There is a kind of self-discipline called stopping to have a rest.
There is a kind of self-discipline called stopping to have a rest.
May we, no matter how time flows, keep a simple heart.

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go to bed early

is the highest level of self-discipline

TED once had a speech.

the speaker mentioned that sleep takes up 1/3 of our lives. It seems useless, but it is of great benefit to our health.

it especially makes us think more clearly, just as we do housework, which is dirty, thankless, but so important.

if you don't clean your kitchen for a month, your home will soon become uninhabitable, but if you don't have a good rest, it will seriously affect your work, life, and even mental illness.

nowadays more and more people are used to staying up late.

or because you are too busy at work, you seem to have to stay up late. Or because of insomnia, I can't sleep. Or for other reasons, can not have a good sleep and rest.

Henry Ford once said:

"A man who only knows how to work without rest is like a car without brakes, which is extremely dangerous."

our bodies are like machines.

running at high speed every day, if you don't get a good rest, it will eventually bring serious damage to the body, even serious consequences.

nowadays, unhealthy conditions tend to be younger and younger, and most of them have a lot to do with being under high pressure for a long time and not having a good rest.

staying up late for any reason is a joke about your life.

gradually forming the habit of going to bed early and going to bed early is not only conducive to physical health, but also helps us to maintain a positive and optimistic attitude.

A person who is always unable to stop to rest will always take the time to see a doctor, or even pay a more painful price.

people who know how to rest

the farther you go

do you feel this way?

sometimes, when you can't find a good idea for a while, the more you force yourself, the more likely you are to get nervous.

sometimes, when you can't find good inspiration for a while, the more you think about it, the more likely you are to make yourself feel anxious.

sometimes, when you don't know what to do for a while, the more anxious and flustered you are, the more you will end up making mistakes and disturbances.

moving forward is sometimes an ability. To stop is a kind of wisdom.

people = eat + sleep + go to work + play

Pig = eat + sleep

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substitute: human = pig + work + play

that is: human-play = pig + work

in fact, a person who knows how to stop, relax and rest is not only necessary, but sometimes more conducive to improving work efficiency.

it is said that Hieron II made a golden crown, but he always suspected that the Goldsmith had stolen his gold and mixed it with silver.

so he invited Archimedes for appraisal on the condition that the crown should not be broken.

at that time, people did not know that different substances had different proportions, and Archimedes thought hard for days, but there was no good way.

one day, he went to take a bath. As soon as he lay down in the bathtub filled with warm water, the water overflowed, and he felt his body floating slightly.

then it occurred to him that objects of the same weight would discharge different amounts of water because of their different volumes.

he stopped bathing, jumped out of the bathtub, ran home naked from the street, and cheered all the time to find it, find it.

it turns out that he discovered the principle of buoyancy and recorded it in his masterpiece on floating bodies, which is today called Archimedes principle.

when a person keeps a high degree of thinking and work for a long time, he will enter a state of tension, and if the string is broken too tightly, it will be easier to break.

when you relax and know how to rest moderately, or switch your brain, it's easier to find new ideas.

Human mind

also needs a rest

there is a sentence in the "corner":

"different ages have their own experience of the state of life. When there is endless noise around us, we need to leave a place for our hearts."

in addition to the body, the mind also needs to rest.

sometimes you think too much, the easier it is to torture yourself, and sometimes you think too much, the more likely it is to make yourself unhappy.

in fact, people should learn to "starve" their hearts once in a while.

sometimes, if you empty yourself properly, you are more likely to feel happy and comfortable.

because most of the troubles and pains are not really produced, but come out of people's minds.

an American psychologist once did such an experiment:

he asked the experimenter to write down his troubles for the coming week and put them into an "annoyance box".

A week later, he opened the box with the experimenter and found that 90% of the troubles did not happen.

then he asked the experimenter to write down the unsolved troubles in the "annoyance box" again to find a solution.

when they opened the box again a week later, most of the experimenters were pleasantly surprised to say that the troubles of the past were gone.

there is a good saying in the ordinary World: "if you don't worry yourself, others can never worry you."

the past is in the past, and the future is yet to come. Live well in every moment and moment, and don't think too much about it.

if there is too much rubbish in the mind, people will be unhappy and even feel extremely miserable.

if you learn to put down what should be put down and give up what should be given up, when you empty your heart and live every day well, it will make you live more freely and freely.

in the Christian Bible, it is written about the process of God's creation of the world, and after each piece of work is completed, it is appended with a paragraph saying:

"God looks at what he has done. Look, everything is fine!"

and on the seventh day, when God had finished all his work, he stopped to rest and blessed it, for on that day he could rest. "

in fact, people's body and mind need proper rest.

as long as one takes good care of his body, he will have the capital and strength to struggle. Only when you properly make your life less tight, it is not easy to break the line.

maybe sometimes we feel that life is short and always want to move forward desperately, but a person wants to succeed so much that he neglects rest, and the loss outweighs the gain.

maybe sometimes we all want to get away from the unhappiness in our daily life as soon as possible, so we try our best to get rid of the bad mood, but you are also in a hurry, the more you panic.

Mr. Zhu Guangqian once said, "the smarter you are, the more you know how to rest."

A person who knows how to stop can start better.

there is no final destination in life. Only by going to work and life with ease, taking every step and living well every day, is it possible to live a good life.

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