The truth of extramarital affairs: "in this world, there is no partner who does not cheat."
The truth of extramarital affairs: "in this world, there is no partner who does not cheat."
Really did it, stick to it for love.

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as the saying goes:

whether a woman will cheat or not depends on her man.

whether a man will have an affair depends on whether he has a chance or not.

whether in love or marriage.

A person will have the idea of having an affair more or less.

some are to appease the desire of the body, and some are because of the sudden "Crush".

in 2013, Dongfang Changda and Watanabe fell in love with each other for filming the TV series "Thank you for hospitality".

after two years together, the two were naturally married.

the arrival of the children has promoted Dongzhouda and Watanabe from a world of two to a happy family of five.

so, under the lens of the media, you will see them often walking the dog together, holding hands sweetly, or taking the children for a leisurely walk.

it is beautiful and dreamy, but it can be broken at a touch.

during the period when Dongfangda was having an affair, his wife, Akiko Watanabe, was painstakingly pregnant with her second child.

as soon as the "cheating scandal" came out, it immediately aroused thousands of waves.

for fans who like couples, the emotion they feel at the first moment is not anger, but disbelief.

you know, Japan chooses "good husband and wife" every year, and Apricot Watanabe and Dongya Changda are often at the top.

it is conceivable that in the eyes of the public, Dongzhouchang University can be a good husband, a good father, a good man. But it will never be a "cheating scumbag".

unexpectedly, Dongkuichang University not only failed to live up to Apricot Watanabe, but also failed to live up to the expectations of the public.

what is even more infuriating is that Dongfei Changda was interviewed after his affair, when a reporter asked him whether he liked Watanabe apricot or Tangtian Mile.

Dong Zhi Changda did not answer immediately, but was silent for 12 seconds before he replied:

"I am very sorry, but it is difficult for me to answer because it involves other people, and what I have in mind here will hurt my wife."

the response to the rise of the East reminds me of what Hertha said in the breath swing:

"what was said after a long silence was unwilling to say at all."

it turns out that what hurts more than answering a question is the long silence before the answer.

the east is prosperous, but it has both.

there is a line in the movie "the afterlife":

"Love is presumptuous, but love is restraint."

by the same token, cheating is also true.

as mentioned earlier, in this world, there is no partner who does not cheat.

We call this containment of desire "emotional responsibility".

such as Xu Qingfeng in the TV series "centimeter of Love".

in the play, Xu Qingfeng played by Tong Dawei and Guan Yuqing played by Tong Liya are a couple.

however, such feelings were not recognized by Xu Qingfeng's mother, who tried every means to break up Xu Qingfeng and Guan Yuqing, when Lan Qiao appeared.

before meeting Xu Qingfeng, Lan Qiaoxiao successively "attacked" a lot of people.

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at first, Lan Qiao was just an intern under Chen Zhijun.

in order to "routine" Chen Zhijun, let Chen Zhijun treat her differently, Lan Qiaoqiao will drink at the wine table to complete her career, and at the same time, in order to achieve performance, she will go to KTV to block people just to recover debts.

before long, Chen Zhijun, a married man, fell step by step and finally indulged in his own desires and paid a heavy price.

what about blue pretty?

after discovering Xu Qingfeng, she did not hesitate to dump Chen Zhijun.

in order to get close to Xu Qingfeng, Lan Qiao first tried desperately to please Xu Qingfeng's mother. In Xu's mother's opinion, Lan Qiao is obedient and will amuse her, which is a hundred times better than Guan Yuqing, so she matches Lan Qiao and Xu Qingfeng in every way.

and with the assist of Mama Xu, Lan Qiao has not been idle. She tried to brush her sense of existence in front of Xu Qingfeng, seducing him from time to time with ambiguous words: "I know you have a girlfriend. I just want to be with you when she is away."

he will tell his mother that he will not marry unless Guan Yuqing will marry, and he will also satirize Blue Beauty:

"it's not my woman, it's a chest film in my eyes."

really did it, stick to it for love.

there is a saying:

"the most indispensable things in the world are beautiful girls everywhere, rich people everywhere, and fast food love everywhere. What is really missing is the sense of responsibility that should not be missing in love, sense of security and loyalty."

I think so.

most of the time, the relationship will be derailed, the key lies in the lack of the most important loyalty and sense of responsibility.

on the other hand, if a person is with you, remember loyalty and responsibility all the time.

it is a great blessing in life to meet such a person, and we must cherish it.

some time ago, many celebrity couples celebrated their wedding anniversary on Weibo, including Yue Yunpeng.

Yue Yunpeng and his wife Zheng Min have been married for ten years.

in Yue Yunpeng's words, ten years of marriage is a "tin marriage".

Gold, silver, copper, iron and tin couldn't be stronger.

Yue Yunpeng and Zheng Min have gone through ups and downs hand in hand, even though they have been married for many years, they still have different preferences:

Zheng Min likes traveling and nature, while Yue Yunpeng likes to stay at home and play with the computer.

Zheng Min likes the food to be light, while Yue Yunpeng likes the food to be salty.

Zheng Min likes "thrilling" and likes "Roman Holiday", while Yue Yunpeng likes "chainsaw" and "tragedy on the Nile".


two people like to be poles apart, but fate binds them firmly together.

but after years of running-in, Yue Yunpeng has changed.

now, his taste is gradually fading, and he occasionally goes to the neighborhood for a walk, and he can also accept movies about romance.

in Yue Yunpeng's view, Zheng Min brought changes to him, just as he said in his confession letter:

"in fact, you are like the vertical bar in Tetris to help me get rid of anxiety and make my score higher."

"you are not your childhood sweetheart, not you at first, but you will spend the rest of your life with you."

of course, love is as stable as they are, and has been attacked by gossip.

three years ago, it was revealed that Yue Yunpeng had an affair.

in this regard, Zheng Min immediately posted an intimate photo with Yue Yunpeng and made domineering comments:

"of course I know he's having an affair. There's no need for you to make sarcastic remarks under my Weibo."


their marriage, one is willing to be loyal, the other is willing to believe.

if a person drinks water, he knows whether it is cold or warm.

it is true that others do not need to question, nor have the right to question.

for those partners who choose to cheat, their mental journey is generally like this:

married the white rose, thinking about the red rose, so the white rose became a white grain of rice.

married the red rose, thinking about the white rose, so the red rose became a cinnabar mole.

but in fact, both white and red roses are roses.

it's just that people with distractions like to cling to colors and destroy hard-won roses with their own hands.

as Wang Xiaobo said:

"I want to love and live, and treat the present life as if it were a hundred lives." The truth here is very clear: I think that I am here, and since I exist, I cannot pretend to be non-existent. In any case, I have to take responsibility myself. "

is like a sexual relationship.

since it exists, it cannot pretend that it does not exist, and it must be held responsible.

only those who take responsibility for their feelings and abide by the bottom line can smell the fragrance of "roses".