There is a kind of wisdom, that is, don't ask questions.
There is a kind of wisdom, that is, don't ask questions.
People who really have high EQ know how to do things without asking questions.


I have seen a sitcom Seinfeld, in which there is a character named George.

once, George went to participate in a volunteer activity in a community nursing home.

the old man he helped, his partner died and lived alone in a nursing home, but he was very happy every day.

George was puzzled: "how can a person be so happy when he is like this?"

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so he kept asking the old man, "are you afraid?" You must be in a lot of pain, right? "

finally, the old man couldn't stand it any longer and said to him angrily, "get out!"

Shen Congwen once said in Border Town:

"Don't dig into other people's past, it may be a memory you never want to touch."

it is a lack of self-cultivation to keep asking questions when others do not want to talk about it.

not asking questions is a person's highest wisdom.

people who have a sense of proportion do not ask questions after the matter has passed

I wonder if you have found that there are some concerns in life that sometimes make people want to escape?

my cousin just lost his job and was finally persuaded to relax. When he met an acquaintance on the way, he had to ask:

"have you found a job? Why haven't you found it yet? Well, it's no big deal. Several of my friends have lost their jobs like you. "

my cousin's face sank when he heard this.

A friend failed the postgraduate entrance examination. When an aunt next door learned about it, she rushed to her home and conducted a series of interrogations on her:


which exam did you fail?

was you too nervous on the day of the exam? You need to practice your mindset.

do you want to accept the adjustment?

will you take the exam next year? I'm not too young, or I'd better not take the exam.

when my friends saw the aunt, they all made a detour.

people who speak appropriately will not ask too many questions about other people's lives, let alone sprinkle salt on other people's old wounds.

they know when to ask and when not to ask.

when I first graduated, I once made a low-level mistake in my work and was called to the office by my leader to criticize me severely.

but when I returned to my seat, everyone was busy with their own work as if nothing had happened.

later, when I went to dinner with a colleague, I asked a colleague who was usually close to me, "aren't you curious about what happened that day?"

he looked at me, smiled and said:

"if you want to say something, I will listen carefully, but if you don't want to say it, I'll ask again, won't it make you sad again?"

sometimes, not asking questions is more heart-warming than comforting.

too many words are offensive and burdensome.

and the real concern is mostly silent.

those who don't ask questions understand your pain and know how to protect your self-esteem.

will not ask you what you do not want to say, more often will choose to help you solve the problem in silence.

Don't ask questions, don't talk nonsense, it's a kind of self-cultivation, but also take into account the kindness of others.

people with high EQ do not ask questions after things have happened

in 2011, Ning Hao is going to film the Golden robbery, and Xu Zheng wants to play the leading role.

but Ning Hao always decided his role according to the actor's temperament. He felt that Xu Zheng did not have the temperament of "Little Northeast", so he turned him down.

, Xu Zheng didn't mention it again.

but only ten days before the phone was turned on, Ning Hao still didn't find the right leading actor.

at this time, Xu Zheng called Ning Hao:

"I have a suitable person here, and his image is good in all aspects. His name is Lei Jiayin. He may be the actor you are looking for."

after seeing Lei Jiayin, Ning Hao said that Lei Jiayin was the "Little Northeast" he was looking for.

A person's way of speaking reflects a person's EQ.

at that time, when Ning Hao was still unknown, he raised money to film Crazy Stone, but there was not enough money. Thanks to Xu Zheng's help, Ning Hao survived the difficulty.

if Xu Zheng talks about his past affection, Ning Hao will have to sell him face anyway.

but he didn't ask Ning Hao, insisting that Ning Hao give him the role.

but offered timely help, recommending a more suitable candidate to Ning Hao.

because he understands that frequently asking others about things they did not agree to will not only make him look low, but also make him unable to step down.

people who really have high EQ know how to do things without asking questions.

in this way, you can not only leave three points of thin noodles to others, but also give yourself a chance to turn around gracefully.

people with a large pattern do not ask questions about past events

it is said in the Analects of Confucius: "Let bygones be bygones, let bygones be bygones."

means that if something has been done, there is no need to mention it; if it has become a reality, there is no need to dissuade it; there is no need to ask questions about the past.

Lu Meng, prime minister of the Song Dynasty, just took office.At the same time, an official said that he was right and wrong behind the curtain:

"this man is also worthy to be prime minister, ridiculous!"

some of his colleagues complained for him and was about to ask who said this, but he was stopped by Lv Meng:

"if you know his name and you have to bear it in mind for the rest of your life, why bother? Besides, what he said has nothing to lose to me. "

Mu Xin said: "the tolerant night conceals the dirt of the river."

people with gullies in their breasts do not blame others for their mistakes and do not think about the past.

Guangwu Emperor Liu Xiu is also such a wise man.

after Liu Xiu attacked the city of Handan, the Organization Department counted the official documents of the previous dynasty.

once, in a large number of clerical letters, a soldier found that there were many people in the DPRK, secretly contacted Wang Lang, and even abused Liu Xiu.

after the soldier complained to Liu Xiu, Liu Xiu not only ignored it, but also ordered it to be burned immediately.

Liu Xiu understands that it is not easy for everyone to be in troubled times.

besides, since this is the case, further questioning will only upset the morale of the army and make people panic.

there is a saying in Bing Jian: "Let bygones be bygones is the first pattern of life."

people who really have a big pattern always do not ask questions when it comes to the matter.

precisely because Liu Xiu let bygones be bygones, he built up a magnanimous image for him, who had just wiped out his strong enemy, and consolidated his power in Hebei.

as the saying goes, "A big tree is good for shade and good for doing things."

Shakespeare once said in the Tempest: "all the past is a preface."

the best way to deal with the past is to let it go and forget it.

learn not to ask questions about the past, let the past pass, and let the future come.

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