There are four things in life that you can't be frugal.
There are four things in life that you can't be frugal.
Money is a good servant and a bad master.

the older generation is very particular about diligence and thrift.

the water for washing vegetables will be saved to flush the toilet and go to bed at dark. If you can turn on one light, you won't turn on two. I was afraid when I had no money in the past.

our parents always tell us that it is not easy to make money, so we must save money.

people no longer have money, and don't save money on these four things.

Don't save money on reading, enrich yourself

Zhu Xi said, "for the way of learning, there is no precedence over poor reason. The most important thing for poor reason is to read."

the purpose of reading is to seek knowledge and reason, jump out of the limitations of cognition, and look at problems from another height, so as to be superior to yourself in the past.

and the most important thing to invest in yourself is to invest in your own spiritual world. Spiritual abundance is better than thousands of flashy things in the world.

everyone's time is limited, the agitation and spark of ideas in the book can quickly nourish us, and the money spent on reading is the most cost-effective investment.

Mr. Shen Congwen is from Xiangxi, his family is poor, and he does not have the material conditions to make additional investment in his future.

what he can do is to spend a small amount of money on reading, enrich his inner body and increase his knowledge.

the money spent on studying did not put a financial burden on him, but lit up his way forward.

High-level people never save money on reading, because reading is the lowest-cost investment and the nobility with the lowest threshold.

the greatest significance of reading is that it can make you say "the world is worth it" when you sigh your life many years later, instead of just complaining about "life is really hard".

if you don't save money on health, you can't invest less in health

A hundred years of life is but a piece of loess.

No matter whether you are rich or poor, they are all floating clouds. No matter how important the money is, you must have a life to spend.

in the Outer History of the Scholars, there is a rich man named Yan Jiansheng.

Yan Jiansheng's family of four eats, and they are not willing to buy a jin of meat.

the pain in my heart is unbearable, and I have to get even until the third shift.

the illness is getting worse, and it is reluctant to buy ginseng to replenish qi.

his death from a serious illness was entirely his own fault, and the loss outweighed his gain in order to save money and neglect his health.

people of the older generation often say that the body is the capital of everything.

Don't save money on health investment, because when you get to the hospital, the money is worthless.

you can't stop exercising. Money has to be spent when it should be spent.

you can't be stingy in your daily diet. You have to buy meat and vegetables if you should.

Hospital physical examination can not be less, to take precautions, but also have to take medicine.

Don't take money too seriously and yourself too lightly in front of your body.

remember, your body is fragile and valuable, and it's hard to live a bad life wherever you go.

those who save a little money and suffer all their lives are the biggest fools in the world.

if you don't save money on travel, you can't see less of the world

writer Bi Shumin said: "to understand the world, you must go far away."

Life is only the splendor that comes out, but not the glory that waits for it.

when you are traveling, you can experience more human feelings, see more of the world, and become calm, transparent and wise.

like the poet Li Bai, even in ancient times when the traffic was backward, he had to swim all over the Yangtze River in a small boat.

Xiaoxiao sightseeing, so Li Bai can be knowledgeable, the realm is extraordinary, spread thousands of years of good sentences thus created.

people who love to travel are optimistic. If they have seen towering peaks and experienced the tolerance of mountains, rivers and seas, they will not be confined to the joys and sorrows of life and believe that they can face the ups and downs of life.

people who love to travel have broad horizons. If they have seen the customs and customs of different countries and regions, they will not stick to the trivialities of life, live in their own rhythm, and do not envy or envy anyone.

save a sum of money every once in a while while it is still too late to travel and wander. Don't wait until you are old and trapped in a sick bed, and then lament the value of freedom and distance.

the benevolent enjoy the mountain, and the wise enjoy the water.

send love between the mountains and rivers, carefree in heaven and earth, can not worry about the past, just want to laugh for the rest of my life.

not saving money on human feelings, reciprocity can not be less

in Cai Gentan, it is said: "the world is blessed, but human feelings begin to grow."

in daily life, ask acquaintances to give convenience, allow each other some benefits, come and go back, is the way to manage human feelings.

you can't take all the benefits. If you think about saving money in the world, you will only destroy the relationship. In the end, it is you who will suffer.

No matter how close you are, you can't stand the greed of no return.

there is a "seesaw law" in psychology, which says that interpersonal communication is essentially a process of exchange, and we should also follow the law of equivalent exchange and mutual benefit.

if people want to live in harmony, they must keep their expenses equal, but if one of them is greedy, he will lose his balance.

if someone gives you help, if you say it is polite and affectionate, in fact, it will make the other person feel that you take his help cheaply and don't take it to heart.

in interpersonal communication, the money to be spent must be spent, and reciprocity is the most important.A good way to get along.

there is a good saying:

"A friend of meat and wine must seal the small population with gifts, and the friendship between gentlemen should be courteous and respectful to Brotherhood."

the higher the level of people, the more clear: reciprocity, the most reliable, heart to heart, only long-term love.

there is a famous saying in the Lady of Camellia: money is a good servant but a bad master.

money is for people, but not to satisfy our desires, but to grow.

when you don't save money on reading, health, travel and human relations, you become the master of money.

High-level people understand that the most important thing in life is not to find ways to save money, but how to spend it.

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some people spend a lot of money, but their quality of life and happiness index have not improved, while others who do not spend much money seem to be very rich.