The weak are irritable, the strong are easy to forgive (profound)
The weak are irritable, the strong are easy to forgive (profound)
People who are really capable never need to arm themselves with temper.


what is the biggest difference between lions and dogs?

Dogs bark at first when they meet people.

but their barking is often a bluff, as long as you squat down to pick up a stone or stick, they will be scared and run away.

and the lion, known as the "king of the prairie", never roars when it meets its opponent.

they will quietly wait for the best time, and when the time comes, they will fly and attack the enemy in an instant.


those who have a temper first, act emotionally and like to disguise themselves with momentum are often the weak.

the really strong have long given up their anger and kept a low profile in silence.

the more incompetent people are, the more likely they are to get angry

I have heard a proverb: "kicking a stone in anger will only hurt your toes."

in many cases, anger is harmful to others, but it is yourself who suffers the most.

in Qian Zhongshu's Fortress besieged, the protagonist Fang Hung-chien originally held a good hand, but ruined his life because of incompetence and anger.

when he was in high school, the Chou family from his hometown contacted the Fang family and made an engagement with the Fang family. later, his fiancee unfortunately died, and the Chou family still saw Hung-chien's potential and subsidized him to study abroad.

however, while studying abroad, Fang Hung-chien was idle and did not do his proper job. in the end, he could not even get a diploma, so he had to buy a "fake diploma" to make up the number.

when he returned home, he had nowhere to go, so he stayed with his father-in-law, Zhou's, who arranged a job for him through the back door.

but when he and Tang Xiaofu failed to express their love and felt depressed, and when his mother-in-law came to visit him, he didn't appreciate it at all. Instead, he became angry and had a big fight with his mother-in-law. Finally, he lost his job at the bank and was kicked out.

later, he married Sun Jou-chia and returned to Shanghai.

Sun Ruojia asked his aunt to introduce him to a job. Fang Hung-chien felt looked down on and took it out on Sun:

"who wants her to find something for me? Don't beg from her even if I beg! "

after the two had a big quarrel, Fang Hung-chien rushed out the door.

by the time he figured it out later and was determined to live a good life with Sun Jou-chia, the other person had already left him.

Zhuge Liang said: "if you get angry first, you will regret it. Once you get angry, you will die."

people who only get angry when things happen are bound to lose in the end.

I don't know if you feel this way:

those with great abilities tend to have a small temper. They are kind to others and speak politely.

and those who have little skills are always flammable and explosive, and a word you inadvertently say may become the fuse to ignite his temper.

Wang Xiaobo said: "one's anger, in the final analysis, is the pain of one's own incompetence."

people who are really capable never need to arm themselves with temper.

the more powerful a person is, the more forgiving he is.

Feng Menglong has a saying in "broadening the think tank": "if you can tolerate a villain, you can become a gentleman."

nine times out of ten there are unpleasant things in life. Between blaming others and forgiving them, it is a person's mind and pattern that is bad.

Zeng Guofan sat on the four lifts on his way to the North Korea

the sedan chair and the eight-lift sedan chair of an official met in a narrow alley.

the other party saw that he was carrying four sedan chairs, thinking that he was sitting in an official at a lower level than himself.

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so, without saying a word, the guide in front of the sedan pulled Zeng Guofan out of the sedan car without giving way in time.

as a result, when the officials in the sedan chair saw that the person being beaten was Zeng Guofan, who was higher than himself, he was so frightened that he hurriedly got out of the sedan chair and kowtowed to apologize.

instead of getting angry, Zeng Guofan picked up the official and said with a smile:

"it's the official's sedan chair that gets in the way of adults. I don't blame you, I don't blame you."

Lin Kui said in the Book of worry-saving: "to be kind to the public, to be lenient to others, to forgive others, and to be a gentleman."

the really strong tend to be magnanimous and approachable.

they do not compare with others, but use their own self-cultivation to conquer each other.

the weak is as angry as a tiger, and the strong is as calm as water

there is a saying in Xunzi: "anger is not enough to seize, but joy is not enough."

High-level people are not emotionless, it's just that they develop a calm heart.

will not be swayed by emotions, nor will he lose his sense of propriety when he is angry.

one day, someone sent a very strong cockfight to the king from out of town. King Zhou Xuan gladly gave it to Ji prodigal son.

after a few days, Zhou Xuanwang asked, "how are you doing with the cockfighting you gave you a few days ago?" Are you ready to fight? "

Ji prodigal son said: "this chicken is full of blood and bad temper, so it is not suitable to play."

in a few days, Zhou Xuanwang asked about the cockfighting again.

Ji prodigal son replied, "when this chicken sees the shadow of other chickens, it will rush up and peck them, so it can't play yet."

A few days later, King Xuan of Zhou asked again.

this time, Ji prodigal son said, "all right.". Because when it faces the provocation of other cockfights, it is motionless, its heart is no longer affected by external objects, and it is now ready to play. "

so Zhou Xuanwang used the chicken to take part in the cockfighting competition.

game, the cockfight stood firmly as soon as it came on the field. no matter how the cockfighting on the other side was called and provocative, it was indifferent and always looked at the other side with its eyes.

when the cockfighting on the other side let down its guard, it delivered a fatal blow.

there is a saying in Game of Thrones: "Lions never care what sheep think."

A weak sheep, even if it roars as hard as it can, will not frighten each other at all;

but the mighty lion, who just stands there quietly, is not angry.

the weak is as angry as a tiger, and the strong is as quiet as water.

compared with those who only yell angrily when something happens, those who are calm and calm are the real experts.

Zhuangzi said: "those who respect them but do not like them, those who insult them but not those who do not get angry are those who are in harmony with heaven."

if you don't like it at the right time and don't get angry when you go against it, only those who know this truth can live a comfortable life.

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