The power of laughter (depth good article)
The power of laughter (depth good article)
From today on, smile every day.

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Boya Nan Lang

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he is no more than a hundred years old, and he is often worried about the millennium.

Pepsi starts from the heart and solves a thousand sorrows with a smile.

it takes a thousand sails to understand that peace of mind can lead to peace of mind, simple ideas can be carefree, and everything will go well with a smile.

Lin Yutang said, "when you are alive, sometimes you laugh at others, sometimes you give them a smile."

Life is too short to hurt spring and autumn.

if you smile, you will understand that the world is full of wind and rain, and the mountains and rivers will meet in the end.


when you are in trouble,

A calm smile is a kind of open-minded

once read a very touching article.

when both mother and son were worried about college tuition, the father came home and smiled and said, "I'm laid off";

my father always hits a brick wall when he goes out to look for a job, but when he comes home every day, he smiles and says, "almost";

my father was hurt at work, but he still smiled when he came home and said, "it's all right, it's all right".

two strokes: a stroke forward, a stroke backward; a stroke of adversity, a stroke of prosperity; a stroke of pay, a stroke of gain.

when you are in trouble, give yourself a smile.

the most beautiful scenery in the world is on your face.


when it is misunderstood,

A smile is a kind of accomplishment

there will always be people in this world who say hello and others say you are bad, but as long as you have a clear conscience, you don't have to cling to the judgment of others.

there is no need to look at other people's eyes, do not blindly please others, that will make their own life more tired.

when someone gives you disrespectful words, please don't worry about it, let alone worry about it.

because these words can't change the facts, but they may disturb your heart.

Let's try to be a person with a sunny smile, put a smile on our lips and keep happiness in our hearts.

waving and smiling, life is no big deal.


when aggrieved,

an indifferent smile is magnanimous

in fact, everyone has an unknown story, and everyone can smile and turn around and cry.

everyone's life is more or less bitter, and everyone has moments of grievance.

days are repeated every day, and if there is too little happiness in your heart, you will refuse to keep good people and things out of your heart.

Truth is always the true color of life. Following your heart is always the innocence of the years.

May we, who have gone through the years, keep our original heart and say "Hello" with a smile every day.

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when you have no choice,

A good smile is a realm

once people have a smile, angry, complaining and sad words are often unspoken.

even in the most helpless situation, a calm smile can drive your positive mood and look on the bright side.

Life is like a mirror, you cry to it, it cries to you, if you want it to smile at you, there is only one way is to smile at it.


when criticized,

A calm smile is a kind of self-confidence

there is no one in the world who will never be slandered or admired forever.

when you give, someone will criticize you;

when you harvest, someone will criticize you;

when you watch, someone will criticize you.

since there is nowhere to escape, it is better to be safe.

since the root of the ear is not clean, it is better to be pure.

since you can't get what you want, you might as well laugh and let it go.


when frustrated,

A happy smile is a kind of optimism

this peace of mind is my hometown. Even after the ups and downs of life, still have goodwill and a beautiful smile.

there is only one life, long or short. Life is full of joys and sorrows, and circumstances are created by the heart.

Zhou Guoping said:

"No matter how short life is, we should live with laughter, enjoy ourselves with laughter, and suffer with laughter. This is not a life in vain."

there is no one in the world without a wound, and only you can really heal yourself.


put a smile on your face anytime, anywhere,

is also a beauty

A child said to his mother, "Mom, you look beautiful today."

Mother asked, "Why?"

the child said, "because my mother is not angry today."

it's easy to be beautiful, as long as you don't get angry.

the poet Tagore once said, "when a person smiles, the world falls in love with him."

A smile is like a spring breeze to appease our impetuous mood;

A smile is like a meter of sunshine, warming our frozen hearts.

Life needs a smile, just as plants need air and water.

May we reap happiness all the way forward, with the rising arc of the corners of our mouthsBeat the frustrations in life.

Sanmao said, "I laugh and my noodles are like spring flowers." It must be touching, no matter who he is. "

the power of a smile reaches the heart in any time and space.

how long has it been since you smiled from your heart?

from today on, smile every day.

when you smile, the world will love you.