The position is different, there is no need to explain! (good text in depth)
The position is different, there is no need to explain! (good text in depth)
Really smart people never argue with others.

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Su Shi said:

"there are steep peaks on the side of the winding mountains, but there are a variety of things from far to high and low.


between people, the location is different, the scenery is naturally different, and what you see and think of is naturally different.

people in different positions cannot understand each other, and people at different levels cannot explain it.

therefore, if the position is different, there is no need to explain; if the level is different, there is no need for forced integration.

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youdao is "debating without arguing", and the highest state of life is not arguing!

situation is different, so it may not be explained

Zhuangzi once said, "if you are not a fish, you know that a fish is not a pleasure."

you are not me, how do you know the sadness and joy in my heart, the world, all living beings, everyone's joys and sorrows can not be connected, more is cold and warm self-knowledge.

in ancient times, heavy snow fell suddenly in Chang'an City, which added a different kind of charm to the beautiful city. seeing this beautiful scenery, a poet blurted out: "the snowflakes are as big as a table, blowing down Xuanyuan platform."

the merchant selling cotton-padded clothes next to him, seeing this, said happily, "what's wrong with this heavy snow for another three years?"

at this time, a beggar trembled and scolded: "give your bullshit!"

your honey, arsenic, and beauty in the eyes of others are a disaster in the eyes of beggars.

everyone is in a different position, it is difficult to understand each other's ideas, the situation is different, it is impossible to understand each other's feelings.

Don't easily judge who is right and who is wrong. If you look at things from your own point of view, you can never see clearly.

only when you know how to think of others, can you solve the problem better.

it is said that "those who come out of love love to return, and those who are blessed come back." although we cannot empathize with our feelings, we can give tolerance and understanding.

Life is always an echo. Only by giving love can you harvest love, and only by giving emotion can you harvest warmth.

may not make sense

the Book of morality once said, "the sergeant smells the Tao and exhorts him to do it; the sergeant hears it and survives if he dies; the corporal laughs when he hears it."

the biggest difference between people is not identity and status, but the level of cognition.

there is such a story:

A scholar who went to Beijing to take the exam had a quarrel with an old farmer, and the two argued until they went to court.

after hearing the cause of the quarrel, the county magistrate severely beat the scholar to 20 big boards.

the scholar was very wronged and said aggrieved, "obviously Sanqi is 21, but if he doesn't say 3715, how can I be wrong?"

the county magistrate mused: "you are right, what is wrong is a scholar who spends time and energy arguing with an illiterate old farmer."

as the saying goes, "it is better to compete with others than with fools."

there are differences between people themselves, and some people's cognitive level can no longer be changed. if they argue blindly, everything they say is like talking to each other.

instead of wasting time arguing, try to improve yourself. When you experience more, you will find that the best way to argue is not to argue.

as the saying goes, "the good does not argue, but the debater is not good


, really smart people never argue with others.

be yourself, there is no need to change others

A philosopher once said, "not all fish live in the same ocean."

everyone comes from different places, has different circles and different habits. If the circles are different, don't force them to blend in, have different habits, and don't force change.

once upon a time, there was a man who bought a very beautiful blue-and-white porcelain and couldn't put it down all day. One day, when a good friend came to visit, he happily took out the blue-and-white porcelain.

after his good friend left, the more he looked at the vase, the more disagreeable he felt that there was nothing good anywhere, so he broke the blue and white porcelain into pieces in a fit of anger.

at this time, a collector friend came to visit him and saw fragments of blue and white porcelain all over the floor. He sighed again and again: "this is a baby. What a pity!"

everyone has different understandings and views on the same thing, and the only thing we can do is to be ourselves and take care of our hearts.

Don't pander to others and wronge yourself in order to be understood and recognized by others.

other people's opinions cannot be changed, and their thoughts are even more difficult to control. Instead of thinking about who to please, it is better to please yourself than to change someone.

be yourself, there is no need to explain everything, people who understand you will understand, and no matter how you explain it, it will be in vain.