The way you close the door reveals your level.
The way you close the door reveals your level.
You treat people as you close the door.

once heard a story.

the protagonist of the story is a veteran in the workplace. As soon as he gets the bonus, he is called to the boss's office before being warmed up.

he walked in excitedly, thinking that his boss was going to give him a promotion and a raise. After all, he is the one who just got the bonus and his business ability is first-class.

as a result, not long after the dream, the boss personally came off the stage and fired him.

the man was dumbfounded in an instant.

was fired that he found the reason in someone else's mouth.

it turned out that he was fired only because when he attended the meeting, he slammed the door and shut out the executives and shareholders behind him.

an action that directly cost him his job.

this ending can be said to be unexpected. After all, a story is a story, and real life will never be so dramatic.

but the truth is universal:

the moment inside and outside the door exposes a person's level.

there was a problem on Zhihu:

"does closing the door quietly involve upbringing?


are all consistent:

inside and outside the door, it reflects your upbringing.

in the movie A Dream of Bridges, there is a detail that the hostess's husband and children always close the door loudly, and it is useless to say so.

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she never understood why they didn't change no matter what she said.

until later, she met a photographer who was very polite and gently closed the door every time she went out.

this is the difference between people. Uneducated people will only make themselves comfortable as they please, while educated people know how to make others as comfortable as possible.

upbringing is always reflected in the most subtle places, such as speaking, such as eyes, such as sitting, and, for example, opening and closing doors.

opening and closing doors is only a small thing, but it exposes whether you will think of others, whether you know how to respect others, and whether you can judge others by yourself.

A good upbringing begins with knowing how to open the door.

Laozi said:

"if it is difficult in the world, it must be done easily.

the major events in the world must be done in detail.


We always think that opening and closing doors is just a small thing. However, if you can't even do such a small thing well, how can you let others rest assured that the big things are handed over to you?

inside and outside the door, it is your work attitude that is exposed.

A long time ago, I read an article about the etiquette of opening and closing doors in the workplace. It was very detailed. It said:

if it is a rotating gate, you should go in first and wait on the other side.

if the door opens outward, you should open the door first and then let others go first.

if the door opens inward, when inviting the guest leader to enter, you must first step in and pull the door, and then sideways to invite others in.

Etiquette in the workplace is an unspoken rule that everyone should understand.

the attitude of opening and closing doors is not only respect for leaders and guests, but also your degree of responsibility for something.

how serious and responsible you are, others will see it and keep it in mind.

many people think they have excellent abilities, disdain to do these little things, feel troublesome, and still think that this is flattering others.

but in fact, opening and closing the door precisely reflects whether you will be careful and know how to deal with the aftermath. To do these little things well is your attitude towards improving your work.

No matter how good the ability and attitude are, they are naturally not as agreeable as others.

open the door politely and close the door carefully. This is your work attitude. And your work attitude will inevitably affect your work height.

Shakespeare said: "Bad habits will always prevent you from becoming famous, making profits and enjoying yourself."

inside and outside the door, it is also your habit to see.

it is a habit to close the door easily, and so is the light opening and closing.

A person's habits, hidden in his words and deeds, are deeply ingrained and affect his choice and life.

Bad habits harm others, while good habits benefit not only themselves, but also others.

when the act of closing the door becomes a habit, we will do the same without reminding others.

in our office, there happens to be a colleague who won't close the door. When the heating is turned on in winter, several people near the door have the greatest opinion of him.

this colleague usually has a lot of things to do. He goes in and out no less than 20 times in the morning, and each time, he forgets to close the door.

when the cold wind blows, one shivers with cold.

someone at work has warned me, but that colleague always forgets. There is no habit of closing the door. Even if you change it this time, you will do it again next time.

the cultivation of a good habit is self-discipline accumulated over time, not moral character.

just like this colleague of mine, everything is fine except for the headache of leaving the door open. Treat people politely, work seriously and meticulously, pick no mistakesCome on.

but because of this shortcoming, many people ignore all his advantages and stubbornly think that he is a bad person.

habits is much greater than we thought.

knowing how to close the door may not prove our excellence, but if we don't know how to close the door, it will become a bad thing in the eyes of others.

there is an ancient saying:

"Don't do anything bad, even if it's inconspicuous, don't give up doing good, even if it's not important.


in life, many things are seen as a whole through a small part. When the little things are done well, the big things are naturally under control.

some people always pay attention to the small matter of opening and closing doors, while others don't care about it. But it is such a small thing, but you can see a person's upbringing, attitude and habits.

A person who can open and close the door properly must make the first impression that he is polite and considerate. And a person who can't even open and close the door is not qualified to ask others to treat him differently.

you treat people as you close the door.



Wen Qian, college radio host


teacher, Putonghua tester, member of Hubei recitation artists Association.