The simpler people are, the richer they are.
The simpler people are, the richer they are.
The yearning of the heart is at ease.

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what is the most precious thing for a person?

I have seen an answer:

the most precious thing about man is the time that is not occupied and the space that is not occupied.

and this free time and space are actually used to place themselves, their own body and mind.

the simpler the mind is, the more precious and rich life is.

Life is simple and be free

We live in modern times, and everyone has dozens or hundreds of software in their mobile phones:

socializing, listening to music and watching videos, entertaining games, and even ordering takeout, each requires several software to accompany each other, as if missing one loses hundreds of millions of choices.

but I don't know, it is precisely because we are always faced with so many choices such as mobile software that we often exhaust our energy and fall into a difficult situation.

just like, more is less, less is more.

simplicity to the extreme is the great wisdom and beauty of life.

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in 1664, Michelangelo's sculpture David shocked the whole of Europe after it was exhibited in Italy.

he was asked: how did you carve David?

Michelangelo answer: I chiseled off the extra stones, leaving only the useful ones, and David was born.

then Michelangelo said another famous saying: beauty is the process of purifying excess.

he answered without hesitation: subtract the excess.

this is true of art, and even more so of life.

in fact, more than 90% of the things in our lives are self-depleted.

"self-depletion" is a theory shocked by psychologist Baumeister, that is to say:

every time you make a choice, you lose a little mental energy; every time you consume a little mental energy, your executive function decreases.

our lives, whether it is the extra software in the mobile phone, the extra items in the living room, or the useless social interaction in our daily life, are actually wasting our energy and energy.

the space of a person's mind is limited. Only when life is simple enough, can the mind have an open space, and this space can hold the more important things in life.

simple desires make you rich

there is such a short story about a fisherman fishing by the river, but when he catches a fish, he measures it with a ruler. As long as the fish is bigger than the ruler, he throws them back into the river.

people are confused and others hope to catch big fish. Why do you throw all the big fish back into the river?

but he answered easily:

because the pot in my house is only as long as a ruler, it is too big to hold fish.

Don't let endless desires grab your heart. "enough is good" is an excellent simple attitude towards life.

Thoreau once said: the more you let go, the richer you will be.

the more a person wants, the more he wants to show off, the less he is.

A man who is really rich in heart never shows off everything he has. He will not tell others what car he has driven, where he has been, how many clothes he has, and what jewelry he has bought, because he does not care so much about these things.

the simpler a person's desire for material things is, the richer and richer his heart tends to be.

A simple mind makes you happy

Happiness is the ultimate pursuit that we want to live in this world.

but happiness does not come from how many external things we have, but from our inner hearts.

Tolstoy once said:

as I get older, my life becomes more and more spiritualized.

in fact, it is only when we are drifting away on this road of life that we suddenly realize that no matter how much we get along the way, we can never compare with spiritual and spiritual abundance.

as the saying goes, the world is its own and has never been directly related to others.

after many collisions and twists and turns in life, the river of our life will eventually come to an open valley and converge into a vast lake.

but life is also a process of constantly discarding and gaining, throwing away the useless shackles of life, but getting the real wealth of the heart.

the yearning of the heart is at ease.

the simpler the heart, the more you can enjoy the supreme taste of the world.

some people ask: why can others make their lives so simple?

that's because you focus on other people's lives and forget how to take care of your own.

in your envy of others, you put a curtain on your life so that you can't see what your life is like.

discard the fetter of material desire and meaningless socialization, let the heart return to simplicity and purity, the heart is rich and secure, life will be leisurely, life can move forward light.

in fact, our life has always been a process from simple to complex, and then from complex to simple.

simplicity is our ultimate choice and destination, and it is where our lives are rich and happy.

I hope we can all understand in time.And really enjoy this simple happiness.


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