There is a ruler to speak, a degree to play, more than to do, and a virtue to speak.
There is a ruler to speak, a degree to play, more than to do, and a virtue to speak.
To take care of yourself is the best way to practice.

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judge a person not by his statement, but by his actions.

not by what he claims to be, but by what he does and who he really is.

A person's words and deeds reflect his upbringing and quality.

speak with a ruler

as the ancients said, "good words are warm in three winters."

language expression is also an art.

everyone has their own self-esteem and pride, do not use their own personality to challenge the temper of others.

the highest accomplishment of a person is to learn to respect and make others comfortable.

"good relationship" does not mean "you can say anything";

"angry" does not mean "can't take a joke";

"I didn't mean to" doesn't mean "you're right";

"I have no malice" does not mean "no harm".

when speaking, be considerate of others and put yourself in one's shoes.

sometimes, an understated accusation may become the last straw to crush the mood, and a seemingly joking comment may be a gently pushed domino.

Don't judge what you see if you don't understand what others are going through.

speaking appropriately is a person's advanced self-cultivation, a sign of maturity, a reflection of the yardstick of being a man, and a reflection of the level of one's life.

always grasp the discretion of speaking, pay attention to the occasion, identity, and the person you are talking to, so that the words can be spoken with the most scale.

everyone has difficulties, and every appearance has its roots.

less sharp and more leeway between words is not only kindness to others, but also respect for yourself.

laugh to a certain extent

joking is a very common thing in daily life, but the purpose of joking is to regulate the atmosphere.

if you don't know the yardstick of jokes, words will hurt others intentionally or unintentionally.

Marshall Luxembourg said:

"maybe we don't think that the way we talk is violent, but language does often cause pain for ourselves and others."

A person's sense of proportion to a joke can often be seen in his character.

Don't joke about other people's flaws, don't joke about other people's privacy, let alone their lives.

Real humor is not grandstanding with jokes, but pleasing the atmosphere with the right words at the right time and place.

know how to respect each other in order to make the joke feel just right, such as a spring breeze.

only if the other party thinks it's funny, it's a joke; if the other party thinks it's not funny or even angry, that's bad manners.

do more than you can do

as the saying goes, "leave a line in everything so that we can meet again in the future."

A person's life has ups and downs, inevitably complacency and troughs.

be kind to others when you are happy and to yourself when you are down.

many things are unpredictable, thirty years east, thirty years west. No matter when and where, don't talk too much, don't do things too much.

Today you leave no leeway, drop your tongue, and meet each other with twists and turns in the coming days, which will only add embarrassment and harm. When the water is clear, there is no fish, and when people come to observe, there is no apprentice.

leave leeway for others, but also leave a way out for yourself.

speak morally

as the ancients said, "it is easy to cut the body with a sharp blade, but it is hard to get rid of evil words."

it's best to take a look at your brain before you speak, and don't just try to speak quickly without taking into account the feelings of others.

if you say it, it is like spilled water. Don't imagine that saying "Don't take it personally" will make others think you haven't said anything.

in fact, no matter how much you remind the other person, "Don't take it to heart", others will still feel that you have revealed the truest thoughts in your heart.

there is an old saying, "illness comes from the mouth, and evil comes out from the mouth."

the sense of size of speech is very important. More words are not as good as few words, and less words are not as good as words.

being kind to others is as warm as cloth;

hurtful words hurt like a knife.

what can expose a person's heart most is language, what hurts the most is language, and it is language that is most deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

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keep virtue under the mouth, master square inch, can show wisdom, show character, and then achieve the future.

grasping the yardstick of everything is a person's best moral cultivation.

morality is for self-discipline, not for law, and the law is for law.

"morality is better for self-discipline than all laws, morality for law, and worse than lynching."

therefore, to take care of yourself is the best way to practice.