The wall, knocked down is the door (good text in depth)
The wall, knocked down is the door (good text in depth)
Only when there is no high wall in the heart can life be unstoppable.

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there is such a story.

the Zen master locked the little monk in a room, blocked it with a brick, and let him find the door and walk out by himself.

the young monk searched carefully in every corner of the room and found that there was no door at all.

the little monk thought, "can't you build one without a door?"

so he knocked down a wall, turned it into a door, and walked out calmly.

everyone will encounter walls when they grow up.

the wall is an estrangement, a challenge, and an obstacle that everyone has to break down in his or her growth.

only by knocking down the three walls of life can you overcome yourself and become the master of your destiny.

knock down the wall of thinking:

you can go as far as you think

then make a hole in the bottom, and the bees and flies are desperately trying to get out.

the bee remembered the way it came, so it crashed into the mouth of the bottle. The fly didn't remember the way, so it flew about.

most of the time, it is not the environment or ability that limits a person, but his own inherent mode of thinking.

thinking determines a person's fate.

all real masters have game-breaking thinking, and the more powerful they are, the more they know how to break the mindset.

now the logistics industry is becoming more and more developed, with express delivery arriving every other day from three days to one hour on the same day.

but some companies think in reverse and specialize in "slow delivery" business.

A letter from the mother-to-be to the child, writing the mood and wishes of the moment to the 18-year-old;

recent graduates write their wishes and ideals to themselves at the age of 30.

couples who have no choice but to break up write their difficulties of the moment to their partner five years later.

the slow delivery business does not pay attention to efficiency or scramble for time, but opens up new markets in the field of logistics.

through the ages, how many people have been hit by Apple, everyone is used to it and takes it for granted.

only Newton wondered why the apple didn't go up and down.

therefore, he discovered gravitation.

everyone is in the express delivery business, who would have thought that "slow delivery" is also a business?

Einstein said:

"Human beings solve all problems through thinking and wisdom, not by copying books."

you can go as far as you think.

when you encounter things, don't always be limited by the inherent mode of thinking. Think more and take one more step in order to start a better life.

knock down the wall of suffering:

Water to a dead end is a landscape, and a man to a desperate situation is a rebirth

the ancients said: "when water comes to a dead end, it is a waterfall, and when a man goes to a dead end, it is a turning point."

predicament often contains hope, danger often contains opportunity.

the weak regard adversity as a natural cutting, while the strong regard adversity as a challenge.

those darkest moments in life are opportunities for the strong to be reborn.

Lin Zexu, whose official career was bumpy in the late Qing Dynasty, was



but he never gave up.

he regards adversity as an opportunity for growth, constantly benefiting and tempering himself in bitter and cold areas.

he assisted Yili in reclaiming land and settling homeless people.

personally supervised the construction of more than 200 miles of canals, allowing 100,000 mu of land to be irrigated.

later, because of his outstanding achievements,

was named Prince Taibao and became a famous minister of a generation.

Mo Yan said: "without suffering, how to achieve positive results; without suffering, how to have an epiphany of life."

there is no gain for no reason in the world, and everything you want comes at a price.

A person can become a better self only if he has suffered enough and suffered enough.

in Journey to the West, four masters and disciples learn from the scriptures.

after 80 trials and tribulations, the True Sutra was obtained. as a result, it was even less difficult for Guanyin.

so let the old tortoise trick the master and apprentice once again.

Ninety-nine and eighty-one is difficult, not one less.

Life is like hitting iron, without a hammer, the quality will be much worse.

the head of the board of affairs, the history of adults.

the more you do, the smarter you are, and the more you experience, the more capable you are.

the higher the plain sailing person climbs, the worse he falls.

those who grow up in adversity are more resilient and go further.

Russian writer Dostoevsky said: "I am afraid I am not worthy of my suffering."

all the sufferings of life are a journey of achievement.

all the high walls of life are the way to advance.

hold on, survive, life is bound to open up a new world.

knock down the inner wall:

not afraid of being blocked by ten thousand people, but afraid of surrendering.

there is such a story in ancient Greek mythology.

King Peeger of CyprusMarion likes carving very much. He carved a beautiful ivory maiden with magical skill.

because of his painstaking efforts, Pygmalion fell in love with the statue.

so he prayed to the gods to make her his wife.

Cupid was finally moved by him, gave the statue life and made them husband and wife.

when you have strong expectations for something, your wishes will come true.

to a large extent, a person's state of mind can influence the direction of things.

in ancient times, a scholar went to Beijing to take the exam and had two dreams when he went to bed at night.

the fortune-teller interpreted his dream: it was a waste of effort to grow sorghum on the wall, and it was superfluous to wear a hat to hold an umbrella.

the scholar immediately lost the confidence to take the exam, and the next day he packed up and prepared to go home.

the innkeeper asked him: I have an exam tomorrow. Why are you leaving?

the scholar told the boss about it.

the boss said: growing sorghum on the wall is a high school (kind), wearing a bamboo hat and playing with an umbrella.

the scholar thought the boss was right, so he stayed and finished second in high school.

the same thing, different attitudes bring different results and different lives.

the ancients said: "the heart changes with the circumstances is an ordinary man, and the environment changes with the heart is a sage."

the most difficult wall in life is not in the outside world, nor in the mind, but in your own heart.

as long as there is no wall in the heart, life is full of roads. Anything is possible as long as you don't set limits on yourself.

Japanese entrepreneur Wada Kazuo was once president of Yaohan partner, Japan's largest retail group.

68, the group went bankrupt because of his brother's poor management.

Wada Kazuo changed from the president of an international group to a penniless old man.

there has been a lot of criticism from the outside world, and many people are waiting to see his jokes, and even suspect that he will commit suicide in the end.

but he cheered up, started anew, set up a business consulting company, and his business is booming.

many people asked him why he could make a comeback.

he says: he writes a "Light Diary" every week to record recent happy events.

these happy things will keep you cheerful and optimistic.

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with a good state of mind, people will slowly climb out of the trough.

Harvard University has done a study:

85% of a person's achievement is related to mentality and 15% to intelligence and work experience.

if one believes in beauty, life will slowly change for the better.

if one is depressed, life will slowly get worse.

if you are happy, it is sunny. If you are sad, it is a rainy day.

there is a sentence in "Black Swan": "you are the only one standing in front of you."

only when there is no high wall in the heart can life be unstoppable.

Laozi said: "with or without each other, it is difficult and easy to form, long and short punishment, high and low."

with or without, difficulty, length, height, they are diametrically opposed to each other, but they depend on each other.

all things are opposed to each other and transformed into each other.

walls can be obstacles or ladders.

there are three walls in life, and every time you knock down one, there is one more door.

, may you tear down every wall of life confidently and calmly, and may you take a smooth road and get what you want.