The way a man treats you determines how much he loves you.
The way a man treats you determines how much he loves you.
The more you love someone, the more you put your heart into it.

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probably women all over the world often like to ask: does he love me or not?

is obsessed with this problem is that people are often emotionally changeable, just like in the past, he was obedient to you and was on call, but now he doesn't even have time to meet you.

in the past, he gave you a quick reply and was very concerned about you, but now he is hot and cold to you, even indifferent to you.

when this emotional uncertainty strikes, girls are apt to worry about gain and loss, without sense of security.

on the one hand, they will comfort themselves that they are just thinking too much; on the other hand, they can't help but question whether the man is sincere or not.

in fact, in my eyes, a good relationship is often not so complicated.

sometimes, the reason why you feel complicated and difficult to understand is that that person does not give up all he has to love you. He can't give you preference, and naturally he can't give you the safety and warmth you want.

it's like every man has his own set of standards when he treats his feelings. Only when he loves you deeply will he restrain his behavior for you and try his best to spoil you and take care of you.

therefore, true love is often obvious.

A few days ago, a reader talked to me and said that he had recently talked to a boyfriend and had been together for two months.

but when she is in love, she obviously doesn't feel respected, loved, and valued.

I asked her why, and she said that after spending time with her, her boyfriend often went out to the bar and played with different girls.

every time I mention this to him, he says I'm too petty. And he is usually too busy. Besides going to work, he has to go out with his so-called friends. Every time when I need him and find him on Wechat, it takes him a long time to get back to me.

over time, I am used to playing by myself. I just feel aggrieved in my heart. Why do I become more and more lonely when I fall in love?

you tell me whether he really likes me or not.

I said, silly girl, a man who really loves you will no longer go out with other members of the opposite sex, because he knows that you will be jealous and care. He will not be reluctant to spend time with you, because he knows that a relationship needs to be maintained for a long time.

maybe, when you first got together, he was very kind to you and made a commitment. But feelings need to get along slowly to be able to distinguish between the true and the false.

because what is really important is invisible to the eye, you have to feel it with your heart and look at each question rationally before you can find the answer.

I always believe that love is warm, just like the spring breeze, carefully wrapping you, not hurting, not ignoring, not lonely.

everyone has their own ailments more or less when they are single.

maybe some people are naturally unfaithful and like to find a sense of existence around beautiful women; some people are careless and don't know how to take care of the feelings of the people around them; some people like to play games and indulge in their own small world.

but I believe that once they meet true love, they will focus on the person they like.

will give up ambiguity, alcohol and unnecessary relationships for the people they like, converge their personality and temper and give all their tenderness and love to each other.

woman, you should understand one truth, that is, the intention and preference in the relationship are not difficult at all, because it only depends on how much he loves you.

the more you love someone, the more you put your heart into it.

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