The power of stillness (profound)
The power of stillness (profound)
How quiet the heart is, how deep the blessing is.

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there is an old saying: "those who are impetuous and careless will accomplish nothing, and those who are calm and calm will gather themselves."

stillness is a silent and powerful force.

only when one is calm and calm can one be better devoted to action.

static energy to remove irritability

in Zhuangzi, there is a short story.

Ziqing, a young carpenter in the State of Lu, was ordered to make wooden posts for the Duke of Lu to hang bells and drums.

the wooden pillars he made were so exquisite that people praised his miraculous craftsmanship.

Duke Lu summoned Ziqing to ask about the mystery. Ziqing said:

when I received the task, I didn't start to do it immediately, but went to meditate and fast first.

on the third day of fasting, I forgot to "celebrate the reward" and stopped worrying about fame and fortune.

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on the fifth day of fasting, I forgot "not honorable and clumsy" and ignored what others said of me.

by the seventh day of fasting, he had reached a state of selflessness and completely forgot to work for the court.

when there is no fame and fame in my heart, I can better concentrate on material selection and production.

Gui Guzi once said, "if you want more, your heart will be scattered, if your heart is scattered, you will fail, and if you want to fail, you can't think about it."

the quieter a person's mind is, the more he can concentrate and focus on what is in front of him.

the more you care about success or failure, the more you care about gains and losses, the more counterproductive you will be.

in ancient times, there was a young man who loved swordsmanship, so he looked everywhere for a master and finally found an old man who was second to none in swordsmanship.

the old man taught him a set of swordsmanship and told him to practice hard every day.

the young man asked the master, "in that case, how long will my swordsmanship be successful?"

the master replied, "three months."

Young people begin to practice every day.

A few days later, he found that he had made little progress, so he asked the master, "if I practice from day to night, how long will it take me to succeed?"

the master replied, "three years."

the young man was surprised and continued to ask, "if I practice my sword day and night, how long will it take me to succeed?"

the master shook his head, smiled and replied, "Thirty years."

Laozi once said: "heavy for light root, static for impetuous king."

"Jing" is a good way to be "impatient".

it is written in "Persuasion to learn": if you do not accumulate steps, you cannot reach thousands of miles; if you do not accumulate small streams, you cannot become rivers and seas. Vernon Ji can't take ten steps with one leap, but he can't give up his ten horses.

there is no overnight success in this world, and there is no way to rise to heaven in one step.

all autumn harvests are attributed to the irrigation of sweat.

however, in life, many people are always impetuous in doing things.

give up when you encounter setbacks, want to turn back when you encounter the south wall, lose your way in impatience, and lose your faith.

at this time, the power of stillness is particularly important.

only by abandoning superfluous desires, settling down, and focusing on the present and the present, can we take one step at a time to the road to the distance.

static energy gives birth to wisdom

Zeng Guofan once said, "everything must be dealt with peacefully and gently. If you are in a hurry, you may make a mistake."

I don't know if you feel this way:

in the face of difficulties, the more flustered you are, the more likely you are to get into trouble.

only when you calm down can you find the right countermeasure to get yourself out of trouble.

when Nanjing was the capital of the Eastern Jin Dynasty, the former Qin Yingjian, who ruled North China, launched a million troops.

against the Eastern Jin Dynasty, the army was only 80,000, and as a result, the Eastern Jin Dynasty won a complete victory.

it turns out that before the war between the two armies, the Eastern Jin Dynasty, which was at a disadvantage, grasped the first opportunity and began to attack.

when he stood on the city wall and looked down, he found that the other side was in a watertight position, slowly approaching, and could not help but waver in his heart.

in a moment of fear, he was unable to command the battle calmly, and finally suffered a great defeat.

sometimes, what really defeats you is not your opponent, but the waves in your heart.

the more anxious you are, the more likely you are to get off guard.

only by putting aside the troubles and returning to calm can we find a way to break the situation.

in a mine hundreds of meters deep, several old miners are working below.

suddenly, the miner lamp malfunctioned and went out, and the absenteeism workers were very scared. In addition to panic, they began to smear everywhere to find a way out.

after scrambling for a while, the mine was still dark and the miners were beginning to despair.

at this time, one of the miners suggested, "instead of blindly looking for an exit and sweating, you'd better sit here and see if you can feel the wind, because the wind must have come from the mouth of the pit."

so the miners tried to calm themselves down and feel which direction they would blow from.

they sat there for a long time and didn't feel anything at first.

but after a period of time, their senses became sharp and gradually felt a faint wind brushing their faces.

"ZhaodeThe new editor says: "if the water is static, the image is clear, and if the mind is quiet, it is wise."

when a person is restless, he will be in a panic and don't know how to face a problem.

only by calming down and keeping calm, judging the hour and sizing up the situation, can we clear our way of thinking and see the fog.

one's inner peace is the most powerful weapon to break through difficulties.

static energy can cultivate the mind

Zeng Guofan once said, "the heart can be quiet, although there are thousands of changes and there is nothing wrong."

everyone in the world has to face a lot of personnel troubles.

if your mind is in chaos, your life will be messed up.

only when you are not burdened by external things and are not led by your thoughts, can you gain clarity and freedom in body and mind.

there was a Buddha who took several disciples to become acquainted.

when they passed a lake, the Buddha said to one of his disciples, "I am thirsty. Please go and fetch me a bowl of water."

the disciple walked to the lake. He was about to fetch water when he found some people washing clothes in the lake. At this moment, another ox cart drove through the shallow water area. Suddenly, the bottom of the lake was flooded and the lake was muddy.

the disciple thought: how can such dirty water be given to the Buddha to drink?

he went back to the Buddha and said, "the water there is so muddy that I don't think it is suitable for drinking."

the Buddha said, "in that case, let's have a rest under the tree."

about half an hour later, the Buddha asked the disciple to fetch water by the river again.

the disciple returned to the lake.

this time, he found that the muddy soil had sunk to the bottom of the lake, and the lake was so clear that it seemed that the lake was ready to drink.

so he scooped a bowl of water and brought it to the Buddha.

the Buddha glanced at the water and then looked at the disciple and said:

"you see, if you don't touch the water, you don't have to work hard, the soil will precipitate itself, and you can get clean water.

the same is true of our minds. Therefore, when the water is still, it is clear, and when the mind is still, it is clear. "

there is a saying: "those who surrender demons first lower their hearts, those who fall in their hearts will listen to the demons, those who control horizontal forces will control their qi first, and those who are angry will not invade them."

in life, we will inevitably be exposed to all kinds of troubles.

it is better to meditate than the Pure Land.

only when you precipitate yourself like a glass of water, can you watch the flowers blossom and fall and chat about Yunjun Yunshu.

Hua Xie Fang is invincible and at ease.

the real practice is not to avoid the hustle and bustle of cars and horses, but to always maintain peace of mind and plant chrysanthemums in the heart.

how quiet the heart is, how deep the blessing is.

when a person puts aside too many distractions and goes to observe introspection, he will gain an incomparably powerful power.

when you calm down, luck and luck come naturally.

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