The weak fight each other, and the strong give way to each other.
The weak fight each other, and the strong give way to each other.
Knowing how to make concessions is a person's top wisdom.

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in life, some people like to make things difficult for others, and they end up having a hard time for themselves.

there is a good saying: the weak fight against each other, and the strong give way to each other.

if you do anything against others, you will only lower yourself.

knowing how to make concessions is a person's top wisdom.

the weak compete with each other, and both lose

some time ago, I saw such a piece of news.

in front of a shopping mall in Chongqing, a delivery boy was embarrassed by a security guard.

the delivery boy rode the electric car to the mall. When he left to pick up the meal, the electric car was locked by the security guard.

when the takeout boy came back and found out, he found a way to open the lock. When he was about to leave, several security guards came forward and grabbed his keys.

they tossed the keys to each other and refused to return them, deliberately teasing the takeout boy.

in the face of such a scene, the little brother has been trying to hold back his anger and try to communicate with each other.

but several security guards were arrogant and even made personal attacks on the younger brother: "what are you?"

according to people familiar with the matter, all the entrances around the mall are open, and there is no obvious sign that electric cars are not allowed in the mall.

in the comment section of the news, netizens criticized the security guard: "they are just bullying with a little bit of power."

more people say with emotion: "Why should they embarrass each other if they are both migrant workers?"

when he was blamed by his boss for making mistakes in his work, he turned around and scolded the delivery man in the face.

I got a little cowardly with my friends, and when I got home, I vented all my anger on my wife and children.

when you are in a bad mood, complain about the restaurant waiter and the security guard in the community.

Mo Yan wrote in "late ripening people":

"the greatest ugliness in human nature is that he likes to embarrass others, especially when he is in power, he will make it difficult for those who can."

sometimes, the malice from the weak is the most terrible.

they like to refresh their sense of existence by making it difficult for others; they like to trample on other people's dignity and show off their nobility.

but forget that the weak compete with each other and are doomed to lose both sides.

all the difficulties to others will eventually come back to you.

the strong give in to each other and fulfill each other

Last year, there was an expensive traffic accident in which two Rolls-Royce crashed.

the collision of two luxury cars is a big loss anyway.

ordinary people may immediately shirk their responsibility, thinking that the owner of the other car is fully responsible, and they may even have a big fight on the road.

I didn't expect that the two car owners had a very good attitude after getting off the bus. Instead of blaming each other, they first handed each other cigarettes, and then exchanged business cards.

some people say:


maybe in their opinion, they can still be partners or friends in the future, and there is no need to get into a big fight because of an ordinary car accident. "

what the two car owners do, people can't help but like it.

"Cai Gentan" says: "it is a blessing to let one step be high and treat others with leniency."

in real life, the better people are, the more understanding they are for each other.

A person with a strong heart does not need to show himself by making it difficult for others.

their time is so expensive that they don't want to waste it on meaningless things.

they are far-sighted and know that to leave a way for others is to build a bridge for themselves.

have heard a saying:

"all domineering and bluff is a sign of inner weakness;

the really strong can produce a kind of compassionate tenderness from the bottom of their heart. "

knowing how to make concessions is the cleverness at the top

have you ever had the same experience?

fought openly and secretly with the people around him, and competed silently, but in the end it was difficult for others and exhausted himself.

on the contrary, when you learn to take a step back in everything, you will eventually gain good popularity.

I remember reading such a story on the Internet.

many years ago, in a busy street in the capital, there were two cobblers, one old and one young, all of whom had excellent craftsmanship.

but because of the limited space, the two had to huddle together in front of a slap-sized booth, waiting for business to come.

at first, people who went to mend shoes thought they were father and son, thinking that they were a family anyway, and it was the same for anyone to earn money.

later I learned that they didn't know each other at all, so when they went to mend their shoes, they were a little embarrassed.

give the shoes to the young people. The old man's pitiful eyes are hard to bear to look directly at.

you can let the old people make up for it, and the young people will keep sighing and saying to themselves that only when they earn money can they hurry back to their hometown to marry a wife.

looking at the way they competed in secret, the customers did not want to offend others, so they would rather walk more and find another cobbler.

over time, the business between the two became very deserted.

one dayIn the morning, the young man was surprised to find that the old man did not come out of the stall.

at noon, the old man came slowly, but he came empty-handed.

when the young man was puzzled, the old man smiled and asked him, "is business better if you set up a stall here alone?"

the young man nodded sheepishly.

the old man sighed and said, "in the past, the two of us competed for customers, but instead of increasing, we lost customers." In the future, we might as well take turns out of the stall, so as to avoid competition and not cause psychological pressure on customers. "

the young people agreed, and sure enough, it wasn't long before their business began to improve.

in this world, not everything must compete with each other, and sometimes timely concessions are also a win-win situation.

I have heard a saying: people are always mutual.

if you tear down the stage for others, they will add to your jam; if you set up a stage for others, they will make way for you.

instead of making things difficult for each other, it is better to make things happen to each other.

I have read this passage:

"people who make things difficult for others all the time will not show your strength. On the contrary, it will only show your incompetence incisively and vividly. "

in the earthly world, you have your bitterness, he has his difficulties, and everyone has his own difficulties.

if you can't understand each other, at least don't embarrass each other.

to be convenient to others is to be convenient to yourself; to let others go is to let yourself go.

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