The smartest way to solve the problem is just two words!
The smartest way to solve the problem is just two words!
People's hearts are mutual, know how to think of others, and it is easier to win-win.

above the point

when a blind person touches an elephant, someone touches the elephant's foot and says that the elephant's body is like a tree trunk.

someone touches the trunk and says that the body of the elephant is like a pipe;

some people touch the ivory and say that the elephant's body is as moist as jade.

it's no one's fault, it's just a partial generalization.

the same is true between people. Different positions and levels will lead to deviations in what they see and think.

this is how many contradictions in the world come about.

therefore, the cleverest way to resolve contradictions is just two words-transposition.

transposition is the cleverest way to resolve contradictions

Lu Xun said: "the joys and sorrows of mankind are not the same."

there are often differences in birth, age, identity, experience and so on.

so we always say, "there is no such thing as empathy."

from one's own standpoint, what one sees is only one-sided; from one's own point of view, it is often impossible to resolve contradictions.

in marriage, the husband wants his wife to be gentle and virtuous, and the wife wants her husband to be responsible.

in the workplace, employees hope that the boss does not talk about ideals, and the boss wants employees to be positive.

in the taxi, passengers complain that the driver is driving too slowly, and the driver complains that the road is too congested.

No one is wrong, but the position is different.

if people always want to change others and do not know how to reflect on themselves, it will only aggravate the existing problems and aggravate the contradictions between them.

finding a reason for everything from yourself makes it easier to solve the problem.

thinking of others is also a process of self-reflection.

as a result, you are not only thinking about others, but also liberating yourself.

transposition is the fusion of EQ and IQ

in ancient times, Zi Gong argued with the people of the three seasons all morning, but could not persuade him to agree with his view that "there are four seasons in a year."

Confucius said, "there are only three seasons in a year", which settled the quarrel and sent the idle people away.

anyone who has common sense doesn't know that there are four seasons in a year.

people in the three seasons expressed their fallacies to Zi Gong, just hoping to be affirmed and approved.

in this case, why not, like Confucius, agree to the harmless opposition as soon as possible.

there is a saying like this: "never explain yourself to people at different levels."

Life is too short to waste your time on someone who isn't worth it.

if you let others go, you are kind to yourself.

those who are really smart can always find the source of the contradiction in the first place.

those with high EQ are always good at insight into human nature and simplifying everything.

transposition is the integration of EQ and IQ, which can make life smooth.

for the sake of others, it is easier to win-win

once read a story: in the dead of night, a blind man lit a lamp, waiting for her husband to come home.

when the husband got home, he wondered, "you can't see, why do you light the lamp?"

the blind man said, "because I can't see, I gave you the lamp. Your wound hasn't healed yet. Don't bump it again."

when a blind man lights a lamp, it does not illuminate his own world, but it warms a relationship.

in life, many relationships are ruined by not knowing how to think of others.

when what is given by others is not what we want, no matter how good it is, it will be greatly discounted, and vice versa.

knowing what others really need with your heart will often get twice the result with half the effort.

Life is an echo, a fulfillment of others, as well as self-achievement.

people interact with each other, know how to think of others, and it is easier to win-win.

be kind to life, and life will give back with kindness.

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there is a cloud in Tiexilingbi: "across the meandering mountains, there are steep peaks on the side of the mountains, but there are thousands of different ways in the past."

if you look at the scenery in the eyes of others, you should find the same angle.

when you disagree with others, you should look at and think about the problem from other people's position in order to solve the problem at its root.

transposition can turn swords into friendship and solve all contradictions in the world.