The power not to complain (good text in depth)
The power not to complain (good text in depth)
May you and I be a person who does not complain and live as the light in our lives.

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Mr. Carnegie's

the first rule of interpersonal communication is:

"No criticism, no blame, no complaint."

when you are alive, you will inevitably encounter all kinds of troubles.

instead of complaining, face it with a smile.

what determines our destiny

the world you see hides what your future looks like.

my friend Xiaoqing is always very optimistic and smiles every time she sees her.

she is also a pistachio to the people around her, telling jokes to her friends and comforting and accompanying them when they are unhappy.

I asked her, "Don't you have any worries when you are so happy every day?"

she replied: "of course there is, but having troubles does not mean that people have to suffer, so it affects the people around them, and the troubles are not solved, but make themselves fall into more negative emotions."

she also said that, in fact, she used to complain:

I think that I don't get fair treatment, there are many jobs in the company, I have an unhappy relationship with my colleagues, I quarrel with my husband when I go home, and the children are very naughty. The atmosphere in the house is full of smoke.

then one day Xiaoqing suddenly saw herself in the mirror, like a resentful woman, looking sad and lifeless. She thought, "everyone around me saw me like this."

so she made up her mind to change, and since she couldn't decide what would happen, she changed her mood.

if she is unhappy, she adjusts it in a different way, such as running, going for a walk in nature, listening to songs, meditating, keeping a diary and so on.

gradually, Xiaoqing became more and more emotionally stable and liked to laugh.

as a result, completely different changes have taken place around me, such as more doted on by my husband, obedient to my children, harmonious relationship with my colleagues, and a lot of lucky things at ordinary times.

people have a magnetic field, which attracts different people and things to their side.

people who always have positive energy will attract people and things with positive energy;

people who always complain will attract negative energy people and things.

as the saying goes, "Life is a mirror. If you smile at it, it smiles at you; if you cry to it, it cries to you."

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complaining makes us focus on the problem itself, so that we don't think about ways to solve the problem and improve the situation.

I also heard a story in which two people walked into a park, one disliked the dirty and smelly park, and the other marveled at the beauty of the park.

because the former only pays attention to some dog shit in the garden in the park and does not want to pay attention to the beautiful things, but the latter sees the flowers in full bloom in the park and smells the fragrant flowers.

this also means:

the same thing, different angles, get completely different conclusions and moods.

Life is not a lack of beauty, but also a lack of eyes to find beauty.

complaining or not complaining, the difference is a whole life

Life without complaining, there is a good saying:

"if you don't like something, change it." If you can't change it, change your attitude. Don't complain. "

there is a man in Australia named Nick Hu Zhe. He was born with no limbs and only small feet with two toes under his buttocks.

because of the particularity of his body, he was often laughed at and bullied at school. He once tried to drown himself in the bathtub at home, and he also tried to roll off his chair in the hope of falling to his death, but he was rescued by his family.

in order to learn to pick up and write, you have to hold the pen thousands of times, until you bleed, and when you scab, you write until you bleed.

what others can do easily, he has to make every effort to learn.

with superhuman willpower and unremitting efforts, he learned to brush his teeth, write, even swim, surf and play golf, and eventually went to college.

he said: "he created what he is now and is just able to accomplish the task that God has given him: to spread a happy and positive look to the world." He can be happy as a disabled person, so he can better inspire people. "

his experience inspired countless people.

the difference between complaining and not complaining is a whole life.

Nick played bad cards well precisely because of his optimistic attitude towards life. If he had been addicted to his own unsound grief, complaining about the people around him and complaining about his unfair fate, he would not have achieved what he has achieved now.

We often live in chains, but never know that the key is in our own hands.

remember one sentence:

there is no such thing as reality, everything is people's point of view, and you can change your mind.

the more advanced people are, the less likely they are to complain

if a person wants to grow, he must learn to stop complaining and find problems in himself.

when it comes to Lin Junjie, everyone may think of his nickname "Walking CD" because he always sings in concert and sings the same voice as the recorded song.

at a music awards, there was a problem with the sound. Lin Junjie did not stop performing. He still sang and played the piano, almost singing the whole audience.

later, towards the end of the performance, the accompaniment suddenly resumed, and his singing and accompaniment were able to match the beat, and finally finished the whole performance without singing.

but Lin Junjie posted on Weibo:

"A performer is like an athlete in a competition. The performance in the award ceremony is like an event in the Olympic Games. No one is right or wrong in a performance, only whether it is successful or not, just like the excuse that the game does not care about failure, only about the final result. I failed my performance today. I'm sorry. "

instead of blaming the organizer, he admitted his mistake.

but in fact, for the audience, Lin Junjie's on-the-spot response is impeccable.

and the accompaniment stereo is not his responsibility, so the audience will not blame him.

but his attitude towards problems is worth learning: don't run away, don't complain.

the higher the level, the less likely they are to complain.

because complaining is a reaction to one's own incompetence, he is unwilling to admit responsibility, so he uses negative energy to pass the buck.

people who really make a difference never like to complain, but know the problem, admit their mistakes and correct them immediately.

as Roman Roland said: "resentment, gas hostility, open-minded regain hope."

, may you and I be a person who does not complain and live as the light in our own life.