background of life, in order to live up to this trip.

enrich the brain

A writer once made an ingenious analogy:

"the human brain is like a warehouse, and all input from the outside world becomes the inventory in this warehouse."

for people who don't like learning and have no curiosity, this warehouse is empty.

people who have only one kind of goods in the warehouse can easily become brainwashed puppets. "

if a person doesn't eat for a long time, his health will soon break down.

knowledge and ideas are always the best care products in the world.

do you remember this picture that was brushed on the screen last year?

in Wuhan Fangdang Hospital, a young man lying in a hospital bed is quietly holding a book and reading selflessly.

the intrusion of illness did not disturb his rhythm, and the noise around him seemed to have nothing to do with him.

A comment on the Internet made me feel deeply:

"if a person can always be tranquil and happy in his own spiritual world, it must be because there is a bright lamp in his heart."

even though the outside world is dark and dark, the heart is always as luxuriant and bright as day.

A rich heart can never be separated from the irrigation of knowledge.

whether it's reading a book, watching a movie, or learning a language, it's the best way to recharge your brain.

the nutrients you keep inputting will be the greatest strength for you to walk in the world.

Rich knowledge

there is a question on Zhihu: "what is really seen in the world?"

the following answers make me feel deeply:

"understand the gap between people, and will not envy anyone."

"can be fastidious, can make do with it, can enjoy the best, and can bear the worst."

"if you see the sky a little bigger, you will let go of some of your original prejudices."

as Mr. Jiang Xun said:

"people have been in the same environment for too long and are so familiar that they are easy to become ossified and numb. The vitality will slowly disappear, so we need to go for a walk. "

people's life is actually a process of constantly seeing heaven and earth, sentient beings, and themselves.

getting out of our own square and enriching our knowledge is a necessary practice for us.

when you have seen the majesty of the mountains, the vastness of the desert, the romance of the Gobi, and experienced the immensity of heaven and earth, you will become humble.

when you have seen the customs and customs of different countries, you will find that there are countless kinds of life in this world, and there are countless choices in life.

you begin to stop sticking to the trivialities in front of you, learn to look far away, and learn to live in your own rhythm, who you don't envy, who you don't envy.

those who have seen the world, open up the pattern of your heart so that you can go far enough to live an interesting and diverse life and accept people with different personalities.

enrich your life

likes a sentence very much:

"A person's life can be made into firewood, rice, oil, salt, sauce, vinegar tea, piano, chess, calligraphy, painting, poetry, and hops. Your pursuit and choice are hidden in your temperament. "

living a life, it is inevitable that there will be times when it is boring and boring.

but those who pursue something in their hearts can always be invincible to time, to the secular world, and live a steaming life forever.

Lin Huiyin is such a person.

after the fall of Peiping, Lin Huiyin and his family began a life of vagrancy for nine years.

although the house she rents is shabby and shabby, she keeps the house spotless every day and takes great pains to make the room warm and comfortable.

go to the thrift store to pick up old furniture and books and turn the abandoned boards into small bookshelves.

he often picks a lot of wild flowers outside and inserts them in the clay jars at home.

No matter how difficult life is, you must comb your hair and match your clothes carefully every day.

there is a good saying:

"Life is sometimes charming and sometimes annoying. If you worship it ten thousand kinds of amorous feelings, it will spoil you steaming, subverting sentient beings.

if you live a boring life all day, it will knock you out with one punch and step on two feet. "

your temperament hides your attitude towards life.

with love and expectation, you can live a simple life.

A hot heart shines forever no matter how time destroys it.

enrich wallets

watching Yi Shu's "Golden years", I was deeply impressed by one of the plots.

Jiang Nansun, who always had no worries about food and clothing, never took money to heart.

her father objected to her dating a poor boyfriend, but she naively believed that she had enough to drink.

until the end of the family, her father hopelessly jumped off the building, and her boyfriend abandoned her.

urgeWhen the debt man blocked his door, Nan Sun finally felt the importance of money.

in order to pay off a huge debt, she gave up her former arrogance and endured intense work and harassment from her boss.

in the face of her friend's incomprehension, she only replied faintly:

"of course dreams are important to me, but now I have to make money first."

the young lady, who does not eat human life, has long known in the sharpening of life:

enriching your wallet is the basis for owning everything else.

is the ability that you don't have to compare goods to save money when you want to buy something.

is that no one can keep you comfortable when you are aggrieved in your work and relationship.

is the backing to keep your family from falling into a dilemma when your family is in turmoil.

as the line in "True Love" says:

"I don't like money, but I know that money can bring independence and freedom. What I like is an independent and free life."

your wallet contains not only money, but your choice of life.

enrich the soul

have read such a story.

one day a man asked a wise man why he was so poor.

the wise man said:

"because you haven't learned to give.


the man asked, "but I have nothing, what can I give to others?"

the wise man replied:

"A person can give seven things to others even if he has nothing.

Yan Shi, do things with a smile;

words and actions, words of praise and comfort;

give heart and be honest with others;

give a benevolent eye;

put it into practice, take actions to help others;

seat Shi, humble seat;

Fang Shi has the heart to tolerate others.


I have seen rural teachers who have suffered all their lives, who are seriously ill, but send thousands of students out of the mountains.

I have seen girls who pay rent and have little salary left and insist on donating free lunches to left-behind children online every month.

I have also seen old beggars in rags send an old umbrella to their helpless mother and daughter in the rain.

the true nobility of a person lies in the abundance of his soul.

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as Mr. Lin Qingxuan said:

"We always keep a kind, tolerant and clear mind, not to mention sending a bright moon to others, and it is possible to send many bright moons at the same time, because the bright moon is not a gift to each other, but a kind of reflection that can reflect each other's light."

the world is a huge echo wall.

A kind soul can always reap unexpected warmth while illuminating others.

those who treat this world gently will be warmly embraced by the world.

it is often said that life lasts a hundred years, such as morning dew.

No one can change the length of life, but we can enrich our way of life.

here, I would like to send you a message:

"there are countless beauties in life waiting to meet you. Don't live cheaply at the best age." You have to enrich, to feel, to dance, to make yourself a precious being. "

from today on, take the time to please others to enrich yourself.

the books you have read, the paths you have traveled, the people you have met, and the kindness you have given will eventually give back to yourself.

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