"the ugliest girl in Hong Kong" has no sex and no love all her life, but she ends up alone and "saves" 300 children: in this life, I have earned …...
"the ugliest girl in Hong Kong" has no sex and no love all her life, but she ends up alone and "saves" 300 children: in this life, I have earned …...
Life kisses me with pain, but I sing in return.

in Hong Kong, when people ridicule a woman for being ugly, they say, "she is uglier than Yu Mulian." "

some people must wonder: who is Yu Mulian? How ugly is she?

I'm afraid not many people are familiar with the name Yu Mu-lian, but many people must have seen her appearance.

as long as she is a fan of Hong Kong movies, she is no stranger to her face.

Yes, she is Mrs. Zhu, the rich woman who asked Zhou Xingchi for a kiss in the prank expert.

is also a creepy vampire in the Devil's way.

as an actress, Yu Mulian has starred in nearly 100 works during her decades of career.

but the roles have always been supporting roles, and they are basically "clowns" such as neighborhood aunts, cleaning women, low-energy village girls, and so on.

therefore, she was given a resounding title-the ugliest woman in Hong Kong.

some time ago, when Wu Mengda, Liao Qizhi and Huang Shutang died one after another, many people were also worried about Yu Mulian's health.

the 84-year-old was suddenly seriously ill in November last year and was admitted to the ICU ward.

the situation was not optimistic at that time, and she even left a last note to her friend: "if you can't wake up, I'll see you in the next life." "

and in an interview with the media a few days ago, she specially reported to the outside world that she would be discharged after she recovered her physical strength.

"I just ate, and I didn't have the strength to get up. The hospital arranged for me pork, chicken and vegetables to be cooked and eaten in porridge, as well as fruit juice, so I had to absorb more nutrients for the time being. "

I guess God didn't have the heart to take her away like this.

because she has experienced numerous pains in her life, unmarried and childless, miserable and miserable, and dying alone.

Yu Mulian often says such a sentence: "actually, I'm not ugly. I'm pretty." "

look at the picture of her when she was a child, sitting on the sofa like an elegant little princess.

if you look at the adult photos, it is beautiful, even if it is not a beauty.

is called an "ugly girl" is entirely caused by the image of the screen.

back in 73, when Yu Mulian was just a small dragon, she played a fish seller in "1973".

went to the vegetable market for a week and lived like a real fish seller, covered with fish scales, ugly and sloppy.

after the TV series was broadcast, although she played a small part, she left a deep impression on the audience and established the image of an ugly woman in one fell swoop.

so TVB threw out the olive branch, and she started her career of acting ugly.

at that time, Hong Kong entertainment beauty Ruyun, Zhong Chuhong, Michelle Reis, Guan Zhilin. All of them are 360-degree beauty with no dead angle.

as long as they starred in the works, other people can only play a foil role, all overshadowed.

therefore, many actresses do not want to compete with beauties for fear that they will be compared and labeled as "ugly".

but Yu Mulian doesn't care at all and is even keen to play the ugly girl, sacrificing herself to achieve art and playing every role into pieces.

over time, she became an ugly professional, and the image of a garbage woman came at hand: "I have never had a rival to play a garbage woman." "

her image in the entertainment industry is, in her own words, "I am the ugliest and the most beautiful is Zhong Chuhong." "

of course, Yu Mulian is a woman after all. I'm afraid no girl likes to be called ugly.

someone once asked her if she didn't feel sick when she always played the ugly girl and was said to be the ugliest in Hong Kong.

in this regard, she was very open-minded, saying a very moving opinion:

"every woman wants to have a beautiful appearance, especially as an actor, they all want to be the focus of the screen, and to play a clown, the mouth should be big, and rouge should be scribbled, not many people are willing to do it.

I couldn't help it at first, but in order to make a living, I had to play a role that no one else could avoid. It was only later that I really liked this role.

because I understand the core of the acting profession. Although it is acting, you do not blend in with life. Only a pretty face can only be said to be a show. This has failed the profession as well as the public. "

Yes, some people are destined to be the protagonists, some can only play supporting roles, some are incredibly beautiful, and some are ugly.

the world often yearns for the former too much, but Yu Mulian can accept the latter calmly because life is forced to do it, but also because she only wants to be a pure actress.

although she is insignificant, she is worthy of the status of "actress". The more people think she is ugly, the more she can prove her excellence.

