The truth of life: choose, regret and forget it.
The truth of life: choose, regret and forget it.
There is no choice without paying a price.

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recently I often hear such a sentence:

"I regret marrying him"

"regret being a teacher



"regret going to Beijing



regret, the word will revolve around the lives of many people.

We always fantasize about another life in our own lives.

any decision made, there will be regrets

I don't know if you have noticed a phenomenon:

We always regret our choices.

We always fantasize about "what if".

We always dream of living another life in the present day.

for marriage, we will sigh:

if only I had listened to my parents. "

"if only I chose not to get married."

for work, we will sigh:

"the salary in my hometown is too low, so I still have to go to the big city.


"I'm still comfortable in my hometown. I really shouldn't have come to the north and Guangzhou."

for children, we will sigh:

"I shouldn't have given birth to him."

"other people's children are still smart."

some people choose to start the life they want, but will regret it in the end.

Red Rose and White Rose says:

"maybe every man has had two such women, at least two."

after marrying a red rose, over time, the red one becomes a touch of mosquito blood on the wall, and the white one is still 'bright moonlight in front of the bed';

if you marry a white rose, the white one is a grain of rice sticky seed on your clothes, but the red one is a cinnabar mole on your heart. "

Green Snake says:

"every woman also wants to have two men in her life: Xu Xian and Fahai.

Fa Hai is a golden lacquer idol that tries every means to please her, waiting for her to be a little fake and look up to her all her life.

Xu Xian is a beautiful teenager who holds hands and thrushes carefully. She tells you the most beautiful words to iron her heart. But only because he got it, he didn't say a word, and none of his movements were tough.

but if Fahaiken succumbs, he thinks that he is strong and snub, and he does not understand tenderness. "

you see, we always think that the people and things we miss are more precious than what we have now.

what we see as "happiness" is "unhappiness" in the eyes of others.

what we see as "unhappy" is "happy" in the eyes of others.

if you can't get what you want, you lose everything you want.

everything cannot go well in life. Everything is only half satisfactory, and it is not necessarily a bad thing to think about it.

half bitter and half sweet is life.

half gain and half loss is perfection.

other people's happiness is sometimes just an illusion

talk about a little thing.

there is a "Xue Ji steamed stuffed bun shop" downstairs, where she often goes to buy steamed buns.

every time the second aunt quarreled with her uncle, she would say, "look at the guy selling steamed buns downstairs. I don't know how much better than you. I might as well marry the steamed stuffed bun seller."

every time I encounter something unhappy, as long as I take a bite of steamed stuffed bun and watch brother steamed stuffed bun greet customers with a smile on his face, the second aunt feels very comfortable.

but I once discovered a secret when I went to buy steamed buns.

Brother steamed stuffed bun is very gentle to his customers, but he always frowns and babbles on his wife.

it turns out that his gentle side is only for customers, not for all people.

At that moment, a truth suddenly dawned on me:

Don't fantasize about living with others. You are not sure to be happy when you are together. The world is our own, and others are just a mirror in which we read ourselves.

We always think that what doesn't belong to us is the best, because what we miss gives us room for infinite fantasy, not how perfect it is.

saw a video on Weibo:

A man driving a million-dollar luxury car and a girl riding a bike are waiting for a red street light at the same time.

the girl looked at the luxury car next to her and secretly envied:

"when can I buy such a nice car and be a rich man?"

when the camera switches to the man, he thinks:

"I really envy people in their 20s who are carefree and don't have to run around for debt."

in fact, the joys and sorrows of life are like this:

When I am lonely, I think of another life, but when I am glorious, I feel that I have no choice.

you envy me that I have a house and a car, and I get drunk and dance till dawn;

I envy that you have a family with her, and someone will wait for you to go home.

you envy me for my high salary and travel all over the country;

I envy you as a teenager, unconcerned.

there are a lot of unhappiness in life, and there will be a lot of unfairness.

but forget that we only choose the side we want to see, but ignore the unknown behind.

everything you get is bound to be lost.

In the real world, there is not much perfection to speak of.

there is no best choice, the present is the best

talk about the short story "three questions".

one day, the emperor thought of three questions:

the best time to do everything?

who is the most important person you work with?

what is the most important thing in every moment?

whoever answers these three questions will be rewarded.

someone replied:

create a schedule to do a good job every day, month and year.

it's no use planning in advance. The emperor should give up his senseless pastime and keep paying attention to everything.

the answers are so varied that the emperor is not satisfied.

the emperor decided to visit a hermit disguised as a peasant.

he was digging in the vegetable garden, and the emperor said sincerely:

"would you like to answer three questions?"

After listening to the three questions, he acted as if nothing had happened.

the emperor went to help him dig the ground and asked, "can you help me answer?"

he remained silent.

the emperor said, "Please tell me the answer. It's getting dark."

he said, "Don't you see someone running?"

the emperor turned and saw an injured man, so he bandaged the injured.

The injured man stared at the emperor and said, "Please forgive me, your Majesty." You don't know me, but I know you.

you killed my brother and took away my wealth. Knowing that you have gone up the mountain, I want to assassinate you. I ambushed for a long time, only to run into the guard.

if I hadn't met you, I would have bled to death by now. I tried to kill you, but you saved me. I would like to be your servant all my life. "

the emperor was overjoyed and was easily reconciled with an old enemy.

before returning to the palace, the emperor asked the hermit again:

can you answer my question?

the hermit said, "you don't need me to answer, you've got the answer."

the emperor wondered.

the hermit said, "if you hadn't helped me dig the ground by feeling pity for me because you were old, you would have met an assassin on the road."

then you will regret not staying with me.

the most important time is when you are digging in the garden, the most important person is me, and the most important thing is to help me.

the most important time for the injured man to come here is the time you bandaged his wound. if you don't take care of him, he will surely die and you will lose the chance to make peace with him.

he is the most important person, and the most important thing is to take care of his wounds. "

the hermit continued, "there is only one most important time, and that is now." The most important person is always the one with you right now, the one right in front of you.

because who knows who you will connect with in the future, the most important thing is to make the person around you happy, because this is the only pursuit of life. "

Why share this story? I want to say:

all the choices you regret are more valuable than the ones you want.

every road you take now, everyone you meet, has been experienced, and what you want in your heart is an illusory concept.

Don't fantasize about another life in your own life and miss the happiness of the moment.

there is no "best choice" in the world, and no choice is free.

you don't need to get what you miss.

writer Lei Lingyan said:

"people who look up at the starry sky always think that the stars are gems, crystal clear, translucent, and without flaws. People who fly into the starry sky know that there is dust and stone residue, which is as complex as the earth. "

Don't envy other people's stars. Maybe the land you stand on is the distance that other people's hearts aspire to.

choosing this thing is a statement given to you after success.

what you need to do is to forge ahead in the present and withdraw happiness in time. Stride forward, keep your faith, and the whole world will make way for you.

if someone asked you to choose a new life for you, what would you say?

my answer is: "it's just yesterday once more, do it again."

, this life is a long way, it is not easy to get to now, you deserve to applaud yourself and give yourself a star.


by: Chi Yaochen,