The root cause of people's unhappiness: lack of wisdom
The root cause of people's unhappiness: lack of wisdom
People who dare to "recognize pussy" are never simple.

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if one is unhappy, there is only one reason: the IQ is not high enough.

A person's greatest evil is lack of cognition, and a person's greatest pain is the mismatch between desire and cognition.

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if a person's IQ is enough to recognize a certain level, he must be a free, easy and comfortable person.

Life is a spiritual practice, practicing one's own cognition and getting rid of self-attachment.

therefore, staying happy is not a gift, but an ability, a calm and calm after penetrating the truth, law, and essence of the world.

how many of the following proverbs about life do you know and how many are you practicing?

Happiness is the advanced enjoyment of the soul

different people have different understandings of happiness.

but it is undeniable that the prosperity of one's heart and spirit is the closest to the perfection of life.

in the limited survival time, I have a good state and some interests.

take every day seriously, do every little thing well, learn to care about and understand everyone around you, and enjoy every scenery by the side of the road.

put these together, in fact, you are the closest to happiness.

everyone's happiness is in their own hands and has nothing to do with others.

if you walk your own way, cross your own bridge, and maintain a quiet and indifferent state of mind, you will be able to feel happy everywhere.

as long as firewood is added, the water will always boil

sometimes we often wonder why we didn't start learning a skill ten or twenty years ago, but regret it when we need it years later, feeling it's too late.

in fact, there is no such thing as "it's too late". When to start is the best time.

as the saying goes:

the best time to plant a tree was ten years ago, followed by now.

I couldn't go back many years ago, and all I can grasp is the present.

what you think is too late, maybe it's the best place to start.

start now, it's not too late to take a road in time!

flowers bloom from beauty, comment by people

Huang Yongyu said:

people want to live an interesting life, not to be such a character, to be such a character, it is troublesome.

to deal with the life in front of us, we should live better.

he was never bound by fame, lived a real and interesting life, and often humorously called himself an old and unruly man in Xiangxi.

you think the master should sit upright and accept the worship of the people, but he said, "you are all too serious, so I have to be indecent."

you think he should spend the rest of his life at the age of 90, recalling the past, he went to build a house, raise a big dog, drive a red sports car, and appeared on the cover of "Mr. Fashion" all the way.

the man who has been thinking about it for nearly a hundred years has taught us a simple and simple truth: people are the most powerful when they live out of themselves.

now that you have worked hard, enjoy what you should enjoy.

others will quit eventually. Don't make others happy and lose yourself.


A gift to others, wealth to yourself

Life is only thirty thousand days, who doesn't cherish joys and sorrows.

in life, who does not have troubles and worries, who has not experienced setbacks and ups and downs?

people who love to laugh do not have everything going well in life, but they understand that it is never depression that defeats suffering, optimism and smile.

smiling is actually a kind of thinking, a kind of courage to face the predicament of life.

your smile is the most healing power, better than the most beautiful scenery in the world.

Life is short. Remember to turn happiness into a habit, whether in prosperity or adversity.

if life is difficult, then I wish you happiness.

can be big and small, everything is over

can receive and release, soar up

when you are alive, you will inevitably encounter difficulties and setbacks. If you blindly argue for reasons and insist on coming forward, you will often be full of grievances and grumbles, which will eventually lead to the intensification of contradictions and the loss outweighs the gain.

sometimes, by lowering your posture and slowing down your emotions, you can better solve the problem.

Zeng Guofan once said in his family motto: "if you don't fight for interests with others, you only compete with yourself for character."

people who strive for strength seem to win the present, but they are apt to lose the pattern.

people who give in seem to suffer from compromise, but it is easy to win recognition.

people who dare to "recognize pussy" are never easy.