Yu Mulian, who has played an ugly girl all her life, has created countless funny moments for the audience on the screen.

but in real life, she is on the other side, living a very miserable life.

I have never been in love in my lifeHe did not have an heir, and his relatives left one after another. At the age of 84, he was lonely and helpless.

and the culprit that led to her present situation is the original family.

Yu's mother, Deng Meimei, a Hong Kong porn star, married at the age of 16 and gave birth to a daughter.

so he abandoned his husband and daughter and went from Guangzhou to Hong Kong to become a star.

at that time, the situation was turbulent, hungry and cold, and her father was unable to raise Yu Mulian, so he asked her to go to Hong Kong to join her mother.

when she arrived in Hong Kong, her mother didn't care about her at all. She just fell in love and sent her back to Guangzhou.

after returning to Guangzhou, her father remarried and drove her to Hong Kong again. As a result, her mother also married and refused to raise her again.

like a ball, she was kicked and kicked by her parents, which was even worse than an orphan.

growing up in such a turbulent, indifferent and unloving environment, Yu Mulian is full of shadows about love and family.

Get prepared to purchase the alluring petite mother of the bride dresses and have everyone looking at you. Find your favorite and it will remain fashionable and fabulous for the years to come.

she not only doesn't believe in marriage, but also doesn't want to have a next generation.

she has never been in love, not because she is ugly and unloved, but because she has blocked her lust:

"I didn't give others a chance, nor did I give myself a chance. "

A colleague who admired her once wrote her a love letter. When she received it, she tore it to pieces without even reading it.

she is afraid of love from the bottom of her heart, afraid of being set up: "I am a woman who is afraid of getting hurt. I can't afford to lose. I am afraid that people will cheat me out of money." "

some people say that children who lack love from their original families usually have two endings:

either spend all his life looking for love, or he will not accept love for the rest of his life.

Yu Mulian chose the latter, unmarried all her life, childless and alone.

however, it is such a person who has never been loved, but gives a lot of love in his old age.

in 2007, Yu Mulian, who announced her retirement, received a pension of about 230000 yuan from TVB.

she, who has played a supporting role all her life, does not have much income in the first place, which can be said to be her greatest wealth.

as a result, instead of taking the money to enjoy it, she took out 80,000 yuan and donated a hope primary school in a remote mountain village in Guizhou.

she did this because she heard from her friends that there were no decent schools in the mountains of Guizhou, and the children had to go to school in sheds.

second, because she has not read much, and her diploma is only graduated from primary school, she does not want her children to repeat their mistakes.

she believes that children are full of vitality and have a bright future. She hopes to receive more education and work in big cities in the future.

make a contribution, a heart, a dream come true, that's all.

all the students were looking forward to hearing the news of her arrival. Although they had never met each other, they all remembered the words on the school tablet: Yu Mulian, a veteran licorice actress, donated 80,000 yuan in pension.

on that day, after playing a supporting role all her life, she finally dazzled like the protagonist:

"I didn't expect that all the students of the school would line up at the entrance of the village to welcome me. It had been raining all the time and they were all standing at the door and waiting. "

looking at the sunny and lively faces of the children, Yu Mulian has mixed feelings.

she shouted excitedly to the camera, "this is Yu Mulian Hope Primary School. Is it beautiful?" You see, there are many students. "

leave a sentence calmly: "greatness is not, but I do this from the bottom of my heart. I have no money, but I am willing to donate." "

"Life kisses me with pain, but I sing in return." Tagore's famous saying is the portrayal of Yu Mulian.

she never had love in her life, but she gave all her love to others. She lived a life full of sufferings and setbacks, but added hope to others.

she has played the role of an ugly woman all her life, but her life is extremely beautiful.

, let's send our best wishes to Yu Mulian and hope that she is in good health and enjoy her twilight years.

there will be a day of separation, but the story of her dedication deserves to be remembered by everyone.