There is a kind of good guy that needs to be guarded more than the bad guy.
There is a kind of good guy that needs to be guarded more than the bad guy.
Stay away from hypocritical people and often accompany with sincerity.

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there are two kinds of good people in this world.

one is true and good, the other is false compassion.

the former treats others with a compassionate heart, regardless of whether they are high or low.

the latter seems broad-minded, but they often satisfy their own sense of moral superiority at the expense of the interests of others.

they like things that are difficult to do in the name of "good".

such people are outwardly kind, but in fact they need to be more guarded than the bad guys.

"hypocritical" people, hypocritical and merciful people

Tagore once said, "hypocritical sincerity is worse than demons."

pretending to be friendly is just another sin hidden under the cloak of nobility.

I remember watching Jane Eyre earlier, and the hostess's aunt was an extremely hypocritical person.

before his death, my uncle entrusted Jane Eyre with her dead parents, but Mrs. Reed, as an aunt, did not like her.

Aunt Reed pretended not to see her son bullying Jane Eyre every day. Even when Jane Eyre rebelled, she would be locked up in a small dark room for punishment.

but once outside, she will use Jane Eyre to try to "create" her amiable and conscientious kind appearance.

so in the eyes of outsiders, Aunt Reed is a very good person.

as the old saying goes, people know the face but not the heart.

the more one pretends to pretend to be a good old man, the more hypocritical he becomes behind his back.

camouflage yourself in front of you, sweet words; behind your face, but the nature is exposed, the means are vicious.

is like Chen Youren in Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre. On the surface, he is benevolent and righteous, but in fact he sows discord behind his back, so as to achieve the purpose of controlling the gang. This kind of person is the one who needs to be on guard.

Polish writer Shankovich once said:

"would rather be an open enemy than a hypocritical ally."

sometimes, the really bad people are not terrible. They are so bad that people avoid them brazenly.

but these "hypocritical" hypocrites in life, usually wearing a friendly mask, smile and pierce a vicious blade into your heart, taking people by surprise.

the hypocritical good guy is worse than the bad guy.

"high-sounding" people, there is no bottom line for evil.

in life, we often encounter a kind of "good old man":

he says he's sorry, so don't give up. It's not easy for anyone.

you are so rich, can't you help others when they are so pitiful?

on the big day, don't we all want to have fun? there's no need to take it seriously!

such people often pretend to be awe-inspiring and incomparably noble.

their favorite thing to do is to ask you to stand on the moral high ground for all kinds of high-sounding reasons.

even if others hurt you, they still ask you to forgive them.

do not know that people who persuade people to be magnanimous indiscriminately are wanton interfering and infringing upon your life under the banner of goodwill.

I remember that there was such a piece of news a long time ago.

A girl slept on a sleeper on a train and molested the man twice by putting his hand into her quilt.

when the girl came to the air police to help, the man repeatedly claimed, "I am still a student, I did not mean to."... "

at this time, several aunts standing by suddenly began to persuade the girl: "Girl, forget it, the reputation is not good."... "

in many cases, the unreasonable and unprincipled promotion of tolerance is itself a connivance of evil.

this is more desperate than the abuser. Meet them, you are bitter unspeakable, like swallowing a fly, disgusting.

as the old saying goes: do not do to others what you do not want to do to others; do not force others to do what you want.

A really good person will not sacrifice the interests of others at will. Only a hypocrite, it doesn't hurt to speak standing up.

people who "fish for fame" are really worthless

Gui Guzi said, "Shi En wants to be famous and tie the knot."

if a person only wants to be a benefactor of others to help others, and then make use of the other person to achieve his own reputation and interests, then that person must not be sincere.

in the novel The Smiling、Proud Wanderer, Yue Buqun is a famous hypocrite.

the reason for accepting Linghu Chong as an apprentice is to improve his reputation in rivers and lakes.

after receiving Lin Ping as an apprentice, I just want to get the Lin family's ancestral sword spectrum to ward off evil spirits.

to preside over the justice of rivers and lakes is actually to seek the position of hegemony.

the pleasure of helping others is a virtue in itself, but some people regard it as a means of seeking profits, and their sincerity is no longer pure.

in life, such people are the most heartless.

they give you small favors in order to reap greater benefits for themselves.

as the ancients said, Shi En does not want to be reported.

when a gentleman helps others, he will also be tainted with the fragrance of morality; a hypocrite helps others just to use morality to hurt each other.

No one knows that the disguised sincerity andGoodwill will not end well after all. Only with sincerity, it will last forever.

when I am alive and have more experience, I feel more and more that it is necessary to keep my eyes open and distinguish carefully when dealing with all kinds of people.

otherwise, it is easy to make friends and give the wrong heart if you are not careful.

to get acquainted with people, you really can't just see with your eyes and listen with your ears, but also experience with your heart.

Get ready to shop a fantastic sexy white dresses and display natural sense of beauty? Look at the catalogue to get the best fitting cloth.

as the saying goes: hypocritical people use their mouths, sincere people use their hearts. To see a person depends on his character, and to make friends with his heart.

A really good person has never been flattered or intrigued, but only treats each other honestly and compares his heart to heart.

May you stay away from hypocrisy and keep company with sincerity for the rest of your life.

spread flowers all the way with truth and goodness, and break the falsehood of the world with sincerity.