The rarest thing in a marriage is a "pretty" face.
The rarest thing in a marriage is a "pretty" face.
A "good-looking" face is the best feng shui in marriage.

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there is a question on Zhihu: what is the rarest thing in marriage?

A highly praised answer is: a "pretty" face.

Marriage is good or not, you can tell by your face--

if your face is frosty, your marriage will only be frosty for a long time; if you smile, your marriage will blossom in spring.

you know: what is more terrible than verbal violence is facial violence.

therefore, the rarest thing in marriage is a "good-looking" face.

Marriage deterioration

having an "ugly" face is enough

some people say that in marriage, what is more terrible than ugly words is an "ugly" face.

I couldn't agree more.

see a cold face from time to time, no matter how much enthusiasm will be cold; every day in the face of a smelly face, no matter how deep affection can be exhausted.

so many times, when the marriage goes bad, it is enough to have an "ugly" face.

I know a pair of twin sisters who are almost the same from appearance to figure and from talent to temperament.

but in the end, the two sisters took the opposite path of marriage.

the younger sister has a happy marriage and loves her husband. Two people in one room, three meals and four seasons are very happy, while the elder sister quarrels with her husband constantly after marriage and ends in divorce.

how did you get here? Just one thing:

once, the four of them made an appointment to go to the scenic spot for an outing.

my sister suddenly changed her face and blamed her husband: "it's all your fault that you have to play with this damn thing. Now it's all right!"

then he wore a cold face, gloomy and sad.

but my sister was all smiles. She not only took a picture with her husband, but also advised her sister:

"be happy. It's fun to have a rare opportunity to enjoy the scenery in the air."

Hu Shi said:

"the most disgusting thing in the world is an angry face; the dirtiest thing in the world is to show an angry face to others."

Yes, two "good-looking" faces make a happy home, while an "ugly" face can only alienate two close hearts.

so often, putting on an "ugly" face to your partner is the beginning of a bad marriage.

it's like Chen Yu in Thirty-he smiles at a fish, but doesn't want to talk and laugh with his wife.

and how many people, because of a cold, impatient face, pushed their marriage into the abyss step by step.

they don't know that what is more terrible than ugly words is an "ugly" face;

they don't understand that an "ugly" face is the greatest harm to marriage.

while the marriage deteriorates, it is enough to have an "ugly" face.

A good couple

all have a "pretty" face

people are middle-aged, have been to many cities and seen many couples, and finally found out:

too many separated couples lose in valiant quarrels, and finally win their lovers but lose their feelings.

too many failed marriages lose in a cold and empty atmosphere, eventually hurting their loved ones as well as themselves.

and if you have a "good-looking" face, the marriage is half successful.

some time ago, the husband of my good friend Beibei suddenly posted a moments:

"before I met you, I didn't want to get married; after I met you, I didn't think about anyone else.

Happy 10th wedding anniversary, my dearest wife!

seeing such words, I am really happy for Beibei--

in this era when the itch of seven years has become a pain of three years, more and more people regard marriage as a child's play, but it is rare for Beibei to be able to keep her happiness together with her husband.


A few days ago, I came across Beibei's husband. When I talked about this question, I said curiously:

"how on earth did you keep your marriage fresh?"

he smiled and said only one thing:

"once, Beibei came back from a business trip. I had promised her to pick her up at the airport. But that day, I was so busy with my work that I forgot. "

"when I went home after I was busy, I thought I was greeted by a lot of curses, but unexpectedly, she smiled and comforted me and said, 'are you tired at work today? Thank you for your hard work for our family!' Oh, and made a good table waiting for me. "

"to tell you the truth, every time I have some trouble at work, when I get home and see her smiling face, I think it's all right."

Yes, the good partner is good at resolving conflicts and causing less trouble; high-quality marriages all know how to be more emotional and less reasonable.

so often, good couples have a "pretty" face.

just like Yang Jiang's parents.

Yang Jiang once wrote in "remembering my Father":

When you wear one of our pink prom dresses, you show your beauty and your sense of style. This is a selection of what you need to shine.

"my parents are like old friends. Our children have never heard of their quarrel since childhood."

some people say: a good expression brings a good mood, a good mood makes a good marriage.

Yes, the quality of the expression determines the heart.The relationship is cloudy and sunny; the attitude of husband and wife determines the temperature of marriage.

therefore, the strongest bond in marriage is not love as deep as the sea, nor love is stronger than gold, but a "good-looking" face.

and good couples have a "pretty" face.

A "pretty" face is the best feng shui in marriage.

A "pretty" face

is the best feng shui in marriage

there is a saying in the Book of Rites: "those who have spirit must have pleasant color, and those who have pleasant color must have Wanrong."

it is true.

the color of your face determines the background color of life--

if you frown, the days will be covered with dark clouds; if you smile, life will take care of you.

the same is true of marriage--

give your partner a smile and your partner will accompany you for the rest of your life; give your marriage a smile and your marriage will give you a lifetime of happiness.

therefore, a "good-looking" face is the best feng shui in marriage.

the two have been married for many years, but they still love each other as before: every time he finishes work, Chen Daoming will rush home to accompany his wife, while du Xian will always turn on a light for Chen Daoming when he returns home.

they are really "happy people", so they also have "Wanrong" in their marriage.

as Chen Daoming wrote in his article "doing something useless":

"sometimes our husband and wife sit under the window together, she embroidered her flowers and plants, I cut my purse, the leaves outside the window are silent, the time in the house is quiet, and there is a beautiful feeling that makes people moved."

how beautiful!

Yes, there are not so many cases of eyebrows, Qin Xue and Ming, just because each other has a "good-looking" face in their marriage.

I have seen too many failed marriages, either quarreling or angry; I have also seen too many discordant couples, one with a straight face and the other holding his breath.

similarly, I have seen many loving couples, without exception, they all have a "good-looking" face: smiling and full of friendship.

so, in a good marriage, there is a "pretty" face.

if you don't believe me, look--

when Ba Jin recalls his wife Xiao Shan, she writes that she "smiles on her face and talks and laughs at dinner."

Zhong Nanshan, who was unsmiling at the forum, smiled at the mention of his wife.


they tell us with action that the rarest thing in marriage is a "pretty" face.

and a "good-looking" face is the best feng shui in marriage.

the same sentence:

if your face is frosty, your marriage will only be frosty for a long time; if you smile, your marriage will blossom in spring.

fate is rare, marriage is not easy, please give your partner a "pretty" face.

after all, the rarest thing in a marriage is a "pretty" face.

, may you smile like a flower in your marriage, meet a loved one, achieve perfection, and live a happy life.

encourage each other